Need some ooinions please about a new preamp

Thinking of replacing my close to 20 year old preamp and think I might have it narrowed down to maybe a Parasound P6, Vincent SA-T7 or SA-32, Anthem STR, or possibly a used Mcintosh.

Reasons for these particulars, I want tone controls this time.

I guess my dilemma right now it is that my amp is also that old and trying to decide whether to take a chance with just the preamp or buy an integrated and use the pre-outs to my amp but will have back up power if the old amp finally goes kaput.

The Anthem STR's are on sale right now and if I'm reading right, the integrated is only about $400 more than the preamp. The Vincent is also on sale and thought about B-stock for the Parasound P6 or Hint amp. Thanks in advance.
B&K pro10-mc (newer style, from early mid 90’s still used and sounds great.

 If it were me, I would. Look to the Parasound P5 or P7.
  Then the Mac.

  Neverr heard a bad word about those Parasound preamps..

   or a Mac, honestly.

 Enjoy the search!
I would pass on the Parasound P6 if it sounds anything like the P5, which was meh! I owned a P5 for a week. Did not meet my needs for SQ. Had lots of features though.

 Parasound had a nice warm tone to it.
   I wish I would have bought it over another high quality preamp!

@arctikdeth  - The P5 sounded dull and lifeless to me. I replaced it with a Placette passive and there was a night and day difference. I've since moved back to an analog integrated amp and couldn't be happier. For me, more simple is more better.....
I went used McIntosh tube tuner/preamp, couldn’t be happier, quite a write up in this article. mx110z (you want the z model, most are, see serial #)

I don’t use tone controls, however I want them, and I definitely want balance, and rarely, but when needed, I want Loudness (low volume bass boost).

also, McIntosh Mode switch is very helpful setting up/balancing, playing mono, ...

the fm tuner is awesome!

having 2 phono inputs turned out to be a big asset when I upgraded to a two arm turntable setup.

I run it thru an integrated amp, also tube, to have remote volume. some sources thru preamp, others direct to integrated.