Need thoughts on how to Best Max SQ when Streaming?


Innuos Zen 3 Streamer, Audio Mirror Tubadour DAC, Pass Labs INT 25, Tannoy FSM speakers (94@4ohms), Kimber 8t cables, transparent audio interconnects. Pangea power cables.

Two dedicated 20amp lines. One for digital and video. The other for the rest.

I do employ some cheap-ass 2" x 2" x 3/4" square foam sandwiched  rubber isolation pads under the three pieces I have. You know the ones. 

Awaiting delivery of an Ether Regen device that does something good between the Router and the Streamer. 
30 day trial. $650.

What other devices or trickery will move my Streaming SQ up the scale a bit further? 

I do not hear above 8k and one ear misses some low frequencies.

I only listen from 55db to 70db max. 

The room is mid sized with treatments. 

Speakers are arranged in a highly asymmetrical position as it relates to the room.
I sit about 8' from them and they just slightly further apart.

Understand I am very happy with the musicality of my system as it stands
but like most readers here I am always ready for "Even Better" if it is value
justified. IOW no money to throw away.

Not techno savvy so please use small words to convey anything technical.

For all those immediately tempted to tell me to bag this idea as analogue is the only
way to enjoy real musicality, I will throw up my arms in surrender now so save your energy
for another lucky soul please.

My approach to musical enjoyment is this:
If a person can have access at their fingertips to all the music now available on your preferred
Hi-Rez provider and store it for instant replay, the sacrifice of some of the analogue
SQ is a trade off I can live with.

My hearing at this stage probably will not let me get most that last detail anyway.

That's my approach for now anyway.

Thank you in advance for your useful ideas!!

You’ve got a way above average setup. Sit back and enjoy, no need for any upgrades.

Great recommendation, get rid of Pangea PC’s. Look for alternative PC that is big on transparency and musicality. Here are couple of recommendations,

Audio Envy - Ocean 3P on Streamer / DAC and Mega 3P on Pass Int.

Zavfino’s Fina on Streamer / DAC and Majestic on Pass Int.

EtherRegen was a good step towards lowering noise on Ethernet line. I am using a similar device between my router and streamer and absolutely love the improvement with ENO in the chain.

What USB cable you’re currently using?
Or you could stay with wire and get an ENO.
Would make for an interesting comparison.
30 days for that
The "cheap ass foam things" may need to go. I've always found rubber dulls or smears the sound. On the cheap side if you could find some black diamond racing cones or golden sound ceramic cones they will clear things up. Golden Sound still has a phone number and will still sell left over inventory but they are not pushing the product anymore. Pangea may need to go. If your into diy you could buy some nice power cable wire from Sonicraft or Parts Connextion and buy some nice connectors, would be an easy build and great bang for buck, they may do it for you. If not buy some well regarded used power cables. I owned the 8tc 15 or more years ago, I never heard anything that impressed me, i found them dull. I didn't think they were bad just did nothing in my system. Some people like them, just didn't work for me. May want to look replacing 8tc. Maybe some used smooth silver speaker wire but that can be tricky, If you could find some TG Audio,"Bob Crump" silver wire for cheap, killer bang for your money comes close to Audience au24 in my system. 
With hearing issues and listening at low volumes, a double whammy, I’d be looking at adding Digital Signal Processing to the streaming to help compensate. Minor tweaks alone are not likely to cut it. Some major intervention is in order.

here is a good read from a vendor with products that might be of interest:
" . . . thoughts on how to Best Max SQ when Streaming . . . "
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Clean power is the key. Electricity is the fuel to your audio engine. High performance requires high octane.

The info below is time consuming and costly. It is worth it - if you truly want Max SQ when Streaming
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

LPS to the modem

- w/upgraded power cord

- w/upgraded 12vdc umbilical cord

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

LPS to the router

- w/upgraded power cord

- w/upgraded 12vdc umbilical cord

The two LPS’s above are plugged into a power conditioner

- w/upgraded power cord to the power conditioner

Vibration tweaks for all of the above. (low priority – can be addressed later.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

LPS to the streamer (if 12vdc).

- w/upgraded power cord

- w/upgraded 12vdc umbilical cord

The LPS or Streamer is plugged into a power conditioner.

- w/upgraded power cord to the conditioner

Vibration tweaks for all of the above (low priority – can be addressed later.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- w/upgraded power cord

DAC is plugged into a power conditioner
- w/upgraded power cord to the conditioner.

Vibration tweaks for all of the above. (low priority – to be addressed later.)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Two dedicated 20amp lines. One for digital and video. The other for the rest.

Dedicated circuits are great. Unfortunately, streaming requires additional filtering. The reason is because the digital components themselves are guilty of regurgitating noise back into the circuits.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I am always ready for "Even Better" if it is value justified. IOW no money to throw away.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Good luck!

Okay, just lost a 75% complete response to everyone so now to reconstruct. 

Wow those are all great directions to explore and represent thinking outside the box! Thank you!

The most sage advice I could receive. Many thanks. I have been thinking
the same. Maybe I am now just functioning on inertia.

I always think you are Polish when I see the name. Wrong?
The power cables  you suggest I will look into carefully, thank
you for the names! Any experience with GR-Research cables?
Danny from Texas seems to be pretty savvy.
The USB I have is a Shunyata base product.

I am techno-challenged. What does ENO stand for?

I have been counseled to avoid silver in my cables as it
is likely to sharp for me. Better cables are definitely a need
i totally agree with. Thank you.


Thanks for the DSP idea. I am probably showing my ignorance
here but I thought DSP was to improve room issues. How would
that be something I should consider? Thanks.


Now that is one well thought out and detailed response!!!
I need to know what "LPS" is?  Sorry I am so ignorant
of these things.
Can you talk about the DC aspect of your suggestions as well?


+ 100 to everything steakster recommends and more,
clean power is everything and MOST people in this hobby don’t give it enough attention.
LPS linear power supply. Google is your buddy’ use it wisely young grasshopper 

1) Room correction.  I’ve found it made a really significant difference in my 3 systems, particularly if paired with a ....
2) subwoofer.  They aren’t necessarily just for explosions in movies.
Even if your speakers are full range, letting the sub handle the lowest octaves allows them to better reproduce the midrange, where most music lives
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Thanks for taking the time to educate the ignorant.
My system has come a ways since I got back into
Stereo gear 4 years ago. Not sure what "Fi" level
I have achieved but I do like it. Thanks!
Steakster- Special thanks for your extra effort. If you ever get to PHX please look me up. Dinner is on me!  I do bbq a very good steak!

Same for all of you. Had my two shots now and ready to live again!

I will toss the wall warts currently powering the router and modem.
I had no idea they played any role.  Will need some better Linear Power
supplies. Thanks.

Also will start learning about better power cables. Love the Cardas
line but more than I can spend now. I will need 3. DAC/Streamer/INT.
I may buy some Danny Ritchie cables unless you have reservations.

If I were to spend $2-3k on a conditioner/regen or whatever 
does anyone have a suggestion?

With power conditioning, there are a million options.  The best one I am familiar with in this price range is the inakustic at $3K.  Incredible filtering and one of the better units, regardless of price.  The issue is that the power cord they recommend with it is more than the conditioner, the AC4004 20 A runs between $3250 and $3750 depending on length.  If nothing else, you need a serious, 20 amp power cord to feed this.  

Aduioquest's Niagara line is very, very good as well.  They argue that it will be at its best when all cables in your system are AQ as they use a unique grounding system which is what they feel is a major culprit in terms of noise in most systems.  The Niagara 3000 is $3K but again, a power cord is extra.  Something like a Thunder at $850 for 1M would be just fine.  The 1200 is nice in terms of filtering but lacks the power reservoir that the 3000 and up have.  It is $1000  and you would need a power cord as well.  

Finally, check out Shunyata.  Unfortunately they took a price increase at the start of the year.  The Hydra Delta D6 is great tech.  It was in the sweet spot in terms of your budget and is now just above it at $3250.  It also needs a power cord.  

I sell inakustic and Audioquest.  I have no relationship with Shunyata.  I just happen to know it is a good product.  
Thank you.

I have two AQ Water interconnects someone advised me to buy
but they are just a cut above Radio Shack.

I own one Shunyata USB cable -Streamer to DAC and a pair
of transparent audio interconnects now.

Seems like I need better power cables first.
Shopping those now.
Power cables should match the conditioner if you can, especially if they are Audioquest.  That would be my only advice.