New amp

I'm looking for a high powered and musical sounding stereo amp without breaking the bank. I dont have twenty thousand dollars to get awesome system matching VTL monoblocks and dont want to mismatch my current hungry Thiel speakers. BAT VK-600 seems like a good amp and isnt too costly even brand new from some places. Has anyone heard VTL W/BAT? I see that VTL has a series 2 TL5.5 fully balanced preamp available also which may be the next step for me in the preamp section.

Thanks, Chris
Since you're mentioning this combo, I take it you like the sound of both, so there's a good chance it will work sound-wise. I have a VTL pre and had both BAT amps & pre, but just not at the same time. From what I can remember sonically, I think it'll be a good combination.

What's important is the output/input ratio, so guessing VTL will stay around 200 ohms output impedance and BAT has high input impedance, so this combo will work (on paper).
I have been very happy with my Classe CA2200 and have auditioned some much more expensive amps. The Classe is very neutral and does not jump up to get attention but is very even throghout the range. I have audtioned it with the VTL 5.5 and the 6.5 and it was great with both. I plan on getting the VTL 5.5 series II in the near future.
How about the VTL MB 450s or Parasound JC-1s. I've read some reports of trouble with BAT gear. I had my fair share of it with the VK150SEs when I owned them.
Thanks everyone! Interested in hearing more about the MB-450 monoblocks if anyone's owned them such as are they high maintenance? Would my spks cause them to strain? One thing that I've noticed is that they arent too expensive compared to the signature series. Only reason I ask is that I'm not the type to always be swapping gear and am ultimately seeking the most realistic sound possible from all types of music.

I've listened to VTL tube amps (ST-150) with the smaller 1.6 thiel and it sounded just ok. But then again that speaker doesnt really produce enough sound for me in general. I've been told that the VAC 70/70 is a good match for the CS2.4 but dont see them for sell often.
I just bought a pair of MB-450 monoblocks, but I haven't listened to them all that much yet because I'm waiting for my speakers to be delivered. There's a signature version of the 450 as well which has the signature output transformer (and newer version have an upgraded input stage and MIT capacitors I think). You might be thinking of the signature II which has the auto-bias and fault sensing. I don't think they're high maintenance, but I'm not sure what you may think is high maintenance. There's 8 tubes in each monoblock that need to be changed every 3 years or so probably, and you'll need to check the bias every 6 months or so. It's really easy to do as long as you have a multimeter... just pop the cover and the bias probes are right there.
Well finally bit the bullet and sprung for a BAT VK600 amp. I think that with the extra juice I'll be able to enjoy listening and may even be able to hear a more pleasant sound.
I did listen to the bigger ayre with totem winds and it was very nice. Great system stringreen!