New Music Direct catalog...

...has a really nice color picture of a very young Joni Mitchell on the front. I love these catalogs. I have framed every cover for the past 10 years or so.

Thanks Music Direct!!!
I’d prefer a picture of someone who was still young.  Phoebe Bridges, for example.  Audiophiles, for the most part, are disinterested in new (last 20 to 40 years) music.
Actually after doing some research, the picture was taken in 1970 at the house she shared with Graham Nash and David Crosby in Laurel Canyon. She was born in 1943, so she’s 27 in the picture. Looks like she’s around 17. Very pretty indeed, but not as young as I thought.

This is the set of pictures it was taken from:
Thanks for posting those pics.  I just got around to watching Echo in the Canyon last weekend.  That would have been a fun place to hang around!  Would have liked to have heard from Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and a few others in that documentary but I'm sure they had their reasons for not interviewing.  Life gets complicated.  I liked Brian Wilson's yellow 911 though.
I just watched "Echo In The Canyon" also. EXCELLENT documentary. Agree that a few people were missing. I read that it was supposed to be 1964-1967 time-frame.

What a wild and crazy and music filled time in the Canyon that must have been. I have a friend that lived there for a short while in the early 1970’s and he said at night you sit outside and hear the music wafting through the Canyon. How cool would that have been to maybe hear the beginnings of some of the best music ever written, (IMHO).
I was pleasantly surprised but really liked the performances by Jakob Dylan, Jade Castrinos, and Cat Power.  They served the music well!
The performances were great,but more interviews would have been good.There's an excellent book full of interviews,pitures, and stories called of course 'Laurel Canyon ' by Michael Walker.
PBS DVD Joni Michell at the Isle of Wight 1970. Joni wins over a out of control audience during the concert. Great video check it out if you can find it.
I wonder what it costs to print in full color on glossy paper with xxx pages and send out to yyy subscribers.   They must reckon it brings dividends around Christmas.  When it falls into the hands of spouses???
The link from mofimadness has candid photos of Joni and friends...and plenty of them. I’m glad I took the time to follow it. It’s worth a look!
The picture used on the cover of the Music Direct catalog is the first one, (top left corner) in the link I posted.  It's beautiful, full color, nice thick paper, just a wonderful image.

Just framed mine and it's on the wall with all the others.

2022 Arrived today with Eddie Van Halen on the cover. Judging by the $110,000 worth of Koetsu cartridges on one page with quotes from Art Dudley, I'd say the high end isn't going anywhere anytime soon. When did Yamaha the inside of Yamaha amps start looking like the Luxman M800 from 10 years ago? 

If you play holiday catalog games with your family you want to remember to land on page 115 where you can score a $30k BAT pre, not 116 where you end up with a Rotel CD player. Very entry level McIntosh. Not allowed to sell the higher end Mc? All in all cool catalog but makes me wonder where all this is hifi retail is going? Free 12 month financing just call the 800 number!

And the MoFi Van Halen SACD's are set for release in 2022!


Exciting times! 

There's no mention of any Van Halen SACD in the new Music Direct catalog.  Did you confirm the SACDs with MoFi?

Yes! Confirmed by Mobile Fidelity yesterday.


Hi Marc, thanks for your email. All of the Van Halen titles will also be available on SACD shortly after the one-step ultradisc sets are released!


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