New owner of totem wind

So I was only going out to replace my ml aerius I, which I still own and will be selling. I was trying to down size and keep my budget below 2k, I was not successful.  I listened to many, loved the persona but 10k out of my league.  Went home with used signature with the upgrade. Awesome speaker, paid for a paradigm sub I would pick up a week later. Decided to look around and listen more under 5k, harbeth,  splendor, monitor and some Italian speaker. But nothing grabbed me like the little totem, except the 10k persona. So I went back to orginal shop and decide to listen to paradigm f75, very nice. Listened to totem aros and forest both nice but not enough for me to open my wallet. Was really considering the f75. Then I ask John Rein at audio therapy what's next. He knew my taste, sometime he is extremely good. He said he had a pair of totem wind,  I said to much money, he said they are 2 yrs old, 5,500.  More than I wanted to spend but I said I will give them a listen. Me and my fiance listened to our music for 45 minutes. We got up and he said I have your sub for you. I said i don't need the sub or the little totem. Can you box up the winds, we will be taking them home. I think they are amazing. I read alot about totem and many others,  the totems do what I enjoy in music. Some people had negative things to say about them, all I can say is maybe they had not well matched gear or it's not their taste. I find them magical. Didn't demo against persona but 10k out of my range. Set them up in my living room with a 3ch b&k and my lexicon dc 1. , transparent cables, bi wired.Sounds very good.  Waiting on my bat vk 200 which i will be sending to vik for service this weekend.  I believe the bat will really bring them alive, just like they did to my Martin's. So up for sale goes the Martin's for cheap money and up goes for sale my 2 vanderstien w2sq.  Now I need to replace my dc1 any ideas out there. I was thinking about the anthem avm 60 because of the balanced outs for my bat, also I would like to incorporate alittle ht in the same room. Love to hear any and all recommendations. 
Congrats on your purchase.  I am sure you will get many years of pleasure from them.  Of all the speakers I have heard, I have never heard a Totem.
Might be interested in the Vandy subs.  What part of the Country are you in?
Mapman,  what totems do u have? What is your setup,  amp and pre? I am using the new bluesound 2i for music. No more CDs,  ex took all of them in divorce and 95 percent where mostly mine. Now I can actually enjoy the music without interruption. Lol
Sounds great.

Looks like you are so busy listening you didn't have time for paragraphs.
Yes enjoying. Really can't wait until I get my vk 200 back. It did an awesome job driving my aerius I. So I'm sure the winds will sound great with that combo. Really need to think about new preamp in the near future. Hopefully before Xmas. I'm lucky that my fiance is totally into it. She help me pull the trigger on the winds. But I need to do HT in the same room. So preamp will be important.  Thinking of anthem avm 60 because of balanced outs to vk 200. Any info is greatly appreciated.  Oops no paragraphs.  Lol
Congrats on the Totems. I've been a customer of John for about 20 years. Recently purchased a Luxman CL38U SE preamp. Love it. By the way A/V Therapy is holding their annual Fall Audio Fest Friday November 9. Reps from Paradigm/Anthem will be there Also NAD and Yamaha gives you a good chance to ask them some questions on their surround processors.