I read that review yesterday and am still impressed by what I hear on their YouTube videos. Srajan said this is one speaker he could easily keep and stop reviewing from here on out.

I also liked his rational for getting it and to stop buying junk you don't need. 

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There's also this follow up recommendation that I quoted from that's not mentioned in the review. My bad.

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Qualio Audio is coming out with their own Amp soon ! Here it is in this video  

Sounds Very 3D Together !


6 moons continues to be among the worst designed sites on the web.

Would have read the review but the sheer chaos of their layout made my eyes and brain abandon.

A different website than others, yes, but the links takes one directly to the review with no need to negotiate the site. It has one of the most straightforward ways of doing so I've seen, once you've read the direction (one sentence) at the top of the first page.

I'll bet it's his use of English that sets most people off. You see, he's of German descent, lived in more than half a dozen countries and his too cute by half phrasing and references  can be hard to follow (even my eyes glaze at times) but heck, he speaks better English than most Americans I know.

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Ordered a pair to be sent to Canada. I think I got the 9th pair.


Pretty excited, hope they arrive reasonably soon.

Prof +1, if Iam  correct you see  more advertisers than the review itself.I hope they will improve their site.

I'll do a full review of the whole experience when I get them and break them in, since there's very little (read zero so far) user reviews. Not sure which site I'll post it on but should be easy enough to find.

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They did all the you could make a much better version yourself. All the drivers are listed on the 6 moons site and are easy to purchase. The review describes the crossover and parts. Of course, you would have to figure out the parts values......but it would be pretty simple to try some cheap caps and coils and measure till you get it right and then buy your super parts later(even better parts than what they use). You can time align the drivers for even better sound (and felt around the tweet and mids for diffracton control). You can hardwire directly to the voice coils of the mids and woofs, you can eliminate the binding posts, you can eliminate the resistor padding posts, etc. and hardwire a better sounding resistor right in your external crossover. You would send your wax/copper foil inductors for the midrange to a cryo house for better sound and use the 12 gauge Jantzens instead of the 14 gauge........all of this will result in a much, much better speaker than what you can buy.....and should not cost you more than $2500 for the parts and wood. If you have someone make the boxes for you then...of course, add that on. NOW TO TAKE IT ANOTHER STEP:

Make a version using two of the 9.5 inch Satori woofers in the same size it using the Minidsp Flex crossover (digital in and out version). Use two modified digital amps (VTV or Peachtree). This way the two woofs are driven directly from the amps with no inductors or parts in between and also you can equalize the bass and get rid of any room nodes. This also allows you to get rid of the cap on the midrange for even more information. You would still need the coil on the midrange and the cap, coil and resistor on the tweeter. Two woofs! bi-amped! time aligned! no connectors!.....of my frickin would never be able to lift your jaw off the floor.....your body would shiver with goosebumps.......yeah baby!

However, I have no doubt that the stock speaker is a breakthrough at its price point.....I mean why would you pay $4200 for Mofi speakers with stands when you can get this (way better in every way) speaker for $6K delivered. This speaker goes to out.....has air to die for....images like crazy......way way more information than a Mofi.......This thing is fun....of course, making your own even better version for less than half price would be even more fun.

Congrats superchunk, BTW my auto correct keeps trying to change your username to “super hunk” :-)

Can you also share how big your room size is with your speaker review?  I’m very interested in these speakers but I wonder if they would overpower my smallish ~13’ x ~14’ room….  I know they have a 30 day return policy but it would be great if they made it over to Axpona this year

Ricevs, I like your thinking tbh. I've been gearing up (literally in woodworking tools etc..) to start building my own, and part of my interest in the qualio is that they are right in line with what I want to build myself. They can act as an excellent reference for when I'm ready. I'll see if I can better them.


Golfshooter, your autocorrect is accurate.


I'll do a full full review for sure with all details.

Looking forward to hearing your impressions.  I’m also very curious on DIY although I don’t have a wood shop so I’d need to figure the cabinet part out, but not a showstopper.  

@ricevs I’ll send you a separate note to ask for your DIY advice to help keep this thread on the Qualio topic.

I have a wood shop but to be honest, once I had a good design I would farm it out to a CNC shop. Do the finish myself but for a legit pair I wanted to be top tier I would just pay the CNC, it’s not that pricey.


Now back to topic.

I've decided to pair with the Vinnie Rossi lio dht. Hoping to get the mid range body as nice as possible and while only 45w into ,4 ohm it should have the good current delivery needed.


Still excited. Me want new speakers now!

For those interested in bi-amping using the GaN 1 and VTV digital amps and also making your own speakers (lots about making Qualio clones)......I just put up a page on my website to talk about all this and explain how to make your own speakers, etc.

The info is preliminary.

Way, way more information and pics coming.....every day I will be adding more info.

They are using some of the very best Crossover Parts like the very high priced speakers use ! 🤩😲😲😈

I actuially ordered these speakers after finding about them in this very thread.  It was ricevs's enthusiasm that really got me interested. 

I'll report back after the speakers are broken in and I get some serious listening in, but here are some initial impressions: 

The craftsmanship is excellent in every respect.  The speakers are easy to listen to.  It's not a hypersonic assault to the ears like some modern speakers.  The bass is substantial, no subwoofer needed for my listening habits (and I like bass).

Qualio IQ with Indian apple veneer

I bought them directly from Qualio (about $5800 including shipping to the USA).  I think Qualio is direct to consumer only.  These speakers would cost way more (and still be worth it) if there were middlemen involved.

Absolutely nothing special. I personally do not like AMTs. They sound squishy to me.