New System Recommendation?

My current set-up was assembled 12-13 years ago in my late-teens, some used, some new, all recommended from my audio dealer pal in US(am from Malaysia FYI). Its Krell KAV-300i, 250cd/2 and Thiel CS2.2s.

Although I found the sound to be far too 'bright' and fatiguing, but was living with my parents', so could not really treat the room, change speaker placement etc. Budget was also obviously a major constraint. I just lived with the sound as something better than your average budget one-box.

But I'm now putting up a new house, I have a 14' X 20' X 11' space to invest in a new system.

I recently heard and really liked the Pass X250.5, X2.5, Thiel CS1.6s plus an integrated YBA CDP(forgot the model). The soundstaging was amazing, as was the definition and control. I used to really like classic rock; but since I got married am now branching out to jazz, vocals, classical etc. Basically I need a flexible system music-wise is what I'm trying to say. My audio knowledge is hopelessly outdated now, and it wasn't even good to begin with.

Considering I'm still a relative newbie, and where I come from where there isn't that much choice...What would be fellow forumers' recommendations for an inexperienced enthusiast like myself? Being in a relatively un

The dealers here either carry very limited brands, mostly ranging from Arcam, Naim to ML or Gryphon. They'd only bring stuff over on a firm indent, so auditioning is a problem, and I'd have to go ebaying or buying off Agon for good deals.

Sorry for a long first post, I'm relying on the good graces of fellow forumers.

Thanks a whole bunch in advance!

The equipment is probably not your issue.

1. Install one or two 20 amp dedicated lines

2. If possible have room szed according to Golden Rule

3. Add a high quality power conditioner, based on balanced power

4. Upgrade all power cords (Morrow MAP 2), interconnects (DH Labs Revelation or PS Audio Transcendent) and speaker cables (Clear Day Solid Core)

There is a major difference in sound between Krell, Pass, Arcam and Naim electronics. I have Naim gear and find it very musical, Arcam is similiar but less refined. I also found Krell to be bright. Never heard Pass but excellent reputation.

Keep in mind that source components are critical, you cannot improve the sound down stream. Naim also makes excellent CD players.

Try to visit this dealer for suditions if you are serious.


The speakers on the right of the home page are used by the Sultan of Brunei.
If you are going to stick with the Thiels, I have had the most success with the Krell amps. I tried both the Pass X600s and 350.5 with my Thiels and found them to be a little hard when compared to the krell amps i use now. If I was using smaller thiels than I have now i would also consider amps from Ayre, I love both the V-1xe and V-5xe with the 2.4s and 1.6s
As was already mentioned two dedicated 20 amp lines would be the first thing i would do to the room. (acually I would have 3 installed in case you ever move to bigger speakers and some form of monoblocks) Good luck, and congrats on your new listening area.
Believe it or not---Get some B&W 800n's / center / rears / Samsung Blu-ray 1400 / Onkyo 905 receiver / Sony VPL-VW100 Projector---use HDMI to connect everything-

No amps / no expensive cables (middle of road).

After 3 years of trying to pursue the best system possible by spending tons of money, I met tech genius who set up this system and it simply sounds and looks better than systems I ahve had costing 10 times as much!
what is your budget. considered tubes? how loud do you listen. towers or monitors. subs? treat the room first or simultaneously. don't listen to specific advice yet, no one knows your tastes and there is no perfect system or we all would have it by now. read some reviews of various components and get a feel for choices of systems...mono blocks, int. amps vs pre and power amp, tubes, etc. lotsa helpfl people here but more info gets better advice, enjoy your search, ps buy used spkrs if you get chance. power eqpt. too if you get a trustworthy seller.
You have some darn good equipment already. Personally, if it was me, I'd probably keep the speakers and amplifier and start auditioning new sources. I'm confident that you can find a SACD / CD player or a PC-based solution that will meet your needs without replacing everything. Then, of course, you can spend the remaining funds on music, which is really more fun anyway!
Looks like you're going nowhere with many different suggestions already. I would concur with several opinions in that your equipment may not be the issue. If your 14'x20x11' space is dedicated, I would suggest placing all your equipment into that room and work with the room acoustics first. You can be amazed at the benefits of a well-treated room and the subsequent impact it has on any particular system. When things don't turn out the way you want them to be then only start looking around.

Shadorne's recommendation on active ATC speakers is a good one. You can also try AV Designs which is the distributor of PMC speakers and Bryston electronics. Both will be quite a step-up from your existing setup although it may cost quite a bit(you didn't mention your budget). The most important is for you to go and listen to the system yourself and decide.