Node 2i performance suggestions pls

Looking for Tips/Tweaks to max out Node 2i performance for a newbie. ISO, cabling, settings, et al. Thx All
I've been trying that as well.
Adding an aftermarket power cord was a very noticeable upgrade. If it doesn't help, try a different brand. You need a C7 cable (aka figure 8). Wireworld and Cullen make good C7's.

Using ethernet interface from the router is superior to WIFI.

I've been trying different footers and isolation, but so far haven't noticed a difference. Maybe somebody 
has a good tweak.

Thx lowrider. Jason @ the cable co. suggested Shunyata Venom 14 Digital,since I’ll be bypassing the node dac. Another agoner was gracious enuf to suggest an iso solution(I pm’d him); but I’ll let him chime in if he wishes. And yeah, I suppose I’ll use Ethernet as you suggest. Thx for your input, Mike 
I purchased the better of the two available Pangea power cords that fit the Node 2i and in my system it did not improve the sound at all, if fact perhaps the opposite.  Sent it back to Audio Advisor for a courteous refund.
@jetter , I suggest you try a better cable than Pangea. I have 2 of them at the bottom of my closet. 
A good PC will really open up the Node.

@lowrider57  Thanks for the insight, sounds like a plan.  Do you mind sharing which PC you found to work well?  
Sure thing @jetter . I'm currently using the Cullen C7; huge soundstage, very organic, good detail.
I auditioned a Wireworld which was excellent. Very dynamic, detailed, with a more forward presentation. Now that my system has changed, I think I will try the Wireworld again. It's that good. 
I would advise not to go for the entry level cables. You can get a very good C7 for $150 to $200.

@lowrider57  Thanks for the information.  Now that you have further explained it I see that C7 is the power cord type.  I mistakenly thought that in your first post you were saying to get an aftermarket power cord and then going on to say get a CAT 7 ethernet cable and were further abbreviating CAT to be just C.  My bad.
After researching existing threads I got the Wireworld Mini Electra. It’s a winner too.
Yes, C7 is the PC type. No IEC connector, it's called a figure 8.

You probably know this, a good cable to the DAC is vital. I use SPDIF coax.
I had a great cable going from my Node 2i to my older modded Meitner DAC, but in the end I am satisfied just using the DAC in the 2i.  

I really love this little streamer, it doesn't owe me a thing. This is a bit embarrassing, but the first internet radio station I tuned into was called "radio 10, 60's & 70's hits".  I haven't had any desire whatsoever to change the channel.  The sound quality is just fine for me for listening hours on end.  So many tunes that I love as if I were programming the channel.
The biggest difference that I noticed cable wise on my Node 2i was running CAT8 cable to it from my switch.  I just used generic cable but I'm sure Supra, Wireworld etc would be even better.

It definitely fleshed out the sound, I noticed a much bigger difference versus upgrading the power cable(Shunyata Venom 3).  
The biggest upgrade I did to my Node 2 was replacing it with a TEAC NT-505.  Other than that, using a better external DAC (I was using my Auralic Vega) can improve sound quality.  I tried a Pangea power cable (really heavy, no difference in sound quality) and Cat 6 cables (no noticeable difference).
@mstrauss58 - if you are into DIY, then try these cables

First try the power cable for Source components using the silver wire

If you find that improves things - try the Interconnects

And finally - try the speaker cables - they are worth it

If you are NOT into DIY - take a look at KLE Innovations cables - they too are very good, but a little more expensive.

I have the node 2i with the DIY cables and it performs way above what its modest price would "suggest".

Regards - Steve
Thx much for your suggestions/links Steve. I’ll def check em out. Regards, Mike 
@lalitk , you've got me intrigued with CAT 8 Supra. And 4m is perfect for my needs. 

From the Audio Bacon review..
 a smoother, fuller sound (Supra)

Supra is a very nice cable for the money. I am using with my Vault 2. You can expect appreciable improvement over your CAT 6 cable.
@lalitk , I ordered the Supra, thanks for the recommendation. Looking forward to hearing it. 

I expect to hear some good sound from that little Node.
I'm using the Cullen C7 and a High Fidelity CT-2 S/PDIF coax to an Audio Note Dac.

Wireworld starlight cat 8 and Electra mini c7 each made audible improvements in my system. Source is vault 2.
Pangea Power cord DH Labs SilverSonic Toslink cable Transparent Audio Ethernet Cable. And Morgami Studio Gold RCA cable for coax and Mogami Studio Gold RCA FOR audio out.
As good as it gets for my system. Major improvement from out of the box
"@audiojedi , I'm using CAT6. Would CAT8 be a noticable upgrade? Thanks"

I actually went from CAT6 to CAT7 and didn't notice much if any difference - went to CAT8 for fun because it was cheap and there was a more noticeably fleshed out sound to be had and in particular I noticed that low level listening was improved(more detail at low volume).  Bottom end was also more well defined as I recall.

Thicker cable and better shielding presumably made the difference, it was probably the cheapest upgrade I've ever made but obviously your mileage may vary.
Thanks @audiojedi . I ordered a CAT 8 based on @lalitk recommendation. You confirmed that shielding makes a significant improvement.
Has anybody tried any tweaks like footers or isolation devices? I've used various footers and platforms with no significant results.

Google Node 2i upgrades and you will come across Fidelity Audio UK. They make after market kits for upgrading the node 2i including power supply. Kits are not cheap but easily worth the time to investigate. Cheers
I did the Cat 6 and cord.  Both better.  Then  I bought a Topping D90 and that was a big difference.  There are lots of other brands of good DAC.  Schiit, Denafrips, Sabaj, Border Patrol, Chord, Mytek, Lumin to name a few.  I connected it with a coax cable.  The external power supply looks interesting.  I have also wondered about that for the DAC as well. 
About 3 months ago I added the Wireworld Electra Mini and Schiit Gungnir MB via Neotech DEVD-2001 with Furutech BNC connectors and it made a significant difference.  I also run balance Audioquest Mackenzie IC's to the Luxman 507uxII.  

Overall super happy with this setup.  Only downside is the DAC has no remote input switching so I really only use the one spdif input.  Would be nice to be able to run my TV sound through it but i'm lazy and it's a pain to get up to switch inputs... :)

The Node2 is really a bargain and it works so well compared to the rest of the marketplace.  I've got other node products around the house so we can sync it all from living room to the kitchen and patio.  I've looked at so many other streamers but in the end this thing just does so much well that I can't justify the cost or inconvenience of adding another streaming platform. 

I am definitely going to look into the Cat8 upgrade and see if that makes a difference.  I've just got a cheapo amazon special back there now. 

Thanks all for sharing and have a great long weekend! 
Chromecast audio outperform or I prefer it better than node2i in my system since I’m not using DAC in either of them 
I used a Wireworld power cord, made a nice difference... not as forward in my system and way smoother presentation.....will try the Cat cable direct from router next ,! 
Cheers Ken
I have not tried one but a Sbooster power supply might be a good upgrade
@jtsnead , that would be nice, but you'll need to remove and mod the IEC on the Node.

@lalitk , I wanted to thank you for the Supra recommendation. Installed it today and heard an immediate improvement in low-end impact and detail. Music has more weight. Jazz basslines are very palpable with orchestra double bass more detailed.
Many thanks.


You’re welcome. I say this unequivocally to anyone using a generic ethernet cable, the Supra CAT8 ethernet cable is a no-brainer. There is nothing but upside to use this cable with a dedicated audio server.

Regarding the CAT8 cable, is it similar to an AES/EBU cable where as a little longer is better?  I would only need 2 feet to get from the wall to my streamer. Should I use a 6 foot piece or would it be beneficial? 
+1 audiojedi
I recently added a DH Labs Reunion Cat 8 ethernet cable(found one used at the Cable Co. for $109, thx Jason) from my google nest satellite>Node2i and got a surprisingly big improvement from my Cat 6....soundstage,imaging,bass etc....overall richer/fuller presentation. I then added a Supra Cat 8(Ebay) from modem>router and got another nice jump in sq; not as great as the Reunion, but def noticeable on my test tracks, which I'm extremely familiar with. Next up- upgraded power cord.
SQ definitely improved by adding Cullen C7 PC and Supra CAT8 to my Node2i. But putting Network Acoustics ENO filter in the mix took things to an even higher level. This thing is not so much a "tweak" but more like an equipment upgrade.

A-gon member Grannyring wrote about it here:

I have no affiliation with the company, and am loathe to come off as some kind of "fanboy"; but I've been happy with the there's a 30-day no risk trial. Of course YMMV. 

Happy Listening! 

@mstrauss58 I maxed out my Bluesound by doing these things:
1) Swapped out the PSU board with the one from Poland on eBay and added a Linear Power Supply
2) Added a Gutwire Grounding cable to unused RCA
3) Ran Ethernet via Network Acoustics ENO and Gigafoil V4 with LPS
4) If you are using a external DAC - iFi SPDIF Purifier 2 with LPS
I'm all for improving sound but I know a fair bit about networking and other than measurable packet loss and/or retransmits (which implies you have general network issues), I see no way that these supposed audio ethernet cables would make a shred of a difference in SQ. At all. Yes, if you doing long runs then better shielding can reduce PL, and if you are doing 10gb then you need Cat6+. But otherwise, what are you guys basing you qualitative statements on? Not trying to start an argument but I have never seen anyone explain how an audiophile grade 'Cat8' cable, or any 'special' ethernet cable is going to somehow magically mean better audio.

Have you personally tried it for yourself? To start with you will need a fairly revealing system so if you do great, but if not you may not hear a difference either. I personally can hear the difference in my system with a fairly modest price Supra CAT8 from wall to my streamer. Maybe it’s just the last meter before it gets to my streamer where maybe, all it is doing is canceling or helping to reduce RF/EMI, just like power cables do. Your same argument can be used on how can power cables make a difference when there’s miles or copper wire from the power substation, to the transformer, to the electrical panel through the walls with likely cheap quality romex to the receptacle. I think it’s the same effect that the last meter or so is canceling out noise from RF/EMI again. If you have a system that can reveal the differences between cables and other tweaks, and no offense, you have good hearing you should give it a try if you haven’t as most have positive results than not and you may like what you hear as well. The Supra is very affordable and many hear recommend it as well. Could even be the ends just make a tighter better connection as well and that little difference makes all the difference. Hope if you haven’t tried a Supra you give it a shot and report back.