Non-audio related question about forum linguo

Ok, this is completly non audio related, but i cannot find the answer to this ANYWHERE and it is driving me freaking MAD. Hopefully the moderators will bare with me and allow this thread and somone can put an end to my torture.

Forum/Teleconference Linguo.
BRB - Be Right Back
AFK - Away From Keyboard
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
ROTFL - Rolling on the floor laughing.
JM2C - Just My 2 Cents
FWIW - For What Its Worth

See a pattern here?

Well... WHAT THE HELL IS "W00T"????

The Urban Dictionary defines this as an expression of joy and excitement.

How the HELL did they come up with this? Nobody can give me an answer. All of the other computer-shorthand makes some sence and is easy to figure out.

Does anyone know how the hell a "W", 2 Zero's, and a freaking "T" mean ANYTHING?

Help me! Please! This is driving me insane! Nobody can tell me! Im out of places to ask! It is really pissin me off!

Audiogon really is the ultimate pool of knowledge! Damn near everyone here is well educated... well.. some more than others, but that is besides the point! Can ANYONE here answer this riddle for me? Or will the Audiogon community actually get STUMPED on something????

-Goin mad-
As I understand it, WOOT or WOT is:

Way Off Topic
Way Off-Off Topic


Paul :-)
Hey Slap hows about We're Out Of Thorozine !!! Sorry buddie, couldn't resist the set up!!
Reubent, Nah, it means YAY or HOORAY kinda, Im just trying to figure out the relation.
Don't know about Woot, but all the gearheads know that WOT means "Wide Open Throttle" : ) Sean
It's a combination of a Woo! with a Hoot. Your eyes are as big as dinner plates - too many psychedelics. Maybe it's visual - those two zeros look like two big ... nah.

I don't know, but thanx Slappy, now it's in my head to! Damn you! Thankfully I'm at the office, so I've nothing better to do then gnash my teeth and bother my secretary.... wait..... what did she say yesterday about a restraining order? Anyway, I'll get back to you. Someday......
It's 1337-speak. What you're 20 something like myself and didn't grow up with 80s poser-hacker, err hax0r underground? sheesh. (rolleyes). the zeros come from 1337-speak. posers think it's come how cool to talk this way. do a google search on 1337 speak.
it may be from this really stupid song that came out about 10 years ago - the refrain was "woot! there it is!". I can't remember the name of the artist except that (I think) it was a really large black guy.
in other words, it is just an exclamation, essentially meaningless.
Musicslug: the refrain was: "Whoops, there it is,...." etc etc. although I have to admit the pronounciation could have been better.....
Aroc knows the real answer. It's from l33t-speak, aka 1337, etc. Just do the google thing & you'll probably find gazillions of explanations. Only don't go too far w/ the searches or else you'll start calling us all "f00"...

Here are some others:


4ever = Forever
AKA or a.k.a. = Also Known As
ANFAWFOS = And Now For A Word From Our Sponsors
ANFAWFOWS = And Now For A Word Word From Our Web Sponsor
ANFSCD = And Now For Something Completely Different
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
AWOL = Absent Without Leave
AYCOOYM = Are You Completely Out Of Your Mind
AYOR = At Your Own Risk
AYPI = And Your Point Is
AYSOS = Are You Stupid Or Something
B/C = Because
B4 = Before
B4N = Bye For Now
BAD = Bad As Designed
BAIC = Boy Am I Confused
BC = Because
BITD = Back In The Day
BKA = Better Known As
BLTN = Better Late Than Never
BOC = But Of Course
BOT = Back On Topic
BRGDS = Best Regards
BTDT = Been There Done That
BTDTGTS = Been There Done That Got the T-Shirt
BTFT = Been There Fixed That
BTHOM = Beats The Hell Outta Me
BTW = By The Way
BYOB = Bring Your Own Booze
BYORL = Bring Your Own Rocket Launcher
C4N = Ciao For Now
CFD = Call For Discussion
CIAO = Goodbye (in Italian)
CID = Consider It Done
COTFL = Crawling On The Floor Laughing
CRAFT = Can't Remember a F***ing Thing
CRAWS = Can't Remember Anything Worth A Sh**
CRS = Can't Remember Sh**
CUL = Catch You Later
CUL8R = See You Later
CYA = See Ya or Cover Your Ass
CYAL8R = See You Later
CYL = See You Later
DBAI = Designed By An Idiot
DBEYR = Don't Believe Everything You Read
DD = Due Diligence
DEGT = Don't Even Go There
DETI = Don't Even Think It
DGT = Don't Go There
DHYB = Don't Hold Your Breath
DIIK = Damned If I Know
DINK = Dual Income No Kids
DIY = Do It Yourself
DKDC = Don't Know Don't Care
DQYDJ = Don't Quit Your Day Job
DSH = Desperately Seeking Help
DTHT = Delighted To Hear That
DTRT = Do The Right Thing
DWISNWID = Do What I Say Not What I Do
DWOL = Drunk While On Line
EZ = Easy
F2F = Face-To-Face or Flesh-To-Flesh
FAQL = Frequently Asked Questions List
FAWC = For Anyone Who Cares
FOC = Free Of Charge
FOTCL = Falling Off The Chair Laughing
FUBAR = F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition
FWIW = For What It's Worth
FY = F*** You
FYA = For Your Amusement
FYE = For Your Entertainment
FYEO = For Your Eyes Only
FYG - For Your Guidance
FYI = For Your Information
FYM = For Your Misinformation
G1 =Good One
GAFIA = Get Away From It All
GAL = Get A Life
GIWIST = Gee, I Wish I'd Said That
GJ = Good Job
GL = Good Luck
GMAB = Give Me A Break
GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike
GR8 = Great
GRRRR = it means Growling
HAND = Have A Nice Day
HMP = Help Me Please
ID10T = Idiot
IDK = I Don't Know
ILSHIBAMF = I Laughed So Hard I Broke All My Furniture
IMAO = In My Arrogant Opinion
IMBO = In My Bloody Opinion
IMBW = I May Be Wrong
IMCAO = In My Completely Arrogant Opinion
IMCO = In My Considered Opinion
IME = In My Experience
IMHBCO = In My Humble But Correct Opinion
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMNSCO = In My Not So Considered Opinion
IMNSHO I= n My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
IMOBIHO = In My Occasionally But Infrequently Humble Opinion
IMOBO = In My Own Biased Opinion
IMOHO = In My Occasionally Humble Opinion
IMPE = In My Personal/Previous Experience
IMS = I Am Sorry
IMVHO = In My Very Humble Opinion
INL = I'm Not Laughing
IOH = I'm Outta Here
IOW = In Other Words
ITA = I Totally Agree
IWBIWISI = I Will Believe It When I See It
IYD = In Your Dreams
JMO = Just My Opinion
KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid
KWIM = Know What I Mean
L8R = Later
L8R G8R = Later 'Gater
LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
LTIP = Laughing Till I Puke
LTR = Later
MIL = Mother In Law
NIME = Not In My Experience
NPNG = No Pain No Gain
OAO = Over And Out
OATUS = On A Totally Unrelated Subject
PCMCIA = People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
Q&A = Questions & Answers
RAW = Rules As Written
RBTL = Read Between The Lines
RE = Regarding
RGDS = Regards
RIP = Rest In Peace
ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing
RTM or RTFM = Read The Manual - or - Read The F*#king Manual
RU = Are You?
SOL = Sh** Out of Luck
TGIF = Thank God It's Friday
THX or TX or THKS = Thanks
TMI = Too Much Information
WTF = What the F***
WTH = What The Hell?
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary
ZAV =Zero Added Value
Shventus, my God, is that from a book, or do you have a lot of time on your hands ? (DYHALOTOYH)
My nephew loves using WTFH.

I personally invented a slew of acronyms based on Chinese lingos but using Latin alphabets used when chatting with my Chinese friends on AIM while studying.

NGM=Ni Gan Ma=What are you doing?
XLB=Xiao Lon Bao=Some Chinese dish
ZZM=Zah Zian Mien=Some Chinese noodle

I get hungry when studying late at night...

Also, I invented some acronyms for my common responses to stupid questions or observations.

PBWTWB=People Believe What They Want To Believe
TAWYJSTAG=Think About What You Just Said Then Ask Again
After an extensive search (well, I asked a friend of mine) it seems that w00t is indeed a expression of joy, and is based on a funny sound old computers made when starting up and finding some hardware error. Hmmm.... what's so funny about that? I just replaced my harddisk a couple of weeks ago, and I can't remember smiling during the process. Oh well...... JM2C.
w00t: derived from 'hoot', this is defined as 'yay', it can be used, for example, upon victory or, possibly, the release and procurement of a new video card.

It's called cut & paste; not from memory - Ha!

As far as "Woot", "DILLIGAF", etc.; - BTHOM, but CRAWS, IMHBCO, DBEYR, maybe we're DSH or SOL, but YMMV. C4N