Non responsive seller ?

Good Day All,

I have a seller with what is almost a "too good to be true"item.
Yet it is just the opposite as the usual .

This one has not replied to a single email, note, etc. 
and i have send several over a three week period.

The item ends tomorrow, and support states that thee is no policy for a seller to reply.
I suspect that the item will just go *poof* when it ends, but it is very frustrating to say the least.

anyone ever dealt with other sellers like this ?
If any seller doesn't care to reply *before* getting your money, what do you think about his responsiveness *after* getting your money?

Nothing to feel frustrated about.
I suspect he may have sold it on the sly and is avoiding paying for the ad by allowing it to expire with no sale.
I've dealt with this a few times. Seller posts an ad, seller goes missing.
I message him again and again. I lose the item, then later I hear from the seller that he's been out of town. Why did he bother to place the ad?

Just forget about it what is the point it looks like you were spared a bad deal!

yes. all good feedback here.

if no replies prior to the sale... what could be expected afterwards?

Sold on the sly? mobbed.

just put it up to EXP in the wild and woolly world of A'gon mystery sales, er, ads.

move on, it wasn't worth it to begin with very likely. Especially if the deal was too good to be true... apparently it was.