Seller Unresponsive after payment.


I just bought a DAC from @madavid0 last Sept.14 and have paid through Paypal once I commited the buy option of the listing. He only responded once after one week of no communication and said item will be ship that week because he said he was out of town. I understood that and it is almost two weeks after and no replies on my messages.

How do I go about it? And what kind of feedback do I give for other potential buyers to be aware of what kind of a seller he is.


I would start by contacting PayPal and ask for your money back as the product was not delivered.  

That would be my plan this week if he still hasn’t shipped the item. Do I leave a negative feedback or neutral explaining how the seller is? Which would be more appropriate?

Super negative unless he has an incredible excuse....Wait until all is settled then super negative. I would be freaking. You seem much more level than I would be.

It will turn out in the end.



Assuming this guy isn't a friend of yours: Business is business. You owe him nothing. If he's been unresponsive, there's nothing to be gained by delay. File a dispute with Paypal and yes, contact A'gon support.

Business is business. It's time to advance.

He was to show you tracking ,did you check tracking on PayPal ? 
If not  call their disputes dept  during the week ,the weekend they remote help

which are mostly uninformed.

He was to show you tracking ,did you check tracking on PayPal ? 
If not  call their disputes dept  during the week ,the weekend they remote help

which are mostly uninformed.

Call him on the phone first , when you hit the buy button ,his email

and telephone number is in that contact area call him a few times and see if you get a response.  The ad seems pretty legit with all the knowledge 

how was his feedback?  Call him.

Pay pal must be busy. Seems like scams are showing up in online purchases alot these days.🤥

I have a slightly different perspective. I ordered a Parasound A51 amp from New Age Electronics, at a price that seemed too good to be true. I had checked them out before I ordered, and they seemed legitimate. Long story short, it took almost three weeks to arrive, and seller communication was minimal. But I’m enjoying my new amp that was priced $1400 under what most sellers are charging. In this Amazon age of overnight delivery, we all have heightened expectations (myself included). But sometimes patience pays off. 

Not that this is the case here, but this is why no one should agree to pay via PayPal family and friends unless they are family and friends. No recourse. The 3% addon is well worth it.

Hopefully you didn't use Friends And Family to save a few bucks. FnF is a simple transfer, Pay Pal will not recognize it as a purchase of goods. I insist on payment for goods or services, and I will eat the surcharge if needed.... Cheap insurance, especially with new or no feedback sellers.

Yes I always pay goods and services for every transactions that I do. That is why I’m slightly patient with the seller. He still hasn’t replied yet to my agon messages, phone call or imessage. No tracking as well either here or on paypal. I was kind of busy as well last couple of weeks because I reviewing for my board exams and don't want to worry about this too much and just took it last monday and passed. Now I, can address the issue and hopefully seller still can ship and reply if not will dispute it this week.

Pao looking at his feedback ? I believe he is just busy? I have seller like Him? Some seller don’t understand the worries of others. My gut feeling, He will ship it. But don’t wait too long.

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Did you purchase the item at a fair price or considerably low price?  Did the seller has feedback? I asked because a lot of scammers would sell at a very low price to get buyers' money, and then ignore buyers' messages.  Seen a lot these days.

Update this morning when I contacted Tammy from Agon support and mentioned tried calling or messaging the seller first then I replied back no replies then Tammy intervened and copied the Seller from our conversation and asking about the status. Within an hour seller replied telling about his situation he was out of the country at the moment. We will see as he said and promised that one way or another he will ship the item and will give a partial refund when he comes back in a week. 

I’m not really familiar with the DAC as it is not common in the marketplace and from his recent feedback and history he has a good reputation so I am giving him a benefit of a doubt. I can always dispute it from Paypal worse comes to worst.

Open a dispute with PayPal. It sounds like he’s buying himself some additional time. 

find out what the deadline is to file a paypal claim.  I think it is 6 months.  As long as he is not pushing you past any deadline, be patient.

I ran an ebay business for years, sold millions of $ of merchandise, and never lost a dime on US sales (some european sales went missing in customs).  I had guys disappear for a time and found out they were in the hospital, caring for a sick loved one, or just on a long vacation.  I had one lady pay me for a $1500 item and it came back undeliverable.  I tried for years to contact her and never did.  I assume she passed.


In that listing it is not stated that there will be a delay in shipping. The seller never returned any questions that you asked. Since the seller did not ship the item there would be no problem having the seller refunding that purchase with Paypal.

Move on after you get the refund from that dirtbag!


In that listing it is not stated that there will be a delay in shipping. The seller never returned any questions that you asked. Since the seller did not ship the item there would be no problem having the seller refunding that purchase with Paypal. Move on after you get the refund ...

Exactly. The seller has completely failed to meet the terms of sale. Business is business. Get a refund. Move on.

Negative feedback is in order here after all is said and done - this is not a positive experience by any stretch of imagination. 

Caring for a loved one, on vacation, out of the country, none of these are excuses for going silent on a responsibility. Everyone is tethered to their phones, so a quick response to let you know what’s going on should in most cases be expected.

I had a Discogs seller who sent me the wrong thing after letting a week elapse after payment to even ship the CD.  
It was the holiday season, so I had some grace for the fact that my CD actually arrived 1 month after payment, but was not impressed with the week-long interval between payment and shipping. 
Then, 1 month after payment, I received the wrong CD.
Considering the seller responded quickly to my message of this and, with contrition, mentioned that an inventory search was pending and would keep me apprised, I felt things were cool.

A week later, nothing.  
I messaged again to say, “I have still not heard back regarding receiving an item different from the one I purchased.”

A week later, nothing.  

At this point,
a) 2 weeks had elapsed since I informed the seller as to their shipping the wrong item and, despite an attempt to receive an update, had zero messages from seller during that time, and, 
b) 6 weeks had elapsed since I purchased the CD, with the actual shipping not occurring until a week after my payment.

At this point, I just left negative feedback. 

The seller got back to me then 🤣
The seller sent me a message (I’m assuming the seller couldn’t be bothered to actually write the thing because it appeared to be dictated to a microphone with horrible grammar and ‘autocorrected; ‘…delay of the CD…’ was written as, ‘…delay of the city…’ and, ‘…it’s been crazy around here…’ was written as, ‘…spin crazy around here…’) blaming the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol building for his failures.

This behavior only reinforced my sense that negative feedback was fair.  
I think that’s the only time I’ve ever given negative feedback despite plenty of problems as a buyer.

You have been MORE than patient. Contact PayPal at once and file a claim and have the transaction reversed and your payment method credited. You COULD ( as  a gesture of great kindness) contact the seller ONE FINAL time and let him know that if you do not receive a FEDEX tracking number within one business day in your inbox you will A) Contact PayPal and B) Leave extremely negative feedback. Depends on how badly you want the item. There is no excuse for this. If he responds with expediting your item at his expense I would STILL leave enegative feedback but only after you receive the item . 

As @mbarrett635 ​​​​​​shared I would have a little more patience, with him being out of the country he's probably experiencing inevitable delays getting anything done. You have up to 6 months for a PayPal claim and the absence of a tracking number proves you did not receive it. If you are too worried then initiate a dispute to get the refund process started.

He has a fairly extensive posting history here and reading some of that might alleviate or increase some anxiety once you get a feel of who he is.

Good luck!

Being out your money and the item you purchased is not a good feeling.  I recently went through a similar experience but in my case the item purchased was defective.  It doesn’t hurt to file a claim.  It can always be canceled. You’re certainly justified in doing so.  Same for negative feedback.  Hopefully everything works out for you.  Once it does you’ll have a different perspective on things so sometimes a little patience can be a virtue   


After a month of wait, seller shipped it last friday and refunded me 50% off the price so it becomes a $300 Dac. I haven’t tried and setup it yet still waiting for my cables to arrive tomorrow. Will get back tomorrow if it works and how it sounds.

Can’t even begin to imagine why a DAC would need two big-ass KT 150’s…