Not asking the best....

but what is your favorite jam or interlude(not sure interlude is correct, hope example makes it clear)in a song?

What brought this up is I was walking the dogs listening to Pandora and the Stones "Can't you hear me knockin'" came on. Well, you know that extended part in the song where the sax and guitars do a little tasty playing, got me wondering what others thought were good jams like that.

I know there are tons and a few I heard tonight walking. So I put it to you what are some of your favorites? Any genre.


the intro to "sweet jane" on rock and roll animal and the coda to "layla" are obvious choices, but i alwys liked the long, swelling break in "ramble tamble" on cosmo's factory
How can we forget the intro and coda to "Freebird"? We can't after hearing it 10,000 times on the radio !!!!!
Hi Dave,

My favorite would have to be the long instrumental segment in the full (7 minute) version of the Doors' "Light My Fire". The highlight, IMO, being the keyboard work of the late Ray Manzarek.

Best regards,
-- Al
Boz Scaggs' "Loan Me a Dime" - the extended solo/jam that has amazing lead guitar, but equally amazing and subtle rhythm backing.

I also agree with Al's citing of Light My Fire, and would add other Doors songs (eg Riders on the Storm).
"Firth of Fifth" by Genesis.

"Nine Feet Underground" by Caravan.

"Summer Lightning" by Camel.
Iron Butterfly: In-a-godda-da-vida

Blind Faith: Had to Cry Today

Stones: Midnight Rambler

Allman Bros: Blue Sky
1. Intro to Private Investigations by Dire Straits and certainly fenomenal Mark's performance
2. Intro and instrumental jams of At Last, Forever by Jethro Tull
3. Intro to Shine On You Crazy Diamond I guess is beloved by huge crowd and me as well.
I gotta go with that dueling guitar work between Don Felder and Joe Walsh on "Hotel California" and seco d the vote for "Blue Sky" by the Allman Bros. Band.
All excellent responses. By listing some of our favorites perhaps others will discover or rediscover some great music.
I'll contribute another, "low spark of high heeled boys".


The middle section of Whole Lotta Love by Zeppelin. The part with the violin bow guitar. Also, Time Waits for No One guitar solo by Mick Taylor.
3 that haven't been mentioned...
"Farm on the Freeway"
"Like a Hurricane"
"Street Life"
Paul Gonsalves' 27 choruses on "Diminuendo & Crescendo
in Blue" on the album, 'Ellington At Newport'.

The Duke called it an 'interlude'. The crowd went nuts.

Some classics mentioned. Here are a few memorable keyboard moments:
Steve Winwood's solo on "Empty Pages" by Traffic
Chuck Leavells's solo on "Jessica" from the Allman Bros.
Jojo Hermann's solo on "Disco" from Widespread Panic's Light Fuse....
T Lavitz in "I'm Freaking Out" from the Dixie Dregs' "Dregs of the Earth"
and finally Dr. John's "Such a Night" from Trippin' Live.