Now that High Fidelity Cables is no longer, what cables are you upgrading to?

I was in the process of adding HFC’s, one at a time, to my system.  However, now that HFC is no longer in business, what cables have you found that offer the same, or better performance as the HFC’s?



Talk to Colin at Gestalt Audio in Nashville.  Hijiri and Sternklang just ouotstanding.

I saw the news and although a great guy this is the second time his cable company has gone under. If you recall he owned and operated Virtual Dynamics which was a pretty good cable until they got soo incredibly expensive and eventually lost market share and interest and went under. he moved to the US from Canada I do believe and operated in Texas and I had listened to High Fidelity cables but never heard anything special with them ....except for the price once again. He may need to go back to the proverbial '' drawing board '' and come up with a new business model as the past two have not worked out. I wish him well as he is talented and maybe the third time will be a charm for his next endeavor.   

Morrow Audio has been great to me, but you have to at least start at the SP-4 level to see a worthwhile sound quality jump... Just my opinion... Enjoy the music!

+2 willgolf (previous HFC Ultimate, Helix owner)

Also ask Colin about Tchernov Ultimates.

I have the interconnects and a digital, completely outstanding, balanced and highly musical above all else.

I was never in that camp. Been very high on Zavfino cables though. Last 2 power cables will arrive here Saturday. 

@rx8man I have the HFC Ultimate Reference digital and IC cables and nothing I try has been able to best them. Tchernov Ultimate line?

I’m constantly on the lookout for Virtual Dynamics cables. Over the past coupe years I’ve been able to acquire David Series 2.0 pc’s for all my components, Master series pc for my amp and Master Series speakers cables. They are really fantastic and well worth hunting for.

I was extremely lucky to get a pair of custom XLR cables from Rick just after the boat sank the first time, really amazing.

I can't comment on his last offerings but I'm sure they are great, nearly bought a few.

Bought a few AQ Dragons recently, no complaints whatsoever.

I’m using a full loom of Cerious Tech Lumniscate Silver/Graphene cables and am having excellent results.

I was able to get my all my upgraded Cables (Pro series ) from Rick just before he closed up the operation in Texas. A lot of Audiophiles complain about the cost but,

there are more expensive Cables out there that dont perform as well. I was able to pay a reasonable price for my cables. Upgrade to something else ?. Be prepared to spend a lot more. I was able to get the latest edition Pro series Digital cable, a few months ago (AES/XLR), the best I have heard . HFC is the Reference Cable in my system from top to bottom. You can find some used stuff that pop up from time to time on Audiomart and here. All incredible , fantastic sound (if you can deal with the Wave Guides. The Power cords are Ridiculous 😍. Happy Listening, Enjoy the Music.


These are the new cables that Rick Shultz is manufacturing now 

they are better than HFC so check it out in audiogon  market as

Rick Schultz Audio Apparition Power 1.5M