Objective Opinion? I think I've found it!

I have posted on here before that late at night is the best time for me to listen. Everything sounds more defined. Our dog will lie there during the day when I'm playing music and never take notice. I've played songs by Roger Waters and Pink Floyd that have dogs barking in them, Seamus off of Meddle, Dogs off of Animals and The Ballad of Billy Hubbard off of Amused to Death. During the day, nothing, the dog doesn't even flinch. At night? She comes out of her sleep and stands at high alert, trying to figure out where that dog is. Recently I added a Furman PST-8 and a Green Wave filter. Now, during the day, the dog is taking notice, just like she does at night.  How can it get any more objective than that?


Congrats to you and your dog!  I have high quality power conditioning in my system (Shunyata Denali) which is a definite improvement, but late night still sounds better to me.  Not all the time but often

Do you have your amp plugged into the conditioner?  I do not.

Here's a kind of related post I made 20+ years ago (I was indeed using a power conditioner with that setup)... 



Is Audioreview the Bose and Grand Enigma reviews? Anyway, here is a mishap that happened the day before Christmas in our household. I would not recommend this CD to cat owners. I have copied and pasted the following from a previous email...I picked up a holiday CD at a thrift shop that is entitled "Jingle-Cats", real kittens singing 20 holiday classics, from "Silent Night" to "Auld Lang Syne". I had thought that the cats (the little men) would enjoy it, but by the time the second song had finished they were in an uproar. One had sprayed one of the speaker stands and two of the others were trying to attack the speakers (that are on 29" stands). It was a total disaster. I had to put them outside and then later keep an eye on them around the speakers for the next 24 hours, as even with "normal" music playing they kept eying the Reynauds. Finally their tiny little brains forgot all about it and everything is back to normal (normal meaning that they are now peeing the Xmas tree that I brought home yesterday morning)."



Does your dog have moods or different activities day vs. night? The change could be on the subjective side. Just a thought.

@hilde45  She has been here two years and has never reacted during the day until the day after installing the PST-8 and filter.

My male cat has never had any interest in listening session, sleeps well away from stereo, the female loves to listen. Goes to show some women love high end audio.