Oppo 205 guagers selling used units for twice the price...

You can't blame those individuals that are trying to sell their (used) UDP-205's for twice the price (several even posted on the site for 2k+). That's not this focus.. If someone is willing to pay, so be it. My favorite Wall Street quote, "The illusion has become real, and the more real it becomes, the more desperately they want it".

That said, I feel it’s my fellow audiophile duty to save those willing to pay opportunist their gouging offers. Remember, Oppo is a Chinese company, aka the wild west of capitalism (if there is a market they will sell into it). The 205 sold out within just 2-3 days after the oppo announcement throughout North America. Knowing that Oppo has added a registration button "we might make another production run" and knowing how fast the current stock sold out, they have a huge private pre-order list. That is GOLD in terms of any company's sales/production projections/risks. They will be making another production run! Don't pay these ----'ers a cent. You'll get a brand new factory fresh machine soon enough.

Sounds like you have inside info. I have put my name on the list for a new one,but did not think it was yet a sure thing that they will be making another run ?
I think the fact that they updated their website to put a timeline on it means there will be more available. I put my name on the list in case I decide to get one, so I wouldn't overpay for one right now. I think a lot of people who are doing it never checked the website to see that more will be available.
You are paying a lot of money for on board processing when you could just buy a competent deck to use as a transport and route the digital output to a really good AV preamp with all the processing power you could want.  To each his own.
OPPO is an American company, headquartered in Menlo Park, California, that has it’s product made in China. The Wild West of Capitalism may now be China, but don’t forget where it all started: here. Or was it England? 🤔

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@nonoise- Everything i’ve seen says it’s a Chinese company: 


Shocked me too. Never thought they were cablabe of making a standout product, just copying others.
@nonoise- to be specific BBK is the parent company and that is Chinese. The Menlo Park address is just their USA Subsidiary.

If they are gouging, you might consider going with a media server - shameless plug  -  Wolf Audio Systems - Alpha 3 - 4K60p, BluRay, and a feature suite the Oppo could never come close to. 
Any of today's multi-format players will do just fine! Stop being so neurotic!
I see a lot of fuss and hype about this player. Is it really that good?  I have never heard one.This is coming from someone who uses a CEC  TL2 transport with a Hegel HD12 DAC.
All of the product development for the OPPO comes from Menlo Park, the home of American innovation. They, as Apple does, outsource to China to have it produced. Really, how many Chinese electronic products that are
really innovative have you seen in the audio world. They have however, become master manufacturers. A real loss for the US.
Wsphon, I’m not convinced that seperate transport to separate DAC is always preferable. Unless the separates have ISsquared connections there will be added conversions at output and input, and with it the possible potential for added jitter. Furthermore original native higher rez bitstream signals such as SACD are often required to be converted to down rez’d PCM. Of course with seperates there is the added cost of extra cabling, additional required shelf space and electrical outlet. To do it right might put one in a different budget bracket.

Don't know how much my Oppo HA-1 worth now? It is basically a Sonica+Class A earphone amp.
For the record Oppo is a Chinese company and manufacturer with a US distribution arm in Menlo Park California.  They also manufacturer smart phones for the Chinese market. 
If you are primarily interested in disk playing rather than streaming, the OPPO-105 is just as good (or even the 95) and are widely available on the internet (95 - $500; 105 - $750).
I have an Oppo 95 upgraded by the Upgrade company that sounds really good. I bought after another player went into the shop about 3 months ago. I was so impressed that I decided to buy the Oppo 205 and am waiting for the modder to get me in for the mods. I will be selling after the Oppo 205 is back. I got to say the modded 95 sounds darn good! I recently did a couple of cable upgrades and tweaks and I am considering selling the Oppo 205 because my present system sounds so good.
I suspect that those trying to profit (in the extreme) on the Oppo 205 have no soul.  I hope that no one will accommodate any of these scammers.
@sense63 , totally agree.  I know anyone who buys one is an idiot imo....The whole capitalist/buyer beware thing and all that... However, the seller of such is a parasite imo.  One seller said, “ he’s proud to be an American.”...by selling an Oppo 205 for $2770.00+/-.  If that constitutes being an “American “, then perhaps I need to relocate.  Enough of that....how are those Kensingtons?
Anyone selling a cheap 1295 player for 2700 is a price gouger.  This particular ad has been posted before and so far, no bites.  I sent the guy a message 2 weeks ago when I saw it posted and he claimed he was a saint as they are selling for more on eBay.  Anyone trying to gouge our community is a crook IMHO.  For 2700, you can get a used Esoteric which will sound better and probably last a lifetime.
Just received email from oppo confirming my email address.

“E-mail Address Validation for OPPO UDP-205 Interest List (NO REPLY)”

So we are off...next step, purchasing a brand new oppo 205 for $1299. All those who bought them to gouge us, hope you you enjoy your new and possibly 2nd 205....lol.

That is awesome. I hope everyone waiting for the June batch gets their Oppo. And I really hope no one falls for the $$$$ ads that are selling the 205. They are really crooks.This is a awesome player. SACD and DSD files sound really good on this player. I have no complaints on the CD playback either. But have not really compared a $$$ Esoteric/Luxman/Marantz player with the Oppo. But I really love what the Oppo does.
Good Luck folks on the wait list!
I am buying  mine strictly for playing Blu-Ray discs.  I have an Esoteric SACD player already in my system.  It's probably overkill for just playing Blu-Ray, especially since it will be playing through a Zvox.
Received my email from Oppo today too  on the potential June build confirming my email.

Love this person out of CA who is selling a UDP 205 for $2800 here on Agon - no history here whatsoever or any sales anyway. Hope he/she bought a dozen of them. This add cracks me up... see below. I’m sure everyone here has already read it so I apologize for reposting it and my lengthy ranting.


Really? Is it transferable? 2022... any idea what the current format is going to be in 2022?

Shipping to lower 48 contiguous USA through FEDEX.”

No Kidding. Sure you can cover it?

to Alaska and Hawaii possible with additional charge.”

Really? Might cost you an additional $100. I’m just guessing here, but really?

“New OPPO 
UDP-205 will be shipped on a bigger box, so you’ll get a triple protection 
since original box is already a double box.”

So the concern here is keeping the OEM box perfect so say down the road when CDs and Blueray disc are no longer made this player will go up in value? Box always bring value so better not toss out the box, right? Who knows in five years we’re looking at $3,500 plus. Go to eBay and see what people are asking for Nakamichi cassette desks that need work. Maybe we’re missing the boat here folks.

“Low offers will be politely ignored.”

This is the best. So what’s considered a low ball offer on a piece of equipment that retailed for $1,299 that is being offered as Used now since this is not an Authorized Dealer for $2,800? Again I hope this person is sitting on a dozen of these.

I’m hoping in a month or two we’re going to see a few folks dumping these at a loss - at actual used prices. Did anyway go crazy and and start buying up and reselling equipment say buy California Audio Labs, Enlighted Audio Design and others when they closed their doors? No. Don’t get why these silly prices are happening now. Hopefully no one has bought any of these used Oppo’s for these prices.

If anyone has paid these prices I would love to hear your response, but I’m beating no one has.

Good Grief.

Had my confirmation of email from Oppo as well
Seems very likely the June production run will occur .
I couldn't help myself... I posted in 205 gougers listings:

" You do realize you are stuck with that machine, right? Received my email from oppo yesterday confirming they are producing more at retail price $1,299 and that I will be notified soon to make the purchase. "

I too posted on their listings letting them know that Oppo was manufacturing another batch at $1299 retail and they were petulant with their responses.  I refer back to my initial post above about these people having no souls.  I'm a big believer in what goes around comes around.
I did also.  When music is your passion and the gear is a means to that end, you get perturbed with such greed and idiocy.  Parasites.  Fleas on parasites......

Yeah...I also got some nasty responses. One guy said he had already sold 10 of them at $2500, so I can go *** myself.

His poor grammar and inside knowledge of just how many units they are producing and how many emails they received requesting units made me think he was a peoples republic spawn connected to the company. Like I said in my post that started this whole discussion:  [china is] "the wild west of capitalism (if there is a market they will sell into it)".

That goes double if they think they can make an even bigger profit.

So June/July has come and gone, the posts have died off and I suspect so has the prospect of another run :(
I was the original poster, the reason I stopped posting is cause I got my unit from oppo back at the end of June after receiving notice from them that “my number was called”.

Felt good not being gouged!!!

Late-August 2018 product release and perhaps a September 2018 product release. 
So are these UDP 205 units still bringing $2000 plus or are there just lots of opportunists still hanging that out there? 
Don't know if they are getting that but they are still trying.  I saw one advertised for 3500 on flea bay.  The new Pioneer for $1100.00 is supposed to be an excellent machine.
OPPO always gets some of the crowd aroused with their new products. Once you’ve owned one or two, and you do not watch DVD/BluRay, you realize the other avenues out there.
You didn't mention other DAC ask for 5K and less performance. 205 priced low MSRP.
The 205s aren’t worth the MSRP in my opinion.  They were overpriced from the start.  The DACs are just OK and people are paying big bucks for 205s based on hype, not sound
205 is a 4K player+SACD/CD+DAC combination. Worth it otr not at 1.2k, you decide with your wallet. For audiophile, a used 105D is the best ,less 4K.
I will sell you my gently used oppo 203 for 10k..😁
That's so cheap :-) You did not specify in which currency...he he he he https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=ZWD&To=USD