Outriggers: Soundocity only game in town?


I like the Soundocity outriggers, but at nearly $200 they're rather pricey...esp. for what seems to me to be a relatively straightforward and inexpensive product to manufacture. Are there any other alternatives rather than a DIY outrigger?
If they are easy and straightforward, it sounds like you have a great DIY project.
Contact a local machine/CNC shop and see if they can design a plinth for you to which you can mount spikes.
There are other alternatives but in my searches none that are inexpensive. I made my own. When I started it was just to give it a try so I wasn't concerned with their looks. I wish I'd paid more attention as they work perfect.
Not long after making these I found a pair of the Soundocity outriggers at a good price here.
they are really sweet - I wouldn't be without them - had them on a pair of Merlin VSMs and now on my hotrodded Meadowlark Kestrel HotRods

Tighten the bass for sure. But also the speaker is just a lot more stable on carpet - as in less prone to being knocked over by a dog, kid or exuberant vacuum cleaner

IMHO - and I buy a lot of tweak hardware for my sailboat - these are a good value for the money - carefully made and finished plus a full selection of sizes to match your speakers, not the other way around

only requirment is that your speaker bottoms are tapped for spikes or you are willing to do so

the only thing comparable or perhaps better that I have tried are the Sistrums - they are not as stable (three points instead of four) and certainly are no less expensive
You could check out Brass and Granite Audio. They make a plate that bolts to the bottom of your speakers that has the outrigger feet. I'm not certain of the cost, might be more than what Sound City sells, but they also offer the parts for DIY.
i own a machine shop.any-one on this site can contact me to quote and manufacture any thing you desire.i have made cones,out-riggers,stands,machined face-plates,built spkrs,tone-arms,turntable plinthes,bearings,etc.all rlated to this hobby.let me know.

Just as a heads-up...

Brass and Granite Audio = http://www.oregondv.com/ = http://www.speakerfeet.com/ = Soundocity

Best, Barry
I'm using Acoustic zen Adagio...

Thus Soundocity... I may just bite the bullet...