Parasound media event

I received this email and thought I would post it for those interested. 

Hi Everyone - We know there are quite a few questions (plus plenty of speculation and incorrect info) out there that need answering or clarification. We`ll be holding a Q&A town hall meeting at 12PM PST this Saturday 2/10/2024. Link to the webinar is below.


Register for Webinar

If you have a question fill in the field during registration and we`ll answer during the town hall. You`ll also get a chance to ask your question during the session once the submitted questions have been answered.


If we need more time than the hour, we`ll keep going until they`ve been answered.





I googled online and also looked at the Parasound website for the event and could not find anything on the webinar.  I could have missed it.

I hope this isn’t some type of phishing attempt.

IF this is not a phishing scam -

A question I have, and might not be able to make the call. Maybe someone can ask, if interested and attending the Webinar [hoping it's interactive and not closed].  


  • What's Darren Myers doing for them since he left PS Audio to Parasound?  


  • Got any better sounding preamplifiers coming along soon from Parasound, Darren?


The link to register for the webinar is on the post. If you're interested, just click. 


I understand that.  Call me cautious regarding internet activity.  

What I am mentioning is that I find it strange that this webinar is not mentioned anywhere else on the internet (that I can find) or on the Parasound website.

I have owned but no longer own an A21+.  Maybe it is invitation only for current owners?  And why would it be announced only 3 or 4 days in advance?

I am not trying to rain on you thread at all, just find this not usual.

I reached out to the folks at Parasound to verify the meeting. 


"Thanks for asking. This is very real and being hosted by David Sheriff. It’s an open forum to ask questions and hear where Parasound is now, and where we are going. Hope to see you there.