Peachtree Nova 300

Interesting review.  Check out the video at the bottom.  Hilarious!  This reviewer calls it the best amp on the market.  While I like Peachtree, a lot actually and I feel their products punch above their weight for sure, this reviewer may only have limited experience and in a limited price range.
Not only that but if you read down to the sound portion, "It's a G-damn monster" according to this clown. "REALLY"

So sick of reading so called professional reviews they just think that everything is the greatest and your a fool if you don't rush out and buy everything they recommend down to the tubes,cables,footers or other items.

Peachtree makes decent gear but I 'm not going to buy any.

This is hopefully the last review I will ever read.

I saw that review and had to chuckle. These blog reviewers are the same guys who tell you the $85.00 Parts Express amp holds its own with the big boys. 

With that said, I am considering the NOVA 300. Stereophile did not really warm up to it during it's review. 

I am so wishy washy...tubes one day...solid state....integrated...etc . I guess I don't know what I want
I actually started with a Peachtree Nova 150 for flexibility and cost just getting started in audio again without a large investment. Recently added a set of tube mono blocks and sound amazing. Next going to upgrade the phono section to something that can handle MC as well. So basically now just going to be using the Nova for the preamp and dac. Actually working out pretty good as I slowly save the funds for the right items that I want. 
Yesterday I got a used Peachtree Nova 150 to power my office KEF LS50's. I sold my Benchmark DAC2 HGC (did not want to do that) and a Parasound A23 amp. Since I made more on the sale than the cost of the Peachtree I thought it was something to pursue. I am eventually going to move this setup to a bedroom so the 1 piece setup is ideal.

After about 6 hours of continuous playback today I am extremely happy with the sound of the Peachtree. The reviews on the LS50 and 150 combo are spot on. Just a beautiful sounding system.

The Benchmark DAC2 sounded best with my long gone Bryston 4B-SST but the Peachtree 150 is no slouch and actually sounds a little smoother than with the old Bryston. The Parasound A23 was also smooth on top but lacks the details of the Peachtree.

Peachtree is a great until for what I am using it for.

I have had the Peachtree Nova 300 for a couple weeks and I love the function and sound of the unit. Perfect for my bedroom.
I'm considering one for my bedroom system but the Stereophile review makes me pause. I'm going to be investigating other integrated amps. 
The Stereophile review used really old speakers with the Peachtree, it was a bad match apparently.  Why the reviewer didn't  try it with other speakers is in question.  Something must have changed because now Stereophile has it as a recommended component.  All other reviews for the 300 are very positive.  Also, the Nova 500 is out.  That might be worth investigating too.
I've owned the Peachtree Nova 300 for about a year and it sounds great and both the DAC and headphone amp are very nice and might make you think twice about getting either a dedicated DAC or headphone amp.  A lot of value for the money.
I had the Nova pre and it did a fine job. I think PT makes fine systems. Their "Grand" series of components, which got outstanding reviews, are starting to pop up used. 
The Nova 500 is supposed be the best thing they have ever done.  I doubt I will get it though.  I have the 300 in a second system, but I don't like it that it doesn't have a digital display and neither does the 500.  The volume nob doesn't turn so there is not indicator of where anything is at, you just have to use your ears. 
I just bought a used PT Nova300 from here and awaiting its arrival. I currently have a Hegel H90 for my 2-channel setup and am going to be doing a comparison. I have Klipsch Chorus ii’s speakers. Very clean and simple setup. I love the looks and simplicity of the Nova300 and have read so many good things about it. Hope I’m not disappointed. 
BTW, the Hegel is a very nice unit itself. 
I have a Peachtree Nova 3oo which in itself is not the problem however the sound I get playing the same source - Qobuz - delivers remarkably different results between the following connections.

1. Sonos Connect with volume bypass via Audioquest Optical to Nova
2. Bluesound Node 2 via Audioquest Coax to Nova
3. iPhone via USB on Nova using bog standard Apple lightning to USB cable.

To my surprise 1 and 2 sound remarkably similar. But 3 outshines them both by a country mile. Much more detail and openness.

I am currently playing with Roon as the UI, and ideally would like to avoid having to plug my phone in to play music...

Any suggestions/ideas of what to tweak please?
I’ve had a Nova500 in my system (Dynaudio Contour 60, SoTM SMS-200 Ultra, Marantz SR7011 for movies) since December. The USB connection I find sounds best out of the SoTM but to be fair I haven’t critically compared each input. 

Im still tuning the acoustics as I’m cursed with a square room, nearly going crazy with port-plug combinations and positioning tweaks!!

all that said, it ain’t bad at all.  One day I might go back to tubes with the Contours as I’ve heard good things but for now,  the Peachtree is a keeper.
Anybody do the upgrade from a Nova150 or Nova300 to the Nova500. There is a special price continuing this month for the upgrade. I have a Nova150 and it is $2K to get to the Nova500. Not sure if I should do it.
I have had a Nova 150 for quite some time now.   Running Tidal and Amazon music from IPad via a USB to lightning Audioquest Cinnamon cable.  Sounds nice thru my Egglestonworks Fontaine speakers.  They are not that efficient (87) so I decided to purchase the Nova 500Amp and use my 150 just as DAC/Preamp.  Hoping the extra watts will help my speakers light up at a much lower volume level.  Low level listening is important to me and I like to hear the details and nuances without having to turn the volume up that far.  Will let you know after I receive it and integrate it in for a bit how it is.  Joyous Listening....
Followed this thread to this point. Anyone use the PT 300 or 500 with Sonus Faber speakers, specifically the Olympica IIIs?
I’ve got these speakers currently in a 7.2 system (Marantz 7705 with Marantz M8077 amp), but want to dedicate to a proper 2 channel listening experience. Integrated preferably, and with a Home theater bypass capability.
Suggestions welcomed...