Phono preamp

Currently using a Sansui 4000 vintage receiver in my second system and was curious if the Schitt Mani or any other similar priced SS phono amp would be an upgrade.No problem with the Sansui but we all like to upgrade for better results.Thanks for any information.
The Mani is decent but you’ll need interconnects. What cartridge are you using? If MM, you could look at tube phono amps. There is an Audio Research PH-3 for sale $750 on Agon.
If you wanted to change to a phono preamp instead, there's a Croft for $895. Both major improvements. You could them look at either an integrated or power amps down the road.
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No! You can give it a try but I doubt it would be better than the phono section you have now!
Looks like you're back to square one?

I always benefited by finding out for myself......
question I have is the Sansui original? 

I'm asking because of the age and part start to drift and lose tolerances (Caps specially) some of the phono sections of those vintage receivers were actually quite good so you may want to consider some service work and replace some of the know failure items like power supply caps and the phono stage parts as they have closer tolerances. 

This may be the least expansive option and would freshen up your whole receiver. other then that the new parts in the Schitt phono may surprise you. 

I had my Sansui TU 717 tuner rebuilt ( little more extensive then what I had originally started with) total cost including muldorf caps in the key areas $400 ( Canadian so nock off 30%). 

True,thanks for the info.I use a Technics SL 1700 in my second system so  switch carts.Shure VST V,AT 14s.
As others have suggested, you can buy used and if it's not better then sell it for zero or no loss.  You will need an extra set of interconnects though and remember to use an auxiliary input on your receiver; not the phono input.  The ARC PH3 f/s on this site would be a good one to try in my opinion.
I have used the Schiit Mani. 

Great for the price, and subjectivelyl(as EVERYTHING audio) equal to units twice or more the cost.

As mentioned earlier, try one and sell it if you don't like it. For $129, no wallet damage either way.
Take a look at the entry level Simaudio Moon Phono - it's technology & design  has flowed down from their higher models - they make great phono amps
Does anyone bother to read the OP’s post? Where can he get a SIM or ARC in the price range of the Schiit Mani? Get real!!
Yes. In my case, I agreed that the Mani was fine but with phono, you really have to spend a little more to get a lot better. Sideways moves are just that.
There's a Yaqin 22b phono pre for $100 on Craigslist local but read they had him issues?
What do you consider inexpensive? Under $1500? Under $1000? Under $500? Should it contain both MM & MC sections?
under 1K, just MM (or if there's MC on there also so be it, but in my case no need)
I have tried the Mani with two different turntable setups and just could not get into it.  Dare I say it, sounded almost digital in my system.  I settled for an almost new MoFi Studio for $200.  Definitely better.  They haven't been around for long so if you can find a used one as I did it won't be very old.  
Oh, and did I mention that it has a mono and rumble switch, plays both MM and MC with adjustable loading.
Two pieces of advice here were spot on:
1) Refurb the receiver. Everything should sound better. 
2) Try the Schiit. 15 day money back guarantee. You can only lose some shipping cost. 
I'm using the phono 1 on the receiver which sounds good to me with a MM cartridge but is phono 2 compatible for MC cartridges?
Does anyone bother to read the OP’s post? Where can he get a SIM or ARC in the price range of the Schiit Mani?
Granted - the Mani seems like a great deal, but how serious is the OP about their vinyl?

The Simaudio Moon 110 LP retails for $650 - 
so a used unit could be significantly cheaper - Cannuck Audio Mart had one for $400 Canadian ($305 US, so it's getting closer)

Again - not really in the $129 ball park, but the 110 LP is a significantly better unit than the Mani

I spent more that $650 on a couple of Phono stages that proved to be a lot less revealing than my current Moon LP 5.3, so sometimes making frugal choices can cost more in the long run.

The design of the 110 LP came from the development of the more expensive models, so it shares many of the same features

I just thought the OP should consider this product before jumping on the Mani bandwagon - it could prove to be less expensive in the long run

Regards - Steve

Not sure what OP did but the original Sansui it were to be  recapped/upgraded where possible will likely beat many sub $1k stand alone units
Mani. Also, Folks are trying to get Jason and Mike to build a tube phono-preamp. Hopefully that will become a reality since would be a good addition to the Sol when that finally comes out (Hopefully soon, but there have been many delays)