Power cable for AQ Niagara 5000

I just purchased an Audioquest Niagara 5000 power conditioner and am looking for recommendations for a 20amp power cord to couple it with.  I've never been a fan of any AQ cables, past or present, but the consensus, whether it's just good marketing or not, is to use an AQ power cable.  Does anyone have thoughts on using AQ vs another?  My cables of choice have always been Shunyata and Nordost.


Have you not been a fan of AudioQuest before the Storm series. I was never a fan of AQ before Storm. But Storm is the best power cord I have ever tried. The most neutral and dynamic. I have tried a lot of others, including Shunyata and Nordost, but not recently. But given my experience with the Hurricane and the incredible response by the audiophile community I would, personally just go with Hurricane or Dragons.

I would use AQ power cord but you can try others and choose what sounds best. For that power conditioner, lowest I would start with is the latest AQ Hurricane (storm series). 

Yeah, the Hurricane gets consistently great feedback here and should definitely be on your short list if it’s in budget.  Agree with @audphile1 to try others since cables are so notoriously system/taste dependent.  Congrats on the new Niagara BTW — never heard a bad word about AQ power conditioners so nice choice, and I’m sure you’ll be very happy.  Best of luck in finding the right power cable. 

Agree with @ghdprentice. I own a Niagara 7000 and tried several manufacturers power cords and the AQ Dragon was easily the best. Saying that I didn’t try say an Odin cord or ones that are stratospherically expensive. With the 5000, I would start at the Hurricane and see how you like it, but certainly try other brands to see what you like. Nordost has always sounded thin to me and Shunyata is excellent too but maybe less open and dynamic compared to AQ cables. A great ‘value’ and great sounding cords are the upper level Cardas cables. 

I think AQ gets a lot of flack from internet fodder because of the scientific claims they make (which may be true), but their equipment has always sounded great to me. 


Doesn't matter as long as the cable is rated to carry the amps you want it to. Don't fall for the marketing lies.

I live in an area with clean power, so have not needed a power conditioner.  

I also easily hear the difference between cables.

But I have to say that if there was one application that I might think different power cables (of sufficient capacity) would not matter it would be on a power conditioner.  I wonder what impact that a power cable would bring going into the power conditioner that would not be filtered out, neutralized if you will, by the filter/conditioner itself?

@jetter great question indeed.  Question for you.  I’m the furthest thing from an electrical engineer. What makes you think quantitatively or qualitatively that the power you have running to your home is clean?

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AQ Hurricane is a Ideal match ,this too includes the amplifier or integrated amp. 
my brother bought 2 and got a great deal from Perrotta Consultants 

and made a solid improvement to everything.