Power Cable Suggestions Needed

Like the title says I’m looking for a few power cables.  Right now between my preamp, amp, streamer, dac, and conditioner I have two Shunyata Venom 3s. I’m looking for a cable that will help tighten up the bass.  Maybe even a touch lean in the bass could be good for my setup right now.  I worry that cables with this kind of bass could also lean to the brighter side in the upper mids and treble. I’d like to avoid that if possible.  My budget, 100-200$ per cable, isn’t much and I know I can’t expect miracles.  When I added the two Venoms it was a very substantial improvement, and Shunyata is definitely on my radar now. I’d be happy with more of their cables, but curious if there’s brands that are known for a more detailed, controlled bass response.


Definitely sounds like some experimentation might be helpful. In your price range I found the materials typically largely determine the sonic character. Copper warm, silver coated copper more accurate / detailed, all silver can be be harsh where components are harsh. 

Check out used cables . Com. Used go for fifty percent. The Cable Company has a lending library.


What is you equipment?

I’d recommend Cullen Cable.  They’re in your price range and offer a trial period so very low risk option.  Best of luck. 

I also will say Cullen- excellent stuff and in your price range. Between various components I must have 5 or 6 Cullen Crossover power cables

Check out Audience F3’s.  They can be had for @$150 B Stock.

All the best.


You can’t just buy a cable based on random recommendations from a forum. You have to hear how any given cable will interact with any given component, and the only way you can do that is by listening. Find a good dealer or dealers who stock a range of power cables in your price range and home demo them.

You may end up paying a few bucks more than if you mail order, but in the end you have something that works in your system, and peace of mind knowing that you made the right choice.

+1 Cullen.  Check out these guys in Michigan,  Ice Age Audio: 


Ever consider building your own?


FWIW I built my own with Furutech components. I had a lot of fun doing it. I was able to get just the right lengths for everything. They look great I might add.

I don't know your system, but if you are looking to clean up the bass, I would first look at repositioning your speakers, or putting some spikes or another type of feet to support them.  What speakers are you using and how are they positioned/supported?

RE: power cords. It is easier to con someone than it is to convince someone that they have been conned.

Lots of good suggestions, keep em coming, and thanks. 

My speakers are Harbeth c7es3 xd. I have played with positioning as much as I can. I don’t have them sitting on anything special though. Just the wood stands I built for them. I have been thinking of trying some isoacoustics iso-pucks under the speakers to see if that helps. I don’t have any experience with isolation so not sure what to expect? 

You might look at the Zavfino cables.  I find that they have a good grip on the bass.

@brylandgoodman - I have owned several different Harbeth speakers, although not the 7's and, like you, I do not have a lot of room for speaker repositioning.  However, contrary to what they say on the Harbeth forum, I have found all the Harbeths I have owned have been very sensitive to speaker stands and the interface between the stand and the speakers.  I would say the most important think is that using Blu-tak or a soft interface makes them more bass-heavy and possibly muddy.  In bright rooms, this may be the solution for some.  But with your issue, I think you should try some type of hard interface under the speakers.  I have used spikes and casino chips, which both worked to clean up the sound.  The only issue is if you have kids or pets that could knock the speakers over, you need a more secure mounting.  The other thing I found with my old SHL5s, which had dual binding posts.  Using Audience jumpers cleaned up the bottom end considerably, so you might consider that as well.  IMO, Harbeths do work best with those rigid metal stands.  I used to use the Epos I think it was ST-15, but you can't get them anymore.  I guess a different power cord might do it, but I would try the casino chips or something like that first.  Costs you nothing. 

If you are into DIY then I would suggest checking out the Furutech video of power cable assembly on the Audio Union website. I operate Audio Union.

I had several Cullen PCs, well made, BUT...


I have a couple WireWorld Electra 7s that Im no longer using (MSRP @ $240), I haven't listed them, but Im sure we can work something out if interested

Cullen or nordost blue or purple. I’m a shunyata fan, so it you like them and can pushed the limits to an alpha an sigma…..wow. Substantial difference than the venom. Just saying. 

try OCC single crystal wire it's been proven to be the best wire for audio for over 40 years now there's companies that charge an arm and a leg for it but try acoustic Zen and Harmonic technology they're using the same cable bought from the same manufacturing Taiwan but charging a lot less because they know the owners of the company that make OCC single Crystal.

Check out Pine Tree Audio, https://pinetreeaudio.com. Hand made, custom cables.  The owner, Jesse has worked at audio / video studious, extremely knowledgeable.  Give him a ring, tell him what you are looking for out of the cables and your gear, he’ll recommend whatever design he feels is best suited for what you are looking for and he’ll custom make it.

He uses very high quality materials and he takes great pride in his craft.  If you aren’t caught up on “The Name” on a cable, you can have fantastic cables, great synergy and outfit your entire system for the price of 1 or 2 power cables.  Anyone I have talked to that has some of his products has the highest praise for both the products and Jesse.  Anyone I have recommended Pine Tree to has thanked me for pointing them in Pine Tree’s direction.  I have no affiliation at all with Pine Tree, only great buying experiences and advice from Jesse.




Your better bet is to try the Iso-Acoustic Pucks instead of swapping power cables. 

@brylandgoodman  Take a look at Zavfino cables.

Their entry level cables start around $150

The OCC cables will improve the dynamics of your system and improve on the details and bass textures, but they are a little above of your budget, but they are worth the investment

Power Cables - ZavfinoUSA

The OCC cables are exceptional and perform much better than other brands that do not use OCC copper.

Regards - Steve

I don’t have them sitting on anything special though. Just the wood stands I built for them.

Now that I see this, I think you’d be better off investing in some good metal stands that can be filled with sand or lead shot.  Stands can make a big difference and may well help tighten up the bass quite a bit.  I’d do this before throwing $$$ at cables.  FWIW...

Hello Brylandgoodman. There is no need to spend huge sums of money. Foil shielded power cables for low power gear (18 gauge wire, 6 and 12 feet long) are available from Parts Express for under $10. Amazon has 10 gauge, shielded, 2 meter power cords for under $60. It's the actual goods that matters, not the hype and fancy advertising. A friend of mine just got a large improvement in his Martin-Logan speakers using the 10 gauge, six foot, shielded cords he found on Amazon. Good power cords DO make a difference, but they don't have to be expensive. Happy Listening.

I tried Shunyata Venom cables.

They made everything sound thin and too lean.

Sorry.  Not going there again. 

I was using a 10 yo boutique PCs (MSRP $500), but recently went on a full system cable upgrade. This company was recommended by a fellow 'phile and are incredible

Available from Amazon

Audiophile 10 AWG HiFi Power Cable 125V 15A Single Crystal Copper US AC Main Supply Cord Rhodium Plated NEMA 5-15P Plug IEC320-C15 C13 Connector for Speaker Subwoofer Turntable Amplifier. (5.0Ft/1.5M)  $41.39!!!!!!

A good, large awg cable will ensure your amp can make all the bass it can make.  but whether that amp makes bass like you like it is up to the amp and speakers.  Power cables as a bass tuner is a fools errand.  

If the bass sounds different on 2 cables, then one of them is too small.


Just an FYI on the Amazon cables, they are junk and going back. Zavfino here I come. 

I do not know your other components / room, but damping / mass coupling the components tightens bass dramatically. Of course, room acoustics plays a big part. In other words, many things can tighten bass.

Recently purchased and installed a Zavfino Majestic power cord ($450) on my NAD C298 and the change was beyond WOW. I had been using Pangea and Audioquest (NRG4) and so there was a lot of room for improvement. But it was stark. Since I run two amps, I purchased a DH Labs Power Plus Cryo, which are about $80 less in price and will try that on the other amp when it gets here on Tuesday. Both power cords are 12 AWG. 

If you do not want to spend that kind of money, I would suggest Audio Envy. I have the Ocean 3 ($190) on my preamp and am happy with it. Captain in Colorado is an astute audiophile and has far less overhead that allows for a better product at a reduced price.

Be aware that the Zavfino Majestic is a beast. You will need room to work it as it is fairly stiff and you should have at least 8 inches behind your gear as it does not bend and you should not force it to bend. I have heard the DH Labs products are not as stiff. Audio Envy power cords are very easily maneuvered between components and are really light in weight. 

As others have stated here, reducing vibrations on all of your gear can also be a noticeable remedy and your bass issue may simply be placement, vibration, or room acoustics, or all of the above. There are many cheap way (DIY) to attend to theses issues like simply making your own platform out of wood and utilizing sorbo feat, Isocoustics brand feet, or even just hard rubber.