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I currently have a Torus RM20 power conditioner. Has anyone compared the RM20 to any Shunyata or IsoTek power conditioner? What Shunyata or IsoTek power conditioner do you recommend I compare to the RM20? Is it better to have one power conditioner for lower power components and a separate conditioner for the amplifier?
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I tried a number of conditioners, and after awhile, I find that no conditioner is best for me
In my systems I've found using power conditioners restrict the sound in some way.  I use a Nordost Qbase 8 (distribution strip) for preamp and sources.  I also found that plugging my amp directly into the wall outlet (Furutech) sounded best.  Sorry I can't help with the brands you are asking about.
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I tried a "Conditioner" that fellow club members swore by.
After a couple weeks of listening I felt the sound had deteriorated
but I was not sure how. I brought a friend with years of experience and
great listening skills over. First he heard it for a few minutes with the device connected. Then we disconnected it and within 5 seconds his face lit up and he said the whole sound stage had opened up when the conditioner was out. Luckily I was able to return it. 
I do have two dedicated home runs to my system. One for Audio one for Video. Perhaps without those runs the conditioner would have had value.
Meantime it is one less piece to bother with. Yeah!!
My house was built in 1960 and I am sure the wiring has never been upgraded. I upgraded the receptacles in the music room and bought a Running Springs Haley power conditioner, 6 outlets. For my system it greatly improved the sound, i.e. quieter background, and did not affect dynamics, soundstage, etc. I do not know anything about the insides of the Haley. I do not think you see them for sale very often. Just my 2 cents worth opinion.
I agree that my experience indicated that no conditioner sounded better after back and forth comparisons.   But you have to try them for yourself.  If you already have a conditioner that you feel works for you, then move on to another part of your system that you feel may need to be improved.
I've been going through a process of evaluating each component in my system and the power conditioner is the last component to be evaluated. I'll will start by connecting my amplifier straight into the wall and compare the sound to when it's plugged into the Torus. In addition, I'm going to get a home audition of one of the Shunyata power conditioners. 
Forgot to mention. The two lines added-which also included an ethernet wire and cable tv line-cost $300 in labor and about $100 in parts. If
you have the option, I would recommend doing it first.
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I purchased a Audioquest Niagara 7000 and it is quite impressive. It allows the music to have what I call, "the boogie factor".

If you are using Audioquest cabling, you might want to consider a Niagara power conditioner.  Keep me posted.  Happy Listening!
@ ricred1,
How was your experience with amplifier straight to wall Vs Torus? Also did you menage to get the Shunyata conditioner?
The ADD-Powr Sorcer x4 is a conditioner unlike any other design on the market. It has been used by several mastering engineers including Bernie Becker of Becker Mastering. And yes, it can go on the road and treat chaotic AC (single phase) in arenas, such as on the Neil Diamond tour.
Placed in the stage monitor mix area, musicians on stage heard an improvement in their monitor mix! How can that be??!!
The device is creating a disturbance, albeit low frequency on the AC line while kicking up the peaks and valleys on the signal, 
a little bit,accompanied by a harmonic "footprint."
I will guarantee an increase in signal energy!
Essentially, the goal is to restore energy or life to the sound.
The AC line reference is altered and a "new" one is created.
The Sorcer units have been approved by the city of Los Angeles in compliance of electrical safety standards. 
Folks,I have been doing some reading on power conditioners, since I have decided to get one in my system. But after reading the reviews and user forums, I am a bit unsure if a power conditioner will really improve my system, because of the following 2 reasons:
1. I have 2 dedicated 20Amp lines from the breaker box to my listening room. The distance of the power cables from the breaker to my room is, at the max, 35-40 feet. One is used for plugging the power amp directly. The other has a Brickwall surge protector into which I have plugged the rest of the components including the preamp.
2. I live in North East Ohio where there are not too many industries so I am assuming the power should not be as dirty as some of the folks living in big cities or apartments, get. At the same time I think we do not get much "voltage fluctuation".
What are your thoughts of the effectiveness of a power conditioner in a situation like mine? Anyone having a dedicated line saw improvements with a power conditioner?
I use the Isotek Evo Aquarius conditioner.  I plug both Canary monoblock tube preamps into it as well as my other equipment except for the transport and dac which run off battery power.  It is in no way current limiting to my ears.  The system sounds pristine with exceptional clarity and has great dynamics.  I just picked this conditioner up on Audiogon and could not be more pleased.  

Hello, Can anyone tell me what it means a green dot and/or triangle on a power conditioner outlet?

Thank you.

I've gone from a Running Springs Haley, Core Power 1200 Audioquest 1200, and now Puritan 156. Been happy with all of them.