Power strip recommendations

My Panamax power strip with surge protection quit working after about 15 years or more of use. What would you recommend for a replacement? This will be for my home theatre system (receiver, TV, BluRay, etc.). I don't need surge protection or noise filtering. Just good solid construction, tight receptacles, heavy gauge wiring.






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What is this equipment currently plugged into?  A single 15 or 20 amp breaker? As you state surge protection and filtering are not an issue, I should think Amazon will have lots of items that would work for under $100.   Again, based on your comments, I can't see the need or sense in buying anything "audiophile".  IMHO

The two duplex outlets nearest to the system are split, with one outlet of each connected to a wall switch. So I have just two unswitched sockets for my equipment. The outlets are on a common 15amp circuit. I'm not looking for audiophile, just a good quality strip. 

I have the $900 Audience power strip. It works well and also does a nice job with TV. I bought 2 for these when they had the introductory sale. 

I have a Torus RM15 power conditioner in my office system and use the Audience strips on the other systems. I cannot tell a difference between them. Maybe the power into my home is good.

Wisdom powersrtio ES 10 is a good one. I have one.Audio envy seems has a good one as well.

Furman PST-8 

A bit more than a power strip.

(Shop around for your best price on the internet)

Signal Cable…phenomenal quality and ridiculously fair price!  Call Frank…he is the real deal and wonderful to work with.

Everyone needs surge protection, IMHO.  Your Panamax probably saved your equipment more often than not which is why you are replacing it now.

I recommend Furman with SMP and LiFT,


but if that's all too much for you, then any industrial power strip. 


I had a power surge and everything that was not connected to an AudioQuest Power conditioner needed servicing.

Just buy an AudioQuest 1200 and worry no more.


@ozzy  I had a surge last year and lost my MacBook Air, which was charging and I had forgotten about it.  I'm usually obsessive over having my stereo and computer equipment, including networking, surge protected.  Lesson learned.

For a good basic powerstrip Wiremold is a good way to go available Amazon and other places about $100.

For something nicer I use this Wisdom powerstage again just a distributor but a very high quality one. Welp I was going to post an image but it doesn't seem to work anymore here's a link to one instead.

Op, your equipment and therefore your call, but I agree with a few others that I wouldn't passing on surge protection.  If you reconsider that I would recommend looking into a ZeroSurge unit. They are non sacrificial,  and also filter

Brick wall is a solid buy for around $300

was rated a B in stereophile for years 

Shunyata Venom PS10 power strip! It punches above itself and has its own power cable built in.


I have a couple of these for my stereo:

"Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector - 6 Rotating AC Multiple Outlets, Flat Pivot Plug - Heavy Duty Wall Outlet Extender for Home, Office, Travel, Computer Desktop & Phone Charging Brick (1,080 Joules)"

They convert a dual gang plug into a six outlet with protection.

And one of these for my AV system:

"Belkin Surge Protector Power Strip w/ 8 Rotating & 4 Standard Outlets - 8ft Sturdy Extension Cord w/ Flat Pivot Plug for Home, Office, Travel, Desktop & Charging Brick - 4320 Joules of Protection"

This one has enough outlets for all the AV gear.

Tight plugs, good construction. Good luck!

Happy listening.


One of the biggest improvements to the sound from my 2 channel system was when I removed the Panamax surge protector strip. The improvement was not subtle.

The Panamex strip that just failed was on my HT system. It was making a rattling sound like a relay was rapidly opening and closing. A swift rap on the floor and the on-off relay is working again; however I won't use this type of surge protection again. I believe the protection device is a sacrificial MOV.

My power is clean, so I don't need filtering. I'll check which of your recommendations provide surge protection without MOV.

Thanks again!



I won’t use this type of surge protection again. I believe the protection device is a sacrificial MOV.

So, in addition to the Wiremold power strip I recommended above I bought a used Audience AR1p power conditioner that has one outlet and doesn’t use MOV. With the Wiremold plugged into it I have power conditioning and surge protection for my whole system on the cheap.  No AR1p available now, but here’s a better AR2p I found at a good price you might consider FWIW…


Signal Cable for the best budget friendly outlet device 

Transparent Audio for the best!

I wrote about modern surge protectors here.  The only independent surge testing I know of is covered here, and you'll be surprised who wins.




For sound quality, MOV or series mode? My experience with Panamax MOV type SP is not good. 

From the blog and website:

The Furman PST-8 SMP offers series mode protection plus very low let through voltage at a reasonable price.

The Tripp Lite TLP1208SAT doesn't specify surge protection mode so I assume that it uses MOV's. 


I’ll answer this in practical and technical ways.

The series mode protectors add noise filtering that starts at 3 kHz, right in the midrange. Other protectors can’t start till 100kHz or so. MOVs by themselves have no sound but often are complemented by additional EMI/RFI filters (again, 100kHz or higher).

So the power purist would say MOV’s are best since they have no sound and are not in the circuit until an overload but that's only looking at the coin shaped MOV itself, not the additional EMI/RFI circuits that often come with them.

For me, given I live in a lightning prone area, series mode is my standard for my audio gear. The argument that purists make that it’s in the way of the power delivery just doesn’t ring true for me. They are transparent at 60 Hz which is what you want.

Trplite are MOV . Brickell units are essentially Zerosurge units just at a slightly higher price. Both are series mode, and though they have RFI/EMI filtering neither will degrade sound as you had with the Panwmax.i use ZeroSurge un8ts in both my main and 2nd audio systems (listed on my virtual system page) ,and another with my TV.