Purist Audio Colossus speaker cables... wow

Just inserted a pair of Purist Audio Colossus speaker cables into my system and I must say that they are quite impressive. Dimensionality and tonal colors are wonderful. I'm surprised a bit by the change. At the moment, I'm only using an integrated Marantz amp powering a pair of Kharma Ceramique 1.0 speakers and fed via an Audio Aero Capitole Mk 24/192 CD Player. Can't wait to hear these cables with my Atma-Sphere MA1 MkII.2 amps (one sent to A-S for minor repair). Oh, previous speaker cable was Synergistic Designer Ref .5.

Now I'm curious about the Interconnect... anyone have experience with the PAD interconnects? Thanks!! BTW, I'll give more detailed feedback when I get a little time. Thanks in advance for the info!!
Contact Bill at GTT. He is very knowledgeable and carries many brands. He's the type of guy that will give you an honist opinion, without trying to sell you something.
Try the Purist Audio Venustas cables. They are a new series from Purist, and are reputed to be close to Dominus, at a lower price. For a very low price, even the new Museaus cables from Purist are supposed to be very good. I just rewired my internal speaker wiring with Dominus, and it was a very good improvement.
TWL, I've heard that the Venustas are a departure from the "family" sound that PAD has had? Supposedly, the Venustas are more "wide-band", but do not possess the same degree of tonal density (lushness?). I have to admit that I am a sucker for lushness as long as transparency is not severely compromised. TWL, or anyone else for that matter, do you know if this is true? Thanks again!
Venustas does depart from the Purist family sound. I have the complete line of Purist cable here in my photo studio, doing the new product line brochure.

The sound of the fluid jacketed cables is slightly less resolved sounding and less forward sounding. Some might call it softer. This does not mean they give up the ultra high resolution of the new line, just that they do so in a relaxed manner.

The Venustas is part of the new Ferox jacketed Purist cables and is quieter and more dynamic but definitely less forgiving. I found the Venustas to be a blessing between my Koetsu Rosewood Platinum Signature and my all tube phono stage. I actually gained about one or two BD efficiently along with better signal to noise. This cartridge is so beautiful and liquid, the harder more resolved cable actually balanced it better than Dominus.

I am in my first week of burn in on a new Ferox based power cable from Purist. So far it is only available in Germany and is 240 Volt configuration. Jim sent it to me because my Wolcott is wired to run 240. If this becomes available for the USA market, it will be a MUST have item.

You are welcome to contact me about specifics. Between what I already own and what is here for photography I probably have more to compare than most dealers.
Say "Germanboxers" - Does your screen name refer to your choice in: a) Dogs, b) Porsches or c) Underwear?
Germanboxers I have the Purist Colossus ICs and the new museaus ICs and speaker cables. I also own a 5 meter pair of Proteus ICs. The Museaus is much cheaper than the older Colossus and Proteus but gives little to the Proteus and nothing to the Colossus.
I was surprised to hear how good the Museaus sounded compared to the 3X's more expensive Colossus. I am probably (when I have the time) going to write a review of the Museaus. The gist of the review would be 'the Meseaus is at least as good as the older and costlier cable.' Obviously that doesn't go into detail, but it is coming from a big fan of Purist cables. All the cable in my system now is from them!
Everything I have heard about the Venustas indicates it is even better. I have heard from people I trust that they are very close to the quality of Dominus at a fraction of the price.
I would strongly encourage you to listen to them. You will not be disappointed with either of the new cables, or even with older versions of the now discontinued (like Colosssus) cables.
Machts gut!
Thank you again Albert! I'll e-mail you for your thoughts.

Elgordo, the answer is "a", as I have two boxers. One is from American show lines and the other is the product of two working bloodline German boxers (father is SchIII, FH2, is a police service dog, and competed in the DVG Nationals last year). They are both wonderful dogs, but the German boxers have considerably more drive and are better suited for Schutzhund. The high drive does drive my wife and I crazy sometimes though! ;-(

Nrchy, thank you for the suggestion of Museaus. I really hadn't considered this product, but if it competes with Colossus, I'll definitely be trying it out.
I have never had the pleasure to listen to the Dominus, but I have recently purchased the Musaeus Bi-wired speaker cable and a Venustas RCA and Venustas XLR. I have been EXTREMELY HAPPY with all. I traded my Colossus for these.
The Musaeus does outperform the Colossus. It is more open and detailed and has more bass extension. I did not want to believe it because I have been a LONG tome fan of colossus, but once I heard the Musaeus over the colossus, I was convinced. Venustas also outperforms the Proteus. No more wory of the fluid jacket needing to be refilled overtime. The new Ferox jacket really sheilds the cable and lets you details you have been missing. I am using the Purist with Classe and B&W's.

Does the Venustas powercord has 2 versions - one for 220~240V 50Hz and 120V 60Hz?


My understanding is, a simple change of connectors will mate the Venustas to either 120 or 240. Safest route would be to order the correct version from Purist.

I've converted several Dominus power cords back and fourth between 120 and 240. Requires basic tools a VOM and understanding of how the 240 circuit works. I refer to an electrical contractors book published by General Electric to keep me straight on grounds and phase.
Since I used to use them, I can say the Colossus are excellent cables. It pays to make comparisons, though.

If you think the Colossus is good you should listen to the Venustas. I had a Colossus biwire for three years and then switched to the Museaus toward the end of last year. Now I have the Venustas and I have to say it is by far the best speaker cable I have ever heard.