Qobuz Coming to America Soon!

Looks like the French streaming service Qobuz will be coming to the U.S. soon:

Oh, boy, I can’t wait. Jerry Lewis, 24/7, coupled with arrogance. 🚽🔚
If the prices in the linked article are correct, Qobuz is going to cost less than what had been previously reported. It would be just $5 more per month than Tidal, or just $10 more for a full year if one pays upfront. Color me interested. Betcha lots of other Tidal subscribers will be, too.
-- Howard

Bonjour, quand Qobuz sera t’il disponible aux Etats-Unis?

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We are working for.
We hope open at the end of the year.

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"...coupled with arrogance"
maritime51: don't mistake disallowing fools for arrogance

I don’t, though by acclamation, the world does.

Ironically, perhaps, your comment demonstrates the proposition. 

One thing that differentiates Qobuz from current audiophile-fave service Tidal is that it doesn’t rely on the controversial MQA codec for high-res streaming (according to Mackta, Qobuz is currently “MQA-agnostic”).
I'm definitely subscribing.  Thanks for posting.
Thanks. I am anxiously looking forward for Qobuz to be released in the USA but have no info when.  Qobuz will be shown at the RMAF but its USA release date has not been announced.  Their 24 bit album option looks interesting priced at $249 per year, about $21 per month.

Does anyone have info when Qobuz will be available in the USA?  
Why the Tidal bashing?  It plays well with Roon, as I hope Qobuz will eventually.
"...when Qobuz will be available in the USA?"
hgeifman: read upwards in this thread (Qobuz customer service said they're hoping for end of this year).
Is their catalog as large as Spotify? If not, hirez files won't make me switch. The music is more important to me.

@usery,  Yes.  I saw the above post but noticed  the press release below states “the official Qobuz release is in October. I guess the answer is between October and the end of the year.  

“NEW YORK, July 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Qobuz (pronounced CO-buz), a Paris-based online music streaming and download service for music lovers, has been named the Official High-Resolution Streaming Service for the upcoming 15thAnnual Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest (RMAF), the largest high-end consumer audio show in North America. With the company making its official American launch in October”.  
I’d be astounded if they hit October - lots of moving parts in a launch like this, for a service like theirs.  I’ll be surprised if they even hit end of year.

Happy with either.
As noted above, Qobuz will be at RMAF in October and almost all of the manufacturers will be using it. 

This is exciting and a great opportunity for Qobuz to announce its streaming features, capabilities, pricing options and launch date (I hope). 
My Aurender already works with Qobuz so i will create an account and log in.  I wonder how its catalog compares to Tidal Streaming.  I am anxious to hear the Qobuz 24 bit streaming option.  
Qobuz Names Music Industry Veteran Dan Mackta Managing Director USA.   

David Solomon, Chief Hi-Res Music Evangelist 
Solomon, whose career has spanned almost every facet of the audio industry and focused on educating the market, has joined the Qobuz USA team focusing on audiophile retailers and manufacturers. Being an early advocate of streaming music, he was also a part of the team that launched Tidal in North America building support for the service with both retailers and manufacturers.


hgeifman: oui, all of that is promising news, thanks for the continued intel. Hope my pessimistic guesses about actual release timeframe are flatly wrong.
The latest Aurender Conductor App update includes support for Qobuz Streaming services.  Of course, now we have to wait for its official release in the USA.  

Qobuz will be on display at RMAF and I am hoping more Qobuz information will be available at the RMAF for someone to post here.  

Qobuz (pronounced CO-buz), a Paris-based online music streaming and download service for music lovers, has been named the Official High-Resolution Streaming Service for the upcoming 15th Annual Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest (RMAF).  

Does anyone attending the RMAF have any comments regarding Qobuz?   How good is their sound quality (24-bit albums)?   How extensive is their catalog?   When will it be officially released in the USA (Launch date)?  What are its streaming costs and options?   Will Qobuz offer a free trial period?   How does Qobuz compare to Tidal in terms of sound quality and catalog size?   Do I need both Tidal and Qobuz streaming services or is one enough?

Any comments and thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks..

Qobuz ...named the Official High-Resolution Streaming Service..."
Ha! Hilarant!

Maybe we have the intrepid David Soloman to thank for that ; )
“Trump signs bill that ensures music streaming services pay artist royalties.
The legislation substantially changes the way musicians are compensated for their work played on digital streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora”. 

Like the other deleted News:Qobuz thread, this thread was also removed - and is now recovered.  Seems at times forum.audigon.com spam control is a kinda blunt instrument.

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Thanks. Here's another example of entire thread removed in seemingly arbitrary fashion.

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Well, we are half way thru November and I have not heard that Qobuz has launched in the US yet.  I was at RMAF and "Q"obuz was a big disappointment.  Their booth was rarely manned, most of the rooms that were to feature "Q" did not have it and quite a few claimed never to have heard of it!  The "free trial code" did not work and it is virtually impossible to talk to anyone connected with "Q".  Emailing "Q" customer service was only a little better.  Although you can get a murky response in English, most of my questions were answered by informational pieces in French! 

Now for the good news:  With assistance from Aurender I was able to contact a "Q" exec. and received a legit trial code.  I LIKE IT!  Since I already subscribed to TIDAL (hi-res & MQA), I did some comparisons.  In some cases a six-way comparison was possible!

Using my Aurender A10, I was able to find a track in my ripped library (16/44.1) and play it followed the same track in Tidal 16/44.1, Tidal 24/96, Tidal 24/192, "Q" 16/44.1, and "Q" 24/96 (or sometimes "Q" 24/192).  I'm sure it will come as no surprise that SQ results were varied.  SQ was very recording dependent.  Some times the various tracks and albums sounded better (to me) in Tidal, sometimes in "Q".  

At this point I can't say that Tidal is universally superior in SQ to "Q" or vice versa, be that in standard res (16/44.1) or hi-res (MQA vs. 24 bit FLAC).  It is extremely recording dependent.  I can say that a ripped file (16/44.1) from my own CD collection "almost" always sounded better than the same streamed standard res file from Tidal or "Q".  Also, hi-res files from Tidal or "Q" "almost" always sounded better than my ripped file.

Since pricing will be about the same (if you do a 12 mo. subscription for "Q"), it comes down to what kind of music you listen to the most.  If you like Classical and Jazz, "Q" has much more content and in hi-res.  If you are into rock, pop, blues, and rap Tidal is definitely for you.  Another consideration will be your DAC.  If you don't have or want to invest in a MQA supported DAC you will probably be better off with "Q".  Overall, "Q" has more total standard and hi-res content but using my Aurender Conductor app searching Tidal seems easier.

Others who have listened to both may have formed more biased opinions on SQ which is fine.  I'd like to hear them.   All this being said, does anyone have any accurate updates on when "Q" will launch???

Whether any updates on Qobuz US launch date are accurate remains to be seen.  I asked their Customer Service in July, they replied "We are working for. We hope open at the end of the year".  Cute english ... here's to hope.

Trying Tidal while I wait - and can say their classical catalog is no slouch.  Some real outlier recordings, of great quality (recording quality, that is - I haven't A/B/C'd the sound quality yet).
See response I received below from Qobuz Customer Support today:

“we are not opened yet in the United States but we hope to extended our services there very soon as well.

Thanks a lot for your interest! By registering to our NewsLetter, you will be informed of the opening for new countries”.
I'm really waiting patiently for Qobuz to open in the USA..
I wish they could give a set date...
Seems amazing that they still have not launched in the US, they are really behind based on their own estimates from earlier this year.  I wonder what is going on? 

09-17-2018 1:25pm

I’d be astounded if they hit October - lots of moving parts in a launch like this, for a service like theirs. I’ll be surprised if they even hit end of year.

Happy with either

Just went to qobuz.com and -- yay! -- the pound sign has changed to a dollar sign.  But when I try to log in it says that they are in a closed "invite only" beta.  Now my feelings are hurt that I didn't get an invite.
I received an "invite" and installed the Qobuz Windows 64 bit app on my Windows10 Pro 64 bit, I7 quad core machine, with 16 gigs of memory.  I'm about halfway thru the month's free trial.

The app is "flaky", at times seems to go off doing "who knows what", not making the mouse cursor available, when it's doing that, seems to suck up a lot of CPU.  When it does that, I find closing and re-opening the app doesn't solve the problem, rebooting Windows seems to "fix" it.

Having said that, the app isn't so flaky that I haven't been able to enjoy the content.  I do like the user interface and they seem to have more classical content than Tidal.

I started comparing music I'm familiar with, Qobuz hi-res to Tidal MQA and Qobuz definitely sounds clearer and more distinct, not a huge difference, but definitely noticeable.  Then I compared several albums I'm familiar with, CD quality from both services, and I must say, to me Qobuz sounds a little better.  I suspect that they both have the same 44.1/16 masters from the same record company...maybe it's that the Qobuz app does a better job with the timing of the bits with their FLAC stream, compared to Tidal...I don't know.  But Qobuz and Tidal are running on the same machine, outputting the digital stream via the same USB, using the same DAC...can't explain why Qobuz sounds a little better, but to me it does.

I'm still not sure I'll sign up for Qobuz after the trial ends, as the flakiness of the app is somewhat annoying, but Tidal's streaming is not perfect either, especially when I use it around 8:00-8:30pm (Eastern), maybe a busy time for that data center?