Qobuz email looks suspicious

I just received a suspicious email from Qobuz notifying me that starting tomorrow (8/23/23) I'll be charged $39.99 for my monthly Studio membership.  This is more than double the amount I've been paying since Qobuz opened service in the US.  There was also an attached invoice providing a phone number with a 914 area code to call if I want to cancel my subscription.  .  

I called the number and got more suspicious as the agent didn't want to discuss alternate membership options and was solely focused on having me click on a link to take me to a cancellation web session.  I then hung up as it sounded like a ploy to retrieve my account or credit card info.

I'm not sure if Qobuz is the victim of some sort of scam but I wanted to let other Qobuz users know about my experience and not to join the web session they were trying to have me join..

An official and trustworthy notice from Qobuz would be appreciated.


Email spam is all time high, avoid clicking on any embedded links. Your best bet is to login to your Qobuz account and check your subscription status. 

Check the source e-mail and hover over any links, examine them carefully.

Use an internet filter like BitDefender which can block suspicious sites and activity.

I'm also getting Google Drive spam.  Shared documents from strangers.  You can report those as well.

I always delete any remotely suspicious emails. Then I go to my browser and log on to the real companies site. There is never anything there. I have gotten fake emails from:

Wells Fargo



Master Card



and a number that I no longer remember.

Never follow the link… even messages that seem reasonable… I don’t follow the link… ever. I always go to the site myself.

Good advice, just send it to trash.

I keep getting emails from companies providing receipts for stuff I never ordered from companies I have never heard of. Always on a PayPal receipt. I finally closed my PayPal account to be safe, since PayPal customer support is so great “sarcasm applies”. Funny thing is these come to an email box not associated with my former PayPal account.

lots of scammers out there, it’s a cyber minefield.

Did you look and see what the 'From' email address really was? In scam emails, it is generally nothing to do with the 'From' that you see.... That's what I always do, anyway; I've even come across a few this way that I thought were spam and were actually legit. 

@larsman I checked the From email address and was also suspicious.  Instead of coming from the qobuz domain it was sent from a gmail domain.