Upgrade in streamer changed my mind on the Tidal vs Qobuz option

I started streaming about 2 1 /2 years ago and eventually bought a NAD C658.  To begin with I had both Tidal and Qobuz.   After a month I dropped Qobuz in favor of Tidal.   About a. Month ago I upgraded to a Lumin T2 streamer, wow what a difference.  I also moved 5 months ago and sold my Krell KRC2 and Krell FBC 200 for a McIntosh MA6600 integrated for WAF. I I got another subscription to Qobuz and like it much better now.  Had Qobuz improved over the past two years are is the difference in my new streamer or could it be something else?
My suspicion is that it’s your better digital front end letting you hear the difference.  Qobuz is pretty consistently better sounding than Tidal on my system.  And has been that way since I signed up.

Curious if you were using the Lumin app or Roon to access the streaming service?
+1, @jjss49 

Qobuz offers better sound quality than Tidal and easy to hear the difference on a high quality streamer. 
I agree, Qobuz is better. High resolution PCM works on all modern DACx. With Tidal, DAC choice is limited to those that can unfold MQA.
First, Qobuz offers some higher than red-book resolution files.

Beyond that, my own measurements, using MusicScope, suggest that the HIFI files of Tidal, which are advertised to be red-book quality, fall below that standard.  They are far below using a browser, and somewhat below using their app.

I have no interest in their MASTER files, manipulated by and for the propriety MQA.