R2R Dacs $3K or under

Hi all - I'm looking for impressions and preferences of the following or similar R2R Dacs around $3K or lower:

  • Denafrips Venus
  • Schiit Yggy Analog 2
  • Holo Spring Level 3
  • Soekris DAC1541
I've seen writeups comparing Yggy with Denafrips Terminator but nothing yet comparing Yggy with Venus.



Don't forget Audio-GD  R2R 7.  $2580.  I've read that Audio-GD has a very nice non-fatiguing sound.

Wig - the SW1X sounds interesting. Have you compared it to Yggy or any of the other DACS mentioned above?  
@ tedevang 

I was considering the Yiggy and Halo but got the tips from a good buddy in England but wanted a DAC that was designed for musicality and wouldn't be obsolete with the latest upgrade... Wanted a Audio Note but now have something even better and cheaper :)

Within that range your best options are Metrum Onyx (NOS) and Schiit Yggdrasil (OS). I don't think you can do better than either one at that range or quite a bit above.
@tedevang I notice you went with the terminator, I was evaluating the same dacs as well and my budget was $2000 but I ordered the Terminator, should be arriving in the next few days.
Have you considered or currently using a streamer to pair with the DAC? using the I2S connection maybe?

I’ve been looking hard at the Kitsune HIFI Spring DAC


Getting great reviews and with a few different levels you can pick the one that’s in your budget. starting at $1500 for level 1, level 3 is $2500.

I heard the Kitsune is a great product, specifically the level 3 one and was my choice to acquire but delays in delivery and trying to get someone from Kitsune to get back to me several times for presales assistance was taking too long and I jumped the gun and purchased something I wasn't quite expecting. I heard Kitsune's support is very good and they stand behind their product I was just unlucky getting in touch with them.
Their Su-1 product modded I heard is very good too

that's too bad though that you could not get through to them. I've been reading many reviews on them and they all seem to compare it to the Total DAC at $10k more money that's a good reason to take a look and be patent. god not to free the cash up.   

 this line in Michael's review makes you wonder and take a closer look.

"I've spoken in the past about how the totaldac resides in the non-digital sounding arena and how not very many DACs play on that field. Two DACs that spring to mind are the dCS Rossini and the T+A DAC 8 DSD when fed nothing but DSD512 from HQPlayer. I am happy, very happy, to add the HoloAudio Spring DAC LEVEL 3 "Kitsune Tuned Edition" to this short list. "

Michael Lavorgna, AudioStream

Read more at https://www.audiostream.com/content/holo-audio-spring-dac-level-3-kitsune-tuned-edition#uUYJV4pdSCEM...

Yeah, it is fine, now they released the ifi PRo which seems an interesting product as well