Rating system insanity

I purchased a PS Audio P10 from a dealer who claimed he used it at one show and therefore rated it a 10. The unit is black, and he did post a couple of bad/fuzzy pictures. When the unit arrived it was clear that he had set something heavy on top of the unit that left 3 wide scratches/bands across the top of the unit, not to mention the unit was really dirty. When I called him to discuss the condition of the unit he told me he was not responsible for dusting and or wiping down the unit before he shipped it and denied there was anything wrong with the cosmetics of the unit. I asked how he would know since it was covered in dust? His reply---oh your mad cause I didn't wipe down the unit. The good news is that PS Audio sent me a new top which I can install. Guess this is more of a rant, but very disappointing that a dealer would take advantage and then NOT be willing to help in any way. What happened to taking some pride in the way you conduct a sale. I know that when I sell something I take a very close look at the unit to make sure it is graded correctly. I want the buyer to be thrilled when they recieve the item they paid for. I have owned a number of PS Audio products in the past and they will continue to get my business.
glad it turned out thanks to PS Audio. Situations like this are what negative feedback was created for . . .
The buyer is always taking a risk when buying used equipment. Fortunately, because this was a demo, the manufacturer stepped in to make things right. You should disclose the name of the dealer, so we can avoid similar unwanted transactions.
The dealer had the opportunity to earn a possible repeat customer. I guess the dealer already has too many customers that he doesn't need another.
Inexcusable. The dealer knew what he did and tried to turn the situation around by making the buyer feel like he was being too anal and dismiss the fact that the unit was damaged and dirty. Sounds like a real loser.

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Agree with above negative comments. Buyer has has every right to expect condition as described. Seller should have made good but tried to blame buyer. Seller is a jerk!
I would not want to deal with this person.
Once again an Agon user gets bad service and refuses to name the evil doer. What is up with that?

A "10" rating means as new. Who is the culprit? Help us out here.
Also, PS Audio provides excellent customer service. I purchased a used integrated amp, from a seller here, that developed a problem. PS Audio fixed it for free as it was still in the warranty period.
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Itsalldark, my thought is at very least the dealer has earned some negative publicity. Can you say who is responsible for this cavalier and unethical behavior?
We are not helped by the non disclosure of the dealer in question. It plants yet another seed of doubt on all dealers..
I concur. Would not use that dealer again if he does not show any inclination to address clear problems. If advertised as a 10/10, it should arrive that way. Its the sellers responsibility to address the issue somehow.
I agree with everyone else. Name the seller. You have nothing to lose, but the rest of us do, and he deserves to be exposed.

Absolutely agree with the previous comments about the seller, and he deserves negative feedback. As far as the disclosure of the seller by the buyer, I can understand that he may have some reservations.

Actually, it’s just not that hard to determine when you do a creative google search.
There is another side to this story. The reluctance of the OP to name the dealer makes discount his version of the events. It could be exactly as he descibed, but it is unlikely.
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This type of rant is equivalent to what people would say in other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or whatever. For example a post like this "Hey, I am taking my dog out for a walk, and it took the biggest frigging UYGGGGGH in the neighbors yard." Who gives a rat's @sss?

This is indicative of someone wanting to express themselves to others without any feedback, with the goal of just wanting to be heard.

By not including the dealer in the rant, the post is ambiguous regarding who the dealer is. This is probably a form of protectionism for the dealer, despite the rant. Perhaps the OP still feels a sense of loyalty.

Again, social media users feel the need to express themselves and tend not to include exclusive details, which makes using social media so popular for many.

A more cogent and detailed post would more than likely include details which I feel many here would include if we did a similar post. Avid social media users tend to use quick Twitter like posts.

It takes time to type up intellectual information or make informative posts. It greatly adds to the community when someone takes the time to express their beliefs and findings and share there thoughts and conclusions with others. Sadly, many do not take the time to smell the roses, sip the coffee, or listen to music in its entirety. Of course, time is a factor in anything we do. I just spent seven minutes discussing a potential reason why someone may not have included all of the details in their post.

BTW, I am going to order a new car today. I don't feel the make and model or dealer are relevant, haha.

It seems to me that since this purchase was apparently made via Audiogon, if the buyer were to name the seller here it would amount to leaving transaction-related feedback in the forums. I doubt that the moderators would or should approve of that.

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If the purchase was made on Audiogon there are other avenues for filing a grievance and both parties are allowed to tell their version of events.
Itsalldark, You’ve been a member since 2001 and have initiated 38 threads - each one, a request for help or personal advise. You would think that the significant number of members who responded to this thread, asking for your help, would at least warrant a response.