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Help with tube choice

I need help choosing an E88CC/6DJ8 tube for my headphones/preamp.    I know Siemens, Telefunken, ...

Volume Problem Trouble Shooting Ideas?

I have been trying to figure out the source of a problem and getting nowhere, so I was hoping to ...

Copper, gallium, graphene and excitation "demons"

...and the next round of cables?   "the research suggests that metals and other materials are ...

Transimpedance has too much gain?

I’m running an AT33PTG/II through an Andover Spinstage. Overall it sounds amazing but there defin...

Have you seen the new McIntosh poster for $195?

I guess if I was in college I might like this. It's really not so bad. If they sell them all it'l...

Preamp with Parasound A21+ amp?

Would the Rotel preamp 1572MKll work well with the Parasound A21+ amp?

Krell KSA-i400 Stereo Power Amplifier

I had originally planned on buying the KRELL KSA i400 amp to power KEF Blades 2 Meta. However, th...

Coincident Line Stage Mk II vs Audio Research ref 10

I would like to know if anyone has auditioned these two? I currently have an arc ref 6se which I ...

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Transimpedance has too much gain? (gochurchgo)
Zen Stream/Zen DAC v2 a Surprisingly Good Combo (mindhead1)
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system (tattooedtrackman)
Have you seen the new McIntosh poster for $195? (emergingsoul)
Not selling Cardas cables online again, just wanted to share..... (rapogee)
Whats on your turntable tonight? (slipknot1)
Martin Logan vs. Everything (andrewkelley)
Tracking down a hum. (dierksb)
Any recommendation for a CD changer? (bobby_phischer)
Big speakers, are they really the best way to get great sound? (daveyf)
Do people tire of audio forums? (sns)
DACed and Confused here... (saulh)
Because the word TECH is there. (neversatisfied)
10 Wonderful things and 10 bad things about the audiophile world. (donavabdear)
Are you on or off? What say you? (yogiboy)
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report (ghosthouse)
Considering selling my restored Garrard 301 (famoej)
Preamp with Parasound A21+ amp? (tjraubacher)
Rega P6/ or Clearaudio Concept, both with same cartridge? (wharfy)
Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioner; Impressions 😁 (wig)
Why aren't there more Blu Ray/DVD transports? (bjbcab)
Goodbye Everyone (elliottbnewcombjr)
Holiday Habits and Pleasures (david_principato)
Magico and Tube amp (redphu72)
Turntable choice for mono records (vacountryboy)
1099- and PayPal (rocray)
Thiel Owners (jafant)
What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound? (curiousjim)
Grateful Dead Dave's Pick's Volume 48 ......time to put a fork in this ! (garebear)
Coincident Line Stage Mk II vs Audio Research ref 10 (roxy1927)
Static, left channel from B&K EX-4420 (mendef)
Tung-Sol kt170 tube started glowing brighter (kitegod)
KEF LS60 v Reference 1s (dbphd)
Am I harming my amp? (paqua123)
Any other Pipe And Slippers Audiophiles out there? (yogiboy)
Circuits explained with sprockets and acoustic camera (Steve Mould channel) (hilde45)
So I bought the Willsenton R-800i (chmaiwald)
need advice for new/used avr (jplunkettj)
Does a particular musician’s songwriting and artistry speak to you above all others? (ezstreams)
My First OverHead Projector (stickman451)
New(er) artists to watch (slaw)
Velodyne DD15 - worth repairing the plate amp? (kraftwerkturbo)
Streamer question (jzzmusician)
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw? (whiteknee)
Tune of the Day (77jovian)
Speaker placement Quandary (fthompson251)
The Good Stuff (rok2id)
Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Marten Duke 2 and Luxman L-590AXII (ryder)
Excellent! How do you like the PC 8100/9700 in your system?Happy Listening! (jafant)
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120x85jimmy2615's System (jimmy2615)
@jimmy2615 ,Thank You for the detailed response, describing the amplifiers and the strengths of each. It was very helpful.It is impressive that the NAD hold... (milpai)
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