Recommend an "adiophile worthy" pen?

Off topic, but the high end pen market is just as prolific as stereo. Any recommendations?
I've been looking at Cross, Waterford Kilbarry WF/452/GBL, Sensa, and even "Visconti Homo Sapiens: the first pen ever to be forged from volcanic lava from Mt. Etna in Sicily Italy."
If you buy the Cross 14kt gold filled it still uses a $3.00 generic refill. I don't know if Cross makes a more expensive pen, but I think new that one runs around a "C note."

I have some of them & also a Waterford GF pen but I can't find a refill for it.

It doesn't make my stereo sound any better, or stretch my checking accoung, but it is nice to use, especially when I take the set out of my Mahogany pocket holder. Oh well...
Must add... I just did a web search of Cross pens (sets) & they do have them in 18k, so, from a 14kt gf to 18kt is only a $5K difference. So flaunt it if you've got it. (Hate to lose one!)
Mont Blanc makes nice pens!I think you mean Waterman,Waterford makes crystal!
You mentioned the Visconti HS. I have an HS bronze with power filler, and it is an amazing pen, but on the pricey side.

If you're interested in fountain pens, you might want to check the reviews on: The HS is reviewed, along with many, many others. Good source for ink reviews, too. Another worthwhile site is,

Good luck!
"I bought a $7 pen because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring." - Mitch Hedberg
Fountain pen collecting is one of my other hobbies. While my collection is primarily vintage stuff, I do have a lot of new pens as well. Most of the major manufacturers make decent stuff these days, it really comes down to budget and personal preferences. If you have a store near you it's always nice to test write as well. Fountain pens will react differently to different folks based on their writing style so what works for one person might not work for another.

Many collectors look at the mainstream Mont Blanc stuff as kind of like the Bose of the audio world however MB does make some nice stuff, particularly the pens they've released over the years in the "Writers" series.

If you are looking for ballpoints, then I'd say that's kind of like trying to find the best MP3 player. :-)
I have one suggestion. When you do find the pen you like, look up the spelling of "audiophile" and write it a hundred times.
The pen you choose depends on your tastes.

Some prefer a pen with a more fluid presentation. But any pen, no matter how fluid, can eventually become dry and etched. Of course, some are more fatiguing than others, and some write letters with a good bottom end. Some are thick and syrupy, and may have a significant smear, particularly if it's not time-aligned. The goal is to have blacker blacks.

Some people wrap rubber bands around the pen to reduce ringing, while others swear by cryo treatment. Don't forget to get your pen modded and have it re-tipped for optimal performance, and get involved in the debate between moving ball and moving fountain head. And remember, the pen is only as good as its source ink, as well as the pen-paper interface.

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The publication PENOPHILE says that the lighter mass Cross will mistrack when writing a vowel, but fine with a consonant! The other publication TAP (THE ABSOLUTE PEN) found no mistracking with the heavier mass Mont Blanc on all types of writing! So you should make sure the seller allows an in home trial before making your final purchase!
It's not just about the pen--there's paper conditioners, optimum pen-handling angles, etc.
And what kind of image do you want--clear and clean vs. round and warm edges, and so forth.
The pen, my friend, is just the tip of the iceberg. You are embarking on a long, complicated and expensive journey.
You forgot. . . .

Ballpoint vs rollerball vs fountain pen
Extra-fine vs fine vs medium vs broad
If a fountain pen, itallic vs non-itallic with a wide choice of nib materials
Size and weight of the pen, itself

I am sure that I have forgotten other parameters
Should one have built-in descent player and headphone recepticle?
I'm more interested in novelty pens anyways!
I have the Visconti Homo Sapian in my hand right now ;) I have a pen fetish equal to my audio habit. Cross not in the same league.

I just received John Lenin's 'Imagine' Mont Blanc (there is a fret board as a clip) and love it. Writes like a dream but a bit pricey.
Waterford makes an excellent ballpoint, nice and heavy, takes a Parker refill.
A Pilot G2 Limited is a great everyday pen. Very fluid ink delivery with a good hand feel, all for around $12! Have always liked the Caran d'Ache-Metwood, reminds me of an upper level Clearaudio deck.
If you're buying a pen to actually use, as opposed to collect, you need something that feels good in your hand when you're writing. This leaves out a lot of the high-end pens with odd shapes and sharp edges. I happen to like the Pelican ballpoint for everyday use. I also like the fact that it takes a Parker gel refil, which is a very nice, smooth ink - almost like a cross between a ballpoint and a roller.
Has anyone compared Waterman to Pelikan to MontBlanc ball point pens?

Is there a cheap pen that can take these ball point pen refills?