Recommendations of good sounding newly pressed LPs

Howdy, everyone!  I'm just getting back into analog (after 20 years) and would like recommendations of good sounding new pressings record labels.  Got a quite good record store near my house with lots of newly pressed vinyl, but I don't know what labels do good sound.  I'd be interested in mostly jazz and classical of all styles.  
Eye would be a little wary. In the twenty years since you left analog overly aggressive dynamic range compression has become rampant. And it's not just CDs.
So I'm looking for recommendations of LP record labels, companies who are pressing good sounding reissues.  I'll check out Streamline Records.  I see that Blue Note seems to be releasing a lot of it's catalog on vinyl, wondering how, in general, they sound.  

For new Jazz check out the Newvelle records -- great performances and sonics and you feel special, especially if you are a subscriber to their series as I am

For classical there’s not too much genuinely new, Linn is one of the exceptions still going strong in making LPs from their new recordings (although the recordings are of course digital)

And of course how could I forget, Yarlung! Must gets

Most all of the below listed labels use the original analogue master tapes

Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (

Music On Vinyl (

Analogue Productions (

Classic Records (out of Business) (

Speakers Corner (

Friday Music (

ORG - Original Recording Group (

AudioQuest Music (

AudioSource (

Century Records (not the same as Century Media Records) (

Chesky Records (

Cisco Music (

Crystal Clear Records’ ( (

East Wind Records ( (

New Haven Records ( (

Groove Note ( ( (

Opus 3 (

Reference Recordings (

Super Analogue Disc ( (

Tacet ( (
In addition to the labels listed above, I've found Stockfisch Records to offer very good quality vinyl.

Thanks for the info, Guys.  Looks like I need to spend some time on-line looking for old favorites.  

By the way, has anyone heard any of the Blue Note vinyl reissues by Blue Note & Universalmusiccenters?
Super Analogue LPs!!! I bought a lot while they were in business, as my last Christmas present got a few missing ones at really stupid prices... Tchaikovsky's 5th on DG 13years ago is why I plunged back into vinyl, bought LP first, then Sondek and still trying to find any digital format that beats it!
@bradf Thanks, I just copied your post into Evernote so it's always on my phone. It will cost me $$$. Feel guilty ;-) Cheers,
Yes, bradf & foldfreak, thanks so much for the comprehensive lists.  I also put them in my phone and will find them most useful at Encore Records in Ann Arbor.

your welcome
There’s some other labels/vinyl records that I wouldn’t term audiophile grade, but none the less fairly decent recordings. I will post as time allows. (NOTE: Original label for Ryan Adams. check out Lydia Loveless and the Detroit Cobras on Spotify)
(approx. 89 artist recorded)

American Recordings - Johnny Cash, plus others

Boxstar Records - Julie London (out of print) - Bobby Darin!/John-Lee-Hooker-&-Canned-Heat-Hook...

Except for the Box Star and Pure Pleasure Label, I am pretty sure that the above referenced labels are cut off of DAT.

Those that may have listened to anything from Rumble or Wax Time Records, please post your impressions

Not a recommendation, listed for info. Interesting catalog, but I have no idea what source material they use. Could be recordings off the radio for all I know.

Some info on Rumble Records off the Steve Hoffman Site