Record cleaning fluids

Hi again guys.

I usually use a Clearaudio cleaning fluid in my Clearaudio Smart Matrix. Some people says that this liquid produces static problems on records.

Sometimes I've to clean two or three times some records that it is supposed to be cleaned, because they are new ones or in mint condition.

Do you know a better cleaning fluid for the use in machines? Wich is the best?

Thanks a lot for your opinions.
I am confirming Rushton's vote for the Walker Prelude System.

I also use the MFSL Superwash but only for quick cleaning of visitors' records or to get an initial impression of a used record before I use the Walker cleaning. I find it works well but not nearly as well as the Walker for serious record collecting and listening.
Just to maintain balance and confusion, I prefer AIVS (Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions) over the others I've tried.

Now THAT'S a helpful thread! ;)
I think, there is no "best" fluid. A lot of users think, to remove some dirt out of the grooves, NASA science is neccessary. There are so many fluids out there and honestly, they do the job. Some use multi step fluids and think, that's it. But when you use other fluids 4x, you will get same results :-)
At the end of day, the secret is the removal out of the grooves. Point nozzle is unsurpassed, but it needs time. AIVS, L'Art du Son, VPI, Walker, MFSL...use what gives you the best feeling :-)
(With modern records which have damaged grooves, tics and pops, nothing really helps. That's the way it is)
Make your own !!!!!
I tried several commercial cleaners and I could not tell the difference theirs and mine. My next project is: I am going to get a USB digital microscope to examine the record grooves before and after cleaning with the fluids I have, including AVI, walker, nitty gritty, Mofi, and my own mix.
I love the AIVS fluids, as do all of my audiophile friends that have tried them.
Thanks for your answers and your opinions.
Well, as I can see, every guy has his own opinion and uses a different type of fluid.

Somebody uses systems or combinations in several stpes, like Walker Audio products.

I only use Clearaudio fluid. The question to answer is:

People who has used several type of fluids and can compare between them.

Walker audio combo-fluids are truly very expensive. This cleaning sysytem uses an enzymatic product, but I don know if I can buy a cheaper enzymatic fluid.

I could spend lots of money in this products, but I want to know if this is a good option to change my Cearaudio fluid, or if I am throwing my money.
This was suggested to me by members Doak and Tvad as an inexpensive and effective enzyme cleaner. Works like a charm.
The guy who makes the Mint protracter also has a solution. I tried it and like it very much.
i also like the AIVS multi-step cleaner method as the best i've tried. i especially like the Ultra clean water rinse as a final step.

having an RCM that allows for different types of cleaners i think is a good thing. i've gone from having only a one step machine to adding another that does allow for different cleaners and i do like that. of course, YMMV. and i agree with Syntax that ulimately there are many effective ways and products to use that work.
04-12-12: Syntax
It is not a fluid, but it works and is cheap

The tool for the vinylmatic
LOL! maybe 1-time use. when you are in the doctor's office or the hospital for ingestion of toxic substances then it's not so cheap anymore!! ;-)
LOL! That's a fluid APPLICATOR for dispensing active enzymes... also a sensitive monitor of good taste.

Look out Walker and AIVS, that's competition!
Keith Monks discOvery 33 record cleaning fluid used with the point nozzle of a KM RCM - close to perfection!
Record archivists use lab grade detergents Tergitol 15 s9 and 15 s3. One attacks water soluble dirt and the other attacks oil based non soluble elements. Mix with DI water.

Look for it at Laboratory Technical supply houses. I bought two pints years ago and have not made a dent in the first pint.
I use all MoFi cleaning fluids, they work great and are supposed to be super gentle on your vinyl.
I have usually made my own with distilled water, isopropanol and PhotoFlo, but I'm trying out the L'Art du Son concentrate tonight since a bottle came with my Loricraft. So far, so good. In fact, quite impressive!