Rega P6/ or Clearaudio Concept, both with same cartridge?

Greetings all!

Anyone have insight? Are the similarities/differences apples and oranges? One significantly better? 

I listen to many varieties of music (except rap and heavy metal) and lean towards jazz/folk singer-songwriter/Americana. Upper register sibilance is annoying, but I don't want my sound too laid back/grayed out because I like detailed vocal retrieval.

Dustcover is a requirement; too many damn cats!  Rega has a hinged cover, The Concept a cake cover.  I'm going to put a Hana MC cartridge on the final choice. So which one to purchase for longterm enjoyment? 

I have a system with Audio Research Ref equipment and ProAc DR30 speakers and like the neutral/slightly warm presentation for detail retrieval and coloring. 

Thanks in advance!
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Rega Tables have a great jump factor, lively sound, the kind that makes you want to move something even if you dont dance. However, you will have to lift the platter and manually change speeds if you switch to a 45 or vise versa. Also, Rega dosent like record clamps :-( they want you to place the record on a wooly mat on top of the glass platter, I would dump the platter and mat for a Groovetracer Acrylic platter and JA Michell record clamp. this would be a must if it were my table.

I cant speak to the Clear Audio, but I sure like it. Good hunting.

Matt M
@mattmiller Thanks for the insightful response! I have done a great deal of reading and comparative listening between the two TT and you are the first to point out the platter/felt/sound issues with the P6.

What I now see is that whether I purchase a Rega or a CC, upgrading parts (platter and matt on Rega; Concept to Satisfy tonearm on CC) are recommended.

I'm not going to talk about the sound, but based on your description I am going to point out one very important feature/quirk. 

The Clearaudio has and adjustable VTA, and I believe their dustcovers easily work with the arm on it's maximum height. 

The Rega requires spacers to adjust for VTA. It's a little more work, and you only do it once, so NBD for set up. HOWEVER, I believe that their dustcovers do NOT always close when the spacers are in place. The Haha also will require spacers due to it's height compared to Rega carts. 

So if you are dead set on a dustcover for the cats, and a Hana cart, I think you should confirm that the dustcover will close fully when the appropriate spacers are in place. You want to ensure the dustcover doesn't touch the tonearm at any point to avoid damages. 

Maybe it's something you've already considered, or something Rega resolved with their latest tables. But I do recall reading about that "quirk" when considering after market carts. 
Thanks for the info/insights. I'm going to do another demo today after work and will ask the dealer about this.
I don't have any experience with the Rega but owned the Concept for a while.  It's a really nice table, sounds great, and is easy to operate.  The one drawback for me is that it is super sensitive to footfalls and I have springy floors.  I could not walk across the floor without the arm bouncing around.  I didn't have this issue with any other turntables I've owned (including a Clearaudio Emotion).  If you have solid floors or can wall mount it or find some other way isolate it really well, it's a wonderful turntable for the price.
@big-greg My dealer said the same and recommended upgrading to satisfy tone arm. With the tonearm upgrade and a dustcover (really a cat-protection-device) The TT search is getting pricier. Not sure how excited I am about THAT.
Consider buying a used Clearaudio Emotion with the Satisfy arm. I have one and used it in the same spot as the Concept with no issues. There's one on us audio mart for $650 right now. That's a nice deal. I have no affiliation with the seller. No dust cover, but I believe you can find something aftermarket for it. I have a Hana SL on mine and it's a nice match. Another similar option is the Marantz TT15S1. No experience with that one, but great reviews and very similar to the Emotion.
 I have the Concept with Hana SL and am very happy with it. I have not had any problem with footfall either. FWIW it replaced a Rega table with Rega Exact cart.  . Fuller, richer sound than the Rega, though I was always happy with the speed and drive of it. (Rega)

I am leaning towards the Concept with the Satisfy tonearm. I was considering the Hana EH Moving coil cart. After hearing the SL MC cart, I’m thinking an additional $400, while more than I want to spend, over time would be really nice.

Does anyone else do this? "$400 more over 3 years is only about $.36 a day extra."
The Concept is a really nice table and should sound great with the Hana SL.  I don't break things down to the day like you have to justify the additional expense.  Instead I remind myself of the times when I've bought something "affordable" only to end up replacing it later with something more satisfying.  Whenever I do that, in the long run I've ended up spending more than if I would have just bought the more expensive thing in the first place.
I have had 3 Regas the last one being a P5 with 1k in upgrades.They could not compare to my CA Emotion SE with the CM bearing and the Phoenix Falcon Power Supply I’m using for the last 5 years. I have the Carbon Satisfy arm which is excellent. Yes full Dustcover.

Clear Audio over Rega any day, my opinion. The Concept with the Satisfy Arm should be a winner. No offense to any Rega owners. I do not like the build quality of the Regas.

Stock Rega P6 w/Ania MC cartridge is a great sounding combination. Totally quiet operation and a balanced presentation from top to bottom. Replaced a 
Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB turntable w/Sumiko Blue Point #2 cartridge.

There is no need to lift the platter to change speed on the Rega P6. It comes standard with an external power supply which allows you to change speeds by pressing a button. 
I own a Concept current and have owned many Regas including a P5 TT PSU.  The tables are night and day.

The German table feels better made and is vastly more neutral sounding - great if you listen to a lot of instrumental music (my collection is mostly classical, ECM and prog).  Its dynamics are more natural and come from black backgrounds.  

The Rega is a wonderfully fast, textured and dynamic table.  It has PRaT in a way that the Clearaudio does not.  However the sound lacks body and is more holographic than full.  I like the Rega for jazz and my classic rock and new wave record.  It does classical really well also but the Concept is better for that music.

These are both amazing tables for the money.  I have more than one table as sometime I want PraT and sometimes I want neutrality.


I got the CA Concept with the upgraded arm. From the get go, the Concept was a more resolving turntable in my audio system. If you want upfront toe-tapping energy, get the P6.

FWIW, It WAS great when set-up. My cats thought the same, which is why I removed it from my set-up. At some point in the future, the third bedroom will be an audio room. NO CATS ALLOWED :-)