Requesting Technical Assistance


I am bummed out. Yesterday I smoked the left channel on my vintage Fisher MC-4022 receiver. This is more sentimental than anything else. My late father gave this to me on my birthday back in 1978. How it happened, I was cleaning my garage and the speaker wire came disconnected from the speaker and shorted out the channel.  What do I do to fix this?



@joeradio Have you tried both the A and B speaker outputs? There are 4 amplifiers in this unit, so you may have only damaged one. Ensure you select the A or B set from the from control.

You may have just popped a fuse, assuming the Fisher employs them in a location where the hot & ground speaker wires touching would do so. Check for a fuse, and if that's the culprit just replace it.

The left channel is blown/no sound on both A & B. There are no fuses from what I can see. I attempted to attach photos but cannot. How do you attach a photo? And is there a free schematic and users manual online. I cannot find either. Thanks. 

Update? Also, don't know where you are, but any electronic repair place can take care of this. There's hope. 

I ordered a Sanyo IC LA4250 from eBay. Replaced it and all channels are now working normally. Thanks for all the support.