Review: Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD CD Player

Category: Digital

I am surprised that there has not been any review of the Tri-Vista yet. I have owned the Tri-Vista for six months, and each day I have found that it sounds rich in musical breadth, transparency, and its soudnstage. I have noticed that when it is first turned on, it takes about 30-45 minutes before the full sound becomes apparent. But once it is warmed up, I cannot say any thing except that I am amazed.

I only listen to classical music, and am amazed how true the brass sounds, regardless of CD or SACD format. In CD playback, I have noticed that the strings sound a little thin, but in SACD playback, I am thorougly impressed with the full "woodiness" of the sound (for lack of a better word). The soundstage is probably most impressive, as you can hear the brass blaring out from behind the strings; the cello is mid-stage right, the bass, far right. It's nearly perfect!

I am currently very content with the Tri-Vista. But let it be known that I have not listened to any other similarly-priced players.
This new model, are you speaking of the Tri-Vista multi-channel SACD player or something else? If it's the multi-channel, no's all yours.
Hey, That's fine with me if they introduce a new model. One doesn't always need to have the newest model, otherwise you would be buying a new car every year. (But I suppose it would be more ideal if we could lease these players though, huh?) But, I think that instead of being upset that MF introduces a new model every year ( which, to me, indicates that they are always seeking to improve their components), one should enjoy listening to the model that he has. And I am certainly enjoying my player.
In my opinion new models every year for a high end company is ridiculus. Technology does not change that much year to year and in my opinion the company is designing in obsolesence. This is especially so if the old model can not be upgraded to the new specs. However, if it is a totally different model such as two channel versus multi-channel then that is a differnt story.
They are bringing out a Tri-Vista DAC as well...I agree that MF does too many models, it makes me think less of them, though I have been impressed with the models I have listened to.
Hey, I understand your frustration with the new models, but just because BMW comes out with a new model every year, does that make the current model any worse? So, why have a double standard with audio companies?
Well, I don't think you can really say that BMW comes out with a new model every year, major re-designs are only every couple of years, at most. In any event, a car is a slightly more complicated piece of machinary than a DAC, so it makes sense that there are subtle improvements and tweaks to be made year to year. Even so, I don't think that BMW would try to tell you that a 2004 is substantially different from a 2003. (Unless it is the year of a major redesign).
I agree with many of the comments already listed. Any audio company with more than 3 levels of a similiar item or any company introducing units which replace units on the market in less than 3 or 4 years is looking to sell product - PERIOD! As far as I am concerned, if the audio product you purchase costs in excess of $6,000.00, it should be marketed with fully upgradeable capability.
The Tri-Vista series is a limited 20th Anniversary production. 500 integrated amps and 800 SACD players and the fact that they are all sold speaks volumes.
What help did they offer. I thought MF had found another transport to replace any that needed service.
I spoke with Signal Path, and they say the transport can usually be repaired for under $200. Worst case, MF will replace the TriVista CDP with a new KW 500 CDP/transport for $900. Yeah, $900 sucks, but you're getting a $5k+ plus player for 9 bills. Not MF's fault - Krell, etc. and everyone else in the same boat, Sony and Philipps quit making transports. Call Signal Path for details. Their service and responses regarding my TriVista 300 have been nothing short of exceptional, great service.
Unfortunately, Signal Path is no longer the distributor in the US for MF. I don't know how the new distributor will help with any failures from this point forward.