Room Treatment Surprise

I have really lousy dimensions for my listening room ... 10x10x8. I use B&W N804s and recently added a subwoofer. Then, I got the bright idea to treat the room with corner bass traps and a few other items from GIK Acoustics. This has proved to be a huge upgrade, probably better than at new component. I find that I no longer need to use the subwoofer unless the recording is bad sonically, in which case a little overall boost is necessary. Has anyone else experienced this type of thing?
Most everyone who has tried room acoustic treatments has experienced it. They are essential, if you have a room where they can be hung properly.
Like many, I have debated if I should add room treatment...after many years I decided to begin with 242s. I ordered six to treat the first reflection points. I installed two on each side at the first reflection points and two on the ceiling. Nice improvement, not night and day, but more clarity all around,a wider soundstage, and slightly more space between instruments. For the cost, I highly encourage everyone on the fence, just do it! In all my years of buying and selling equipment, this is one of the best results ever. Today I ordered tri traps for the front corners.
Yep I have 4 tri - traps for the open front corners
(2 on each side, floor to ceiling), a Monster
Trap behind the listening chair, and a couple
of spot panels to hit reflection points. I
think the treatments have done such a good job
that the subwoofer is only necessary for
recordings that are not sonically up to snuff.
I really never expected this kind of
improvement. It saved me from having to spend
big bucks to change out the speakers.
Had I been aware of the benifits of room treatments 4 years ago, I could have saved myself approx. $4,000 on upgrading various components, cables etc. The culprit of music enjoyment is the room! Deal with the room, and you will find that your gear is actually quite great.
Bobnegi are 1,000% correct. My gear is actually a whole lot better than I ever thought, now that I have treated the room. Room treatment is probably the most important investment one can make in their system.
Yep,you can put 5 figured gear in a tiled bathroom or a gym and add all those BS cables and it will still sound like crap.
Do the room with acoustic panels and its end of story but without the 5 figures and the BS cables.
I use RealTraps exclusively now as I changed out some 244's(which did clean up the mid/highs).
The RT HF mondos actually gave me more of the reverb effects that were on the recording,I was quite surprised how much more there was on those same recordings.
I did the gear first yrs ago and then the room,course now I have both,so I guess a win/win.
Drummermitchell...i am considering RealTraps MiniTraps or MondoTraps as bass traps for my small listening room. Which would you suggest?
Tboooe, As my room is on the small side 12x19,I went with the Mondo's(6")thick for the extra bass trapping.
2'X2' module on the bottom and 2'x4'Mondo on top.
They sit on top of each other so no more holes in the walls.
Plus I spaced them away from the wall boundaries(4")for more free trapping.
The HF Mondos are at speaker reflections(two per side)the rest are the regular Mondos.
17 stacked Mondo modules in all an she's not to dead.
Three diffusor modules on the back wall.
Yes RLB61, pictures showing your corner bass traps and the other stuff will be great.