Roon - 10 Things You Don't Know

I have been using Roon for several years and have a lifetime subscription.

When I meet fellow Audiophiles, I often ask whether they have tried various features in Roon. To my surprise, most have never used all the splendid features included with Roon. I am not sure why this is the case but it may be related to “discoverability” but there could be other factors.

For a while now I have been contemplating making a YouTube video that reveals some of these features that many seem to miss.

With today’s announcement about the next version of Roon, I am just in time with my video. Undoubtedly, I will have to follow up with another video once version 1.8 is releasd.

My video is my contribution to the Roon community. I am sure many of the experts here will know most of the things I talk about, but you may pick up a tip or two.
Excellent effort and video, Chris. Thank you.

I encourage Roon subscribers and those curious about Roon to watch it!
Thanks, Chris! As a newbie with Roon, I appreciate your insights and good will. Cheers,
Learned a lot!
I've been thinking about getting Roon, and you've given me some great information to help with the decision. 
Thanks Chris!
I have been using Roon for years, but there were a few things here new to me.  Thx!
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Excellent video. I use Convolution files for my 2 channel. I am now going to figure out how to setup Convolution for my 2 headphones. Thanks for that tip.
Thank you, Chris. The video Is excellent, I definitely learned some things.
Nice work Chris,  I'm a regular Roon user but still found new info and ideas.  
One thing I've experimented with is the DSP for hearing loss.  I have significant loss above 3K but still love my music.  I have tried the best hearing aides and usually prefer listening without them.  I created a DSP curve to correct for my loss as measured in hearing tests.  I found that I can only correct for a small portion of the loss without it becoming annoying but just a 5db boost can make a satisfying improvement.  Roon mad it easy to experiment with. 

Chris this is Evan from the DC Hi-Fi Group.  Enjoyed your Youtube and learned some things I didn't know about Roon!

Roon is for people who have no knowledge of the history of music at all. And can’t google either. 
Roon is for people who have no knowledge of the history of music at all. And can’t google either.

And also for people who understand digital tech enough to take advantage of its extremely powerful digital streaming capabilities across networks and devices.  

And, really, for anyone who likes music.  It has its issues, but overall it's the best music software ecosystem out there. 
Roon is not for know-it-alls that don’t know what they don’t know.
Or is it?
@fynnegan When I read your comment I thought about the Mark Twain quote ".... remove all doubt"


Thanks for sparing me the ignominy and embarrassment of outing myself as a Roon user.  I foolishly thought that something that so elegantly enhanced and improved my listening experience was somehow worth using.  But thanks to your penetrating analysis, I realize now it’s just for wusses, and totally lame.

Interestingly enough, I ran into a hipster earlier today who explained to me (whether ironically or unironically, I can’t be sure) that real men never use the internet.  They just look at the raw binary data of their music files to determine the title, artist, label, cover art, year of recording, engineer, and sometimes even the producer’s girlfriend.

This is the lofty goal I now aspire to:  no more Roon for me.  Thanks for showing me the light!