SACD playback the DAC

Any one help me out, How to connect SACD playback through DAC? Is there any DAC has this input? Specially am looking
for Benchmark or Cambridge Digimagic,whether any one using this DAC'S for SACD playback. Thanking you in advance for your feedback.
I don't know of any external DAC that supports SACD playback.A few HT receivers now support SACD(DSD)playback via HDMI.If your SACD player has coax or toslink out,you can connect to a DAC like the Cambridge or Benchmark for redbook CD playback but you will not be able to play the SACD discs in this fashion.You must connect a separate set of analog RCA 2 channel(or 5.1)cables to your preamp for SACD playback.
Thanks but Please suggest whether we can use the HT receivers as a pre amp (if we connect thru HDMI)? If yes, Please suggest some brand.
There are at least two DAC's that can support SACD's, but they are high-priced. One is the Meitner. Can't remember the other, offhand.
Adding to Ncarv's post, the EMM Labs (Meitner) DAC has a proprietary interface that can only be used with the EMM Labs transport. Another company with its own proprietary interface is dCS, its DACS will decode an SACD signal but only through a proprietary link with their transports, and I believe Accuphase also had such a link on at least its early SACD transport/DAC combinations. I have heard of the HDMI links, but don't know much about them--if he's looking, maybe Kal (Kr4) can help on that. The Benchmark and Cambridge DACs you mention will not decode an SACD signal, only a pcm signal.
There are 3 brands of player that will output SACD (as DSD or PCM) via HDMI: Oppo, Pioneer, Sony.

There are several brands of AVR and pre/pro that will accept SACD (as DSD or PCM) over HDMI.

I know of no stand-alone DACs that will handle DSD via HDMI.

Rabbani - the essential problem here was that Sony was completely paranoid about digital domain copying of SACD's. the result was the license to make SACD players required the builder to not offer a SACD digi out unless it was through a proprietary non-standard interface - both mechanically and probably electrically.The inability to go to a higher quality DAC probably had something to do with the effective demise of this format.
Denon offered a few relatively expensive Multi-format DVD players that connected via a proprietary cable to some pretty expensive surround sound receivers in the digital domain. These receivers did have pre-outs so you could use them as pre/processors.I asked a Denon rep about what models offered this capability - he rattled off the model numbers and then said "And who cares?". Far as he was concerned - this is a dead issue.If you decide to do this - make sure you check software revisions- there have been several to this interconnection scheme.
Based on past history where it seems about every thirty years or so - we would have a successful technological upgrade to widely distributed recorded sound - we're due for something to replace the Redbook CD ? Unfortunately it looks like both DVD-A and SACD join a long list of dead end audio formats.
There are 2 more DAC's that will playback SACD... The Playback Designs MPS-5 and the Digital Audio Denmark AX24.
Thanks a lot all your inputs. M/time Please suggest me to use RCA / XLR Adopter in sacd playback. My Sacd Player has only RCA out and My pre has only XLR in and, if I am using these Adopter How will be the perfomence? Any experience?
Kal -
I thought that the mostrecent integra multi format player output the SACD via hdmi.
I am unfamiliar with the Integra player. Perhaps. One hopes that there will be more of these as time goes on.

Kal -
It does. The 2 moth recent iterations do anyway. Not to say that they do it well, just that they do it.
I hope that you wont mind if I pick your brain on a couple of subjects. I want to explore the possibilities of sacd/dvda over hdmi to a pre/pro. It just seems so simple and elegant in terms of set up and I would really like to find a way to make it sing.
I have read a little about the concern of increased jitter over hdmi. Is this a problem in your experience and if so, have you found a solution?
Have you had the chance to compare hi rez digital audio via hdmi (like the oppo / integra combo that you wrote about) to a more traditional set up like an ayre or esoteric with analog outs going to a more traditional pre amp? If so, what were your thoughts? Are the Dacs and outputs of the pre/pros up to the task?
Thanks for your contributions.
I have not done it formally but only in the course of reviewing various components. Generally, the issue of jitter is difficult to allocate when there are so many other variables. Nonetheless, there are players that have excellent DACs and analog stages but, so far, I have not directly compared them with a really high-end HDMI-input prepro. Soon.

Im a subscriber. I look forward to it.
The new marantz looks interesting. I use a Jeff Rowland Capri as a 2 ch pre and on the used market they are both priced about the same. I might try picking up the marantz and then selling whichever I like less.
What new Marantz? I only know of one Marantz MCH prepro and, despite good subjective reviews from others, I find the feature set limiting.

The MBL 1611F does playback SACD through a customized HDMI-interface from its transport 1622A.
Kal -
I was thinking of the AV8003. It is both audio and video which is a plus in my situation but only if the audio end is up to the task.
Yup. "despite good subjective reviews from others, I find the feature set limiting."

I think that the good news for me is that the feature set suits me fine. (I think.)

Would it be inappropriate for me to ask you what you find lacking in the feature set? It is highly probable that I don't know that I need something that I need and you could save me the time and expense of learning the hard way.

At this point, I do not do mch listening, but I do use the same room and L&R for 2ch.
I am hoping to find a single box that can:
1) handle the hdmi switching and surround sound duties for HTR. Decoding the new codecs would be nice but not a deal breaker as my PS3 can get the job done passably.

2) serve capably as a 2ch pre and dac for redbook and hi rez audio – This is the killer for me. I would rather spend more money on the pre/pro so that all signals can benefit from the better dac and output than to pour the same resources into a player and send analog out from the player.

3) Balanced outs to amps

I don’t need wifi. The room is wired w/ cat5 to my router already.

Thanks in advance for your input.
2nd try:

1. Cannot decode HD codecs and use Audyssey.
2. Has a less potent version of Audyssey than its competitors.

I dont want to hassle you, and I dont normally hijack other peoples threads so please let me know if you would prefer that I just drop this topic.

I will read up on the different versions of audyssey. I dont use it for music. Maybe I should try. Thanks for the heads up.

Curious though about your first point because that would DEFINATLY be a deal breaker for me. Both the Marantz website and a review online state that the av8003 decodes the new hd codecs (we mean Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio, right?) There might be newer and better. Those are all I know about.
Those are the ones. Check the relevant Marantz thread on AVSforum. Of course, one can use the Marantz with a player that does the decoding so that it gets only PCM. Still, there are limits on the sample rate for using Audyssey, even with PCM.

thanks. found it.
That is really wierd. And somewhere in the vicinity of mislieading in my opinion on marantz's part.
They put the ability to decode the new codecs front and center on their website but do not mention anywhere that I have found that the room correction will not apply. It sounds like there is not enough dsp power to get it all done at once. I guess you gotta cut corners somewhere to come in at the marantz's price.
I guess the new oppo bdp or my ps3 could do the audio decoding.
But is there a better choice? I'd like a pre/pro that I can use for ht that will not be a sonic compromise for 2ch. I'd also like it to do the dac work for redbook/sacd/dvda.
(And if it would do my taxes and mow my lawn that would be nice too.)
I'd prefer to feed my idea pre/pro 2ch audio digital. Via coax or HDMI for hi rez.

Right now, I use a benchmark dac but if I found my ideal pre/pro, i could remove the benchmark and rely on the dac section of the pre/pro to do the decoding. In pre/pro fantasy land I couls also let go of my 2ch pre as well.

At the moment, I dont have any sources that I run analog output from.
Jimmy, Please suggest whether I can connect SACD placyback
thru RCA to this Benchmark (variouble mode) and from there XLR out to my pre? it will work this way? how they sound?
AT the same time Benchmark can be used as a DAC for my Teac 25x 20bit player!!!
Rabbani -
There is a version of the Benchmark that can take an RCA input. I believe that it is called the "Benchmark Pre" or something like that.
But it only has 2ch inputs so if you are thinking about using it as a preamp to work with your sacd player, it will only work for stereo.
I dont know if it will work with your Teac or not. I have only used it for Redbook (Which I enjoy) and as a headphne amp (which I also enjoy)