Sensual Music

I once owned a nightclub (called Blitz) in the south of Spain and learned through trial & error how to influence people's mood through music. Every afternoon during the summer, I would sit down in the afternoon with the DJs and discuss that evening's playlist. Correctly assembled, we could be assured of the girls spontaneously climbing up & dancing on the tables at a given time, plus or minus 5 minutes. The playlist varied every night & new music was continually introduced.

For many years now, I have put many compilations of mixed music together every year,these I distribute freely amongst my friends & clients. I gave away 70 copies of Philips Demo XI at CES. I thought that with your help I might put something completely different together.

What music do you listen to when you want to get in the mood for love ? We're talking about melodies that send a chill down your spine & leave your skin covered in goose bumps. Tunes that leave you weak at the knees.

Once the compilation is completed, I would happily post the playlist, so that you could download it online or assemble it yourself.

Care to help ? Come on, should be fun.. Looking forward to your selection, thanks.

Philip O'Hanlon
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Gee Phil, your third paragraph sets the bar rather high. It may not reach that high but one albumn that readily comes to mind is Stan Getz- "Cafe Montmarte". As to your criteria, "tunes that leave you weak at the knees", I"m not sure if this cd meets that one. When listening to this I'm usually horizontal.

You gotta include "Je t'aime" with Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg


Put on some Marvin Gaye and be down with it.
That man could sing "Baby, you are fat and ugly but I've got an hour to spare." And I swear she would take it as a compliment. I've never needed more than Marvin.
I recall reading about a survey at one time in the past that said Bryan Ferry's "Avalon" was one of the most popular "bedroom" tunes.
Actually "Avalon" is by Roxy Music. Excellent tune, and one of my favorite albums.
"Actually "Avalon" is by Roxy Music."

Well, if you want to split hairs, Roxy Music was the first group to record Bryan Ferry's "Avalon". He was the composer.
"Push Push" by Herbie Mann. And if the music doesn't do it look at the gatefold.
"If You Wear That Velvet Dress" from U2's Pop
"Ten Nights" from Spain's The Blue Moods of Spain

I'll agree with the previous responses about Marvin Gaye.
If 'lust' is the same as 'love' then
'Last Exit for the Lost' by Fields of the nephilim.

I suppose 'sexual healing' by Marvin Gaye if that's your bag, only last 4mins though.........

Whereas 'Last exit' lasts for 10mins with a big crescendo,
oo-er missus...................
I listened to that "Last exit" song, oh my gawd thank you for Marvin Gaye, I had no idea. Different strokes for different folks.

If you ever want to try something different Gaye's "I Want You" and "Let's Get It On" Remastered Expanded Deluxe Editions are excellent if you don't own them already.
Thank you Launche, my bags would be packed and waiting on the doorstep at your suggestions, after she'd kicked my ass first that is...

For all the smoochie fans 'your love is king' by Sade.
Thanks for reminding me.
Sade's "Stronger Than Pride"

Enigma can also take you to a very special place.
just about anything with a well played spanish guitar. of all the instruments, IMO, none convey romanticism like the spanish guitar.
-The Art of Noise, "Moments in Love" (instrumental, extended version)
-Louis Armstrong, "Let's Do It", :Makin Whoopee"
-Etta James "Leave YOur Hat On"
-Maceo Parker "Children's World" (instrumental, another 10+ min selection)
-D'Angelo "Untitled/How Does it Feel"
-Prince "Adore"
-Mark Isham, a cut on the "Romeo Is Bleeding Soundtrack" that I can't recall right now

A fun but very, ahem, distracting list to make!