Shout out for Audio Doctor in nj

After spending decades buying used. Reciently having more funds ( kids out of college and house) I was working on my man cave system Manley amps quad Esl rebuilt thorens Td160 and bottlehead preamp. Well I fell onto one of the manleys and broke tubes and a puff of smoke. When looking up local dealers I found Audio dr was a dealer so I made an apontment dropped of my amps for repair. While there Dave had me spend time listening to his t&a system with paradigm 9h speakers. The system was awesome, very co-hearent. One of the best sounding systems I have heard in my 40 years of listening to music and equipment. Anyway after about a week I was thinking I wanted to upgrade my thorens and bottle head preamp. So I went back and made a deal with Dave for the Manley jumbo shrimp and rega rp8 with matching mc cart. Excellent advice, equipment and deal. I was glad to do business with him. He loves audio and was glad to give advice. We even talked about my main rig, Pass with Wilson 8's. Just thought I’d share. PS the system is up and running sounding awesome the matching Manley preamp and new Rega turntable give me the chills with my PK Quads. It was well worth dealing with a Profesional and I look forward doing more brick and morter business.

fin1bxn great story thanks for sharing and I agree nothing beats a good retailer with good ears! I am fortunate to live near Deja Vu Audio one of the best. And I hope you didn't hurt yourself falling on your amp that's a new one for me!
gdnrbob lol there is an equipment maker T&A that’s what I assumed the OP meant.
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Just an update, Last Thursday Dave called and said my Snappers were ready. It was less than 2 weeks for the repair. Plus never mind what Shipping back to Manley would have cost from NJ both ways with insurance. I was so happy while there picking up my amps, I bought the Matching Manley Chinook Phono preamp. Considering I just bought the Jumbo Shrimp and Rega RP8 from him the week before. I'm very happy with his service and products.

Needless to say, havening an all Manley system with the Rega TT and Rebuilt Quads is something else. It gives me great satisfaction. I spent all weekend spinning in that room with that system.

Thanks again to Audio Doctor for their support getting my Amps repaired and working out good deals on the rest of my system.