small room speakers

A long time I used Dynaudio Audience 40, I sold them because they didn't matched well with my new LFD Mistral amp.
In mind I have: Linn Katan or Quad 11L ( a lot cheaper ).
I listen very near and don't like over-analytical speakers.
Who has experience with the Katan or 11L, other suggestions
also welcome.

If you listen in the VERY nearfield than indeed give the Quads a try, as they'll stay relatively coherent as you shift around. Avoid any monitor with widely-spaced drivers, and even perhaps metal domes, although that's perhaps too strong a generalization.
If you listen near field and don't want your speakers to be over analytical you should investigate Spendor LS3/5A's. This design has been popular for over 25 years and for good reason.
I second the LS3/5a recommendation. Long ago, I owned a pair of Rogers LS 3/5a's and they were excellent. Currently in my study, I have a pair of Audio Physic Step SLE's and they are extraordinary. I have them set up in the nearfield arrangement recommended by their importer, Immedia, and I enjoy the music they reproduce as much as that of my primary system. Since I am not familiar the speakers you are considering, I cannot provide any insight there.

Good luck.
I think of my Spendor LS3/5A's as great for nearfield listening. You can even lean into the space between them, and still hear a three dimensional soundfield. As Newbee says above, these speakers have stood the test of time, and are just so right sounding, perhaps because they are not super analytical, but rather "natural" sounding, a subjective quality appreciated by the LS3/5A crowd.
The sound of a string quartet, small jazz group, singer, or solo instrumentalist, is conveyed better than that of big symphonic works, but even with big musical forces there is the proper illusion of being provided a window into the performance space. And, despite diminutive size, the tailoring of the frequency response conveys a surprising illusion of bass presence for nearfield listening.
I've owned 2 pr. of Rogers LS3/5As and agree with what has been said. However, technology marches on and I would give the new small Spendor the nod with quicker and punchier response. Bass is less muddled. Still love the classic.

I think Spendor S 3/5 is replaced by a new model, the
S 3/5 SE.
I can order them without the opportunity listening before.
It's a bit risky ( they aren't cheap ), Spendor is very rare in Belgium.
You are right about the SE model of the LS3/5A. Read the reviews before you decide if you want the old model or the new model. Sonically there are differences which are not universally seen as an improvement. Many folks find it a bit brighter than the old model. I have not heard it.
Nogthing can beat LS3/5a as far as price/performance ratio is concerned!

Some who buy it for the first time always invariably think these are very expensive speakers. I can assure you, God forbid if I have to loose my 1978 Chartwell's I would not even bat an eyelid and buy another pair, even brand new if I have to.

For near field listening they are a special treat for any audiophile ears.

Good Luck!
As a former Quad 12L owner, I would avoid them if one is looking for a "musical" speaker vs. a more "refererence,clinical" sound...I found them to be overly edgy and bright..with exceptional bass for a others have said...SPendor is the SMALL ROOM speaker for many reasons....sealed design, 3-d imaging, and very non-fatiguing highs...good choice....
Hey Quadphile. In my honest opinion....Chartwell's version of the LS3/5a was the better sounding example than all of the other 15 ohm itterations. I still cherish my rogers though.Mine are truly mint!Maybe you would like to trade?

Who would in his sane mind would want to trade the Chartwell 15 Ohm version in Rosewood finish, probably few hundred were made and less than a 100 in use!

In 1996 (during economic boom) folks in HongKong were willing to pay $6,400 for a pair, not sure how much it is worth today, Maybe around $2-3000.

My son will inherit it.

Sorry to disappoint ya!
I've listened to the S3, the Sig, and the bigger one. The Sig is clearly too bright when in free-space on a stand; it was developed specifically with a new tweeter for the US market. The bigger new one sounds less tight than the original, which although quite inefficient, is the best balanced. I'm still surprised that Spendor didn't wake up and sell their SC3 center TILTED SIDEWAYS as front L & R pairs. This design is a vented S3 using TWO mid/woofers, thus having far higher sensitivity, and sounding GREAT in between my Spendor S3/1P's. But I AM talking about bigger boxes...sorry. That baby Quad 11L is quite nice for 1/2 the price of the S3. The Brits love to sell them when folks can't afford the Spendors....
I know I don't have the speakers you are looking for, but my room is tiny (8.5' x 12') and I love the sound. Please look at my system.
Quadophile. I hear ya, I hope you didn't take that to heart..BUT at $6500.... they would be gone in a heart beat.

Certainly not, what made you think that way?

By the way what I stated are just facts but that means nothing to me.

For me these babies are just priceless.

The more I listen to them the more content I feel, I hope the audiohiles will not kick me out of the community, since, they invariably like to go for a change every now and then. I was also doing the same but now things are slowing down, I am tired of picking up hifi as my back is no longer in same shape it used to be 25 years ago.
Just to help clear things up. The LS3/5 and S3/5 are not the same speaker. I will often see someone mention the S3/5 which was released around 2001 then someone else will second the S3/5 and say they have had some for 20 plus years.

The LS3/5 was a BBC designed monitor that was liscensed to half a dozen or so companies in the mid to late 1970's. The S3/5 is a Spendor design and manufactured exclusively by them.

The're easy to confuse. Although some will like the sound of both, however as pointed out by some professional reviews those who like one may not like the other.

To further confuse the issue Spendor released the S3/5se last year. As pointed out by a poster above some who really love their S3/5 hear the S3/5se as being too bright and analytical. Conversely some who like the S3/5se hear the S3/5 as being a little muffled and not as detailed in comparison.

LS3/5, S3/5 and S3/5se. I know clear as mud, right?
Useful info from Maxxc; I have to take your word for it. With your clarification in mind, what present day product best reprises the virtues of the LS3/5? Spendors aside, how might present model Dynaudio 25s, Harbeths, Reference 3a Dulcets or MM de Capos stack up? Other, better comparators?