Small Speakers for Small Room, Close to Back Wall?

Looking for a pair of speakers around the size of the Proac Tablette or similar that would do well very close up against the back wall as in a shelf type situation or, where width-of-sound-dispersion is less than stellar, mounting on some sort of adjustable device that would allow the speaker to be angled significantly downward (Height of placement will have to be 60" or higher from the floor at the bottom of the speaker.) Space between speakers will have to be slightly less than 4' unless I go to a shelf-bottom-height of 80" or greater from the floor (Working with 8' ceiling.). This is for a very crowded computer room, 9.5' x 12', where everything is fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and cannot be moved. Wide variety of listening tastes...lots of Rock/Pop, Jazz, and Blues and a dash of Classical. I don't need a lot of volume, just good musicality and I plan on powering these with something solid state in the 50 wpc range......the Blue Circle CS integrated has caught my eye of late. Sources will be a stock Music Hall MMF-5 turntable and an Apple iMac computer running through some as-yet-to-be-determined DAC in the sub $1000 range. I mentioned the Proac Tablettes because they're the right size. Someone else had suggested them in an earlier thread I'd started and I remembered auditioning a pair probably 25 years ago and being mightily impressed. A review I'd read of them from 1984 online this morning suggested placement of 3' from reflecting surfaces however. Anyone know if this is still the case with these speakers or if they'd be suitable to my application here? Any other suggestions?

You might check for recommendations on the Naim forum, as Naim users are attuned to speakers that work close to the wall. Two possibilities that I'm sure are mentioned there are the Naim N-Sat and Rega RS1, both of which can be wall-mounted. I use the Quad 11L on a console about 8 inches from the wall, and they work really well. Both the Rega and the Quad are a little larger, and significantly cheaper, than the Proac Tablette, though.
How about the Dynaudio Focus 110? They are close to the size you mentioned, and they include a foam plug to block the port, for use close to the rear wall. I personally own the slightly larger Dynaudio Focus 140, and I am quite pleased with them.

You might also consider the Dynaudio Excite X12. They were given a very favorable review in the March issue of Stereophile: "It sets a high standard of excellence in every meaningful sonic parameter." They are also close to the size you mentioned. I have not heard the Excite X12, but I personally owned the Dynaudio Audience 42 (the Excite line replaces the Audience line), another very diminutive speaker, and I was pleased with them as well. Good luck.
I have a less than perfect room and love my Von Schweikert VR1 monitors in the bookshelf. Great speakers!
North Creek ( is one of the relatively few companies that voice speakers for near wall placement (9" or less). My North Eskas are sweet and musical, and seem to do especially well on vocals and smaller scale music. Unsurprisingly, given the size of the box and drivers, they are not the last word in drama, but I quite enjoy them. If you get the boxes built, and assemble the innards, it's good value and low hassle. There have been a few threads on this: you might search North, near wall, small room, and the like.

Can't help you with the height vs. spacing dilemma, but I'll be interested to hear what people say.
i did a very similar search recently before settling on some focal cobalts. best near-wall speaker i heard in absolute terms was the paradigm signature s1; rega rs1 was also surprisingly good; i wasn't as impressed with the quad 11l or dynaudio xcite, but that's just one man's opinion.. the proac is a fine speaker but needs room to breathe.
If you want to get away from boxes try the Magnepan system that attaches to the wall or a large bookshelf or cabinet. Visit Magnepans site and look at it. The price is righteous but you will need a subwoofer. A center channel is available too if you go home theater.
Linn Majik 109s:

As per the Stereophile review:
"The impetus for this design came from Linn Japan, which was pressing for a bookshelf model diminutive enough to easily fit into a small Tokyo apartment. As a result, Linn chose a front-firing port to enable the speakers to function properly when placed flush against a wall."
Snell used to make speakers that worked well against the wall. Good inwalls with a sub is another good option.
I agree with the Linn Kan's. I am using a pair in my office not only against the wall, but on a bookshelf. I found these a few years ago used. They are an early pair....and well they do sound good.
Thanks for the suggestions, all. I'm leaning toward the Von Schweikert VR-1s and have pretty much zeroed in on a placement within the 9.5' x 12' crowded room -- They would reside on the 9.5' wall. The backs of them would have to be 22" from the wall. The bottoms of the speakers would have to be 37" off the floor. They would be 48" apart from each other on custom built extension "wings" vise clamped onto either side of a 48" Mayline drafting table and would be close but not equally distant from the side walls. "Critical" listening position would be approx 6.5' from the fronts of the speakers and "usual" listening position (working on a computer atop the Mayline table) would be practically between the things. My Turntable would sit approx. 23" diagonally to the lower/front side of the left speaker. Does this setup strike anyone as "good", "very good", or some degree of "bad"? (I know it's not perfect but am shooting for results pleasing enough to offset the fact that there's no room to place them in any other configuration within this space.) Thanks...
I really liked the Paradigm S2 V1's I had for a smaller speaker. They have a front port also.