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I have Vandersteen 5A speakers which have a sub section that's powered by its own class D amp....very efficient...needs little power. The power cords look like Home Depot specials.  Yesterday, I found an old Transparent brand power cord....what the heck.   I substituted the HD left cord with the Transparent, the result is a major sonic improvement, not only in the lows where you'd expect, but in the soundstage mids/highs.  Although I can't pinpoint a difference in sound from the 2 speakers, I now have to explore a 2nd power cord for the right one....I don't expect I'll ever find a Transparent power cord after all these years.
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I can mail you a Shunyata Diamondback 6 foot power cord for free.  It was not their cheapest cord, it is one or two tiers higher than the Venom.  In 2010, they were $225.00 each.  I think it is 12 gauge wires, shielded and cryo’ed from the factory.  These cords are well broken in.  I used these on my GE Triton Ones with their 1600 watt class D  woofer amps. Bass had more impact and the overall sound seemed much easier.  If interested, PM me your name and address and I’ll send it out USPS Priority.  
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I take back what I said in another thread that this used to be a nice place. Gives me the warm and fuzzies. 🐶 🐰 🐼

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Free????  OMG an obvious scam! He's going to get your home address and ... and ... well ... yeah ... 
You made me verify…According to the Audio Pefectionist Journal review of the 5a’s…

There are four Class B bass amplifiers in each Model 5A speaker. They share a power-factor-compensated switching power supply but the amplifiers themselves have high-current linear circuits operating in a bridged configuration.
RV designed an excellent and rugged sub amp, bigger version used in 7’s. There are some threads on this forum about DIY cords for the sub as only a certain IEC fits.
Stereo5 has restored my faith in this place......
Also check out
 the Vandy owners forum on the factory website...
The reason most "audiophile approved " power cords don't fit is because the IEC connection must fit between the cooling fins of the bass amp.  Most of these cords have a bulbous Iec plug.

It went out this AM via USPS Priority. I sent you two PM’s. I had to spell out the tracking number in the second message. Enjoy.   There shouldn't be a problem with the IEC, its molded on to the cord, easy fit.
stereo5, thank you for the reaffirmation that there are truly decent people still out there in the world. 
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The return label was smeared.   All I can make out is Road Island??

A bit off topic, but 20 years ago living in VA I sold my McIntosh C15 and MC300 to a fellow in WA. He was an artist, and sent me 3 nice prints of water colors scenes he had done. I had them framed and have them to this day... I continue to find 90% of people I deal with on Audiogon to be kind and collegial. Don’t let the forums fool you, just a few out of many that like to be heard.

Had a somewhat similar startling experience trying a v1 Venom HC power cord on a Taranis Class D amp.  As I recall, it replaced a Pangea AC-9.  Used Venom HCs come up for sale fairly often.   Might be an option for you (a pair, for that matter).