Songs for Discriminating Ears

What are your favorite songs (preferably popular) that show off the quality of your music system; specifically imaging and depth?  I love the guitar "here"; vocalist "there"; and drum "back over there".  I have McIntosh, Martin Logan, JL Audio equipment and am constantly looking for songs that distinguish the best, but am often times disappointed in the recordings.
Here are a few I use… for different reasons.

Rebecca Pidgeon: Spanish Harlem
Downtown Higashi: Hiroshima
Electrified II: Yello
Rachmaninov: Vocaise OP. 34 No. 14
Wicked Game: Chris Isaak
Riverside: America
Black Queen (live): Crosby, Nash, and Young - 4 way Street
Autumn Leaves: Bill Evans
Cheek to Cheek: Billie Holiday
Let’s Fall in Love (live): Dianna Krall
Chris Jones - Long After Your Gone
Nick Drake - Black Eyed Dog
Steve Strauss - Mr Bones
Tom Petty - Don't Fade on Me
Steve Wilson - Even Less (live)
Donald Fagen - I. G. Y.

If you like acoustics you can try Eric Bibb recordings. Especially the early ones but also later like his Friends album. This is real imaging and depth, no studio tricks.
Get the speaker placement/room in order first, to hear anything playing heard as best as possible.