Soothing the night....

Hi folks,
As I age, I've recently developed an unease nights full of unneccessary alerts and lost my sound sleep. I also have a macaw bird that also sleeps in my bedroom.
I plan to use a soothing sound generator or simply stream same from the PC through the speakers.
Please recommend me options on professionally developed producs, software and associated gear that you're using or know of.
I use -32db earplugs, EarSoft to be exact. They work very well. You can buy them on FleaBay for about $22 for 200 pairs...

My wife uses a device that is IIRC called the "Dream Machine" from Brookstone. I can't comment personally, but it works for her.

The earplugs might work great. Many years ago when I worked a swing shift, I found that I could sleep any time of the day or night, if I wore earplugs. I didn't really even have to be tired. For some reason, depriving myself of sound, just makes my body shut down. Its cheap enough to try.
Tune your AM radio to "white noise," a point at which there
is no signal from a station. Adjust the volume level.
See if the bird likes it.
Do you have a smartphone? Their are quite a few free apps that generate soothing background noise. Check them out!
Thanks for suggestions. I'll try to download the sounds of swamp or lake. I've got used to them when I was a kid.

I've reached a need for melatonine 9...10 unitsx3mg that would not help.
I'll try to download the sounds of swamp
How about this? Now, that's what I'm talking 'bout!!!
Marakanetz...I use a cheap noise generator like this :

As for Melatonin, it needs to be pharmaceutical-grade and dosed properly. I'll give u a link, but one 0.5mg capsule should be taken 2 hours before bedtime. It's a hormone that tells the body that it's time to go to sleep; you may have a deficiency (I've been diagnosed by an MD). IT IS NOT USED LIKE A SLEEPING PILL. At bedtime, you may take a second dose. I find that during the 2 hour period I am starting to yawn and although not sleepy yet, the hormone is doing it's job.

This is pharmaceutical grade and recommended by 2 of my docs (0.5 mg is pure with no fillers)...

**discalimer...I am not a doctor but I play one on TV.
Hah the bird actually diagnosed my problem by waking me up mimicking my snore!
I than recorded on my smartphone what's going on and my loud sound of Freightliner truck during the night bothers my bird during night. I could clearly hear that when I'm breathing, I'm very loud than quiet for 5...10sec and than again hrrrrr. I guess I'm onto pretty heavy OSA(obstructive sleep apnea)
So far I've tried to loose the bird, but even in the open it flies one way: towards me:-)