Speaker Cable Suggestions?

I am upgrading my speaker cables for Vandy 2CE and Bel Canto EVO amp, I am considering MIT Term. 2 and Analysis Plus Oval 9, must be biwire. Any other suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Rick
With my usual disclosure, that I know the owner (originally through a purchase, though), I'd suggest you contact Serguei at stnemo@starpower.net for a Stealth recommendation. I had MIT CVT Terminator about 10 years ago, and am still kicking myself for the money I wasted on them. Analysis Plus would surely be a better buy, but Stealth better still, IMHO.
My experience is that the two cables that you mentioned are on opposite ends of the tonal spectrum. You may be best off contacting someone at the Cable Company and getting set up to audition a few different cables. What you like and what will work with your specific components may never jive with the recommendations that you get here. Every system and person is different and only you will know what you think is best. Trust your ears and see for yourself. I did. Sean >
I had the Vandy's for several years and tried many cables and many amps. Finally gave up and sold the speakers. Vandy's are dull, dull, dull. Try a bright, ultra detailed cable like the Nodost Blue Heaven.
Have you considered the Acoustic Zen Satori? There's a review at Audio Asylum by a guy that's getting great results with these wired to his EVO. I just upgraded to these from the AP Oval 9's. I prefer them over the AP, but they cost a bit more. If you have the dough, I'd go for the Zen's, but if on a budget, the AP is a superb sounding cable. I agree with the other poster about trying cables before commiting to a purchace, but I think both the AP and the Satori are neutral enough to make them a safe bet with a wide range of systems.
Hi Rick, How do you like your Bel Canto EVO? Are you using one or two in a mono configuration? I have one EVO at the moment and thinking about getting another. I have Martin Logan Requests and feel that I am not getting everything out of this amp. Have you done any tweaks like isolation devices or line conditioning? Have not tried that yet. I have been using Homegrown Audio Silver Lace IC's and Monster 2.4 biwire with good results. Will probably look to upgrade the Monster cable soon.
Hi, I have the 2ce sigs and a Music Reference RM9 MKII. I am using Mapleshade clearview double golden helix cables. The sound is open, transparent with excellent bass. The price is reasonable.
Hi back at you Hiflyer and thanks for the post. I now have about 70-80 hrs. on the evo and it gets better everyday. Today I put a 12 inch bike tube under and mdf board and sat the evo on it, man what a difference. It really opened up the soundstage, gave it a much wider and fuller soundstage while losing just a bit of imaging which is ok for me due to the soundstage improvement. I am using the hts1000 line conditioner right now but have read many many articles that say the P300 is by far the best one to use and everyone seems to agree that the evo requires a conditioner. Right now I am only using one also but when I get my speakers upgraded I am definitely buying a second one. Have a happy new year. Rick
I don't mean to be skeptical, but how does sitting your amp on a bicycle innertube improve imaging? I can understand eliminating low frequency feedback from the speaker to the amp but how is imaging effected? No disrespect intended, I just don't understand how it is possible.
GMkowal if you will re-read my post I stated that it improved the soundstage while losing, repeat losing a bit of imaging not improving image as you said in your post.
Rick based on your speakers and 2 cable choices all of which I am familiar with, other than the amp, I would think that the Analysis Plus Oval 9's MAY work better in your system. As Sean stated the MIT's and AP are at different ends of the tonal spectrum. The AP's which I currently own and am about to sell are quite revealing and immediate yet also very smooth. With this cable in my system the high frequencies are too bright (forward and immediate) on many recordings. The MIT's IMO offer a more laid back sound though not less detail suprisingly, less of what you probably need with your already laid back Vandy's. Having said that, I still feel that in the right system AP are great value speaker cables. Sean's advice is right on, audition first to be sure, tooo many variables in equipment let alone individual tastes. The MIT's do other things that I don't hear with other cables and attribute it to the mystery network box.
Rick, thanks for the correction. I meant to type soundstage. I plead guilty to not proof reading before clicking submit. Any ideas on why it was improved?
i.ve got 3a sigs which have a little more revealing high end than you do and i LOVE my ap oval 9. best value in cable.
I have a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri Speakers and a Musica amp (50 watts per channel). I purchased a pair of Analysis Plus oval 9 biwired speaker cables and found them to be wonderful. The bass is very extended and the highs are smooth. The cables sounded great right out of the boxes but I have noticed an improvement the more I play them. I can't imagine a better cable for the money. This is my personal opinion everyones ears are unique and if possible try out various cables before you buy.
Amp output=>speaker circuits are low impedance. Therefore, use the SHORTEST and THICKEST copper wire you can reasonably handle. Make sure your connections are always clean and tight. These two considerations alone will make a more audible difference than whether you pay 50 cents a foot versus $50 a foot for cable. The idea is to minimize the series impedances so that the voltage that appears at the speaker end of the cable is as close as absolutely possible to what the amplifier puts into it. If possible, twist the two conductors together. That will make the speaker cable less apt to act as an antenna--that is, pick up RF interference and conduct it into the amplifier. Some amp designs are more immune than others to RFI, but it's a worthwhile precaution nonetheless.
I am using 8' runs of bi-wire Kimber Kable 8TC cables with my Vandersteen 3A Signatures and am very pleased. I have listened to and owned more expensive scables, but in the "reasonable" price range for speaker cable, I don't think you can do better than the 8TC (an opinion which is supported by a number of audio reviewers for TAS and Stereophile).
Rick, not familiar with your equipment, but have and love JPS Type 2 speaker cable. If you get the chance, give audition.