Speakers for VAC sigma 160i -- need inputs

Hi, need inputs from the pros here...

Anybody knows which speaker is the best for VAC sigma 160i.
price range should be around 5k-15k

Im thinking of these :

1. Tannoy Kensington.
2. Reference 3a nefes.
3. Magico s1.
4. Totem element metal.
5. coincident super victory 2.
6. Duevel bella luna.

7. or something else....your recommendation will be appreciated...
I take it back. They're probably all good speakers. I have heard the coincidents and thought very highly of them. Just audition the Coincidents before you purchase. I think they would be a great match with the 160i.
Evolution Acoustic MicroMM1's with stands for $2500 new! Far superior to the Magico 1's. I own the MM2 but am considering the Micro MM1's for my home theater. Best deal in audio. Email Jonathan Tinn at Chambers Audio.
And the VR-5 Annies use the same mid-range driver as the $90K VSA VR-9SE. Plus they are way better speakers than the EA's above. Check the reviews.
I'm driving a pair of Avalon Ascendants with my Vac 160i in a 15x20 space louder than I care to listen. This amps has grunt...

I am driving Tannoy DC10Ts successfully with my VAC 160, but my dealer recommends the Tannoy Kensington SE as a significant upgrade with the pepperpot wave guide and alnico magnet features. I am considering them.

I heard some people says the sigma is rated 86 watts but play like a 100 watts + amp.

And this amp even has special characters that its bigger brothers dont have.
I've used amps rated at 275-400 watts @ 4 ohms on my Avalon in the same room and really the only difference I've noticed, maybe is a tad less bass...
I'm very familiar with Tannpy Kensington SE; they are fabulous speakers that
will respond well to a tube amp of that quality. Also look at the newer Definition
10A (Alnico) in that range -- I've not heard it, but it's a very similar driver with a
more contemporary cabinet & look.

The VAC 160i is a fabulous amp that I've heard (though factory upgraded) with
the Magico S1, but not (yet) the Kensington. The VAC + S1 is a simply beautiful
combo -- I heard it with a Clearaudio Innovation Compact and Ortofon Cadenza
Red. I'd imagine the Kensington SE or GR would be excellent as well; the 10A
may also be an interesting choice.

I'd be very confident in either a Tannoy or S1 pairing with your VAC.
Well, if you still haven't pulled the trigger, and your room is on the smaller size, I'd suggest hearing the Nola Micro References with your VAC (or if your room is larger, the Metro Grand References). I'm driving mine with a Phi 200 (almost got the integrated, but decided on a Shindo preamp with a separate amp) and am very happy with the pairing. Makes superb music.
This thread was quiet for a few months, so I thought I'd add some input. I bought VAC Sigma 160i last November. I ordered it with balanced input and MC phono options. I had a pair of Harbeth SHL-5 left from my old system, so I was using the VAC with them for a couple of months. I hate to say it, but it wasn't a very impressive combo. Harbeths performed so much better with a SS amp. Swapping Cardas for CrystalCable interconnects and speaker cables helped a lot, but still, I wasn't impressed. I am now using the VAC with a pair of Vivid B-1's, and THAT sounds like music. Stock tubes, but considering swapping the preamp section for a different ones.
I had a vac avatar super for a few years and auditioned the 160i through tannoy speakers which sounded great. This amp has enough drive to open up a lot of speaker choices, mine did work very well with Devore Silverbacks as well. That's a very nice integrated amp, I'm not sure why it isn't talked about more.
I think it goes without saying that that VAC should work with all pretty well, but that is a very diverse sounding list of speakers in general. A lot would depend on your personal preferences, listening habits, listening room and how well different speakers will physically integrate into that, etc.
I use a pair of Salk Sound ss8's with the VAC and am quite pleased with the sound. I have also swapped the Chinese stock tubes with nos Mullard 12au7's , Cifte 12au7's, the Mazda silverplate 12ax7 that I often switch with a 1958 Mullard longplate 12ax7, plus the Black KT88 treasure series tubes. The sound has improved greatly.
I'm running my Acoustic Zen Crescendos' with a Vac 160I and LOVE the synergy of this combo...

I'm running my VAC Sigma 160i SE with a Harbeth 40.2 Anniversary edition and the SQ is simply sublime. Upstream equipment is the Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer and Lampizator Amber DAC. No room for any complaints. I've tried several well known names(Pass Int 30A and Hegel 390), and the low to mid volume dynamics of this amp is beyond amazing. So much so I ended up buying another Vac Sigma 170i connected to a Harbeth 30.2 XD and it sounds simply superb.  Both systems have a single REL T7i running, to cover the low frequencies. 

This is quite the old thread! I see I contributed a post showing a healthy interest in the Tannoy DC10A. Well, let me update: I heard that speaker and hated it. The Kensington is way better, despite using the same driver and having a less rigid cabinet :(