Stack Audio Auva speaker isolators

A set of used IcoAcoustics Gaia came up for sale.

Some Google searches later, I came upon this review by Hans Beekhuyzen comparing the Gaia to Stack Audio Auva. I’ve enjoyed his reviews.

This came up at the same time

Had discussions with Josh at Stack Audio about suitability with stand mounts and speaker stands.

Paid for a set of Auva70 today. Will evaluate at a later date.


Sounds interesting. There is frequently talk here about the importance of room treatment, and I know that it's important; but I think that some members are really missing out on realizing the performance of their speakers and other components if they haven't tried some of these isolation/vibration draining devices. They can mske a wonderful improvement in sound quality, especially with speakers.


I am sceptical of many things. How can that possibly make an audible difference? I’ve had to eat my words (or really, my thoughts) a few times.

The biggest was system supports. Had sorbothane and Vibrapods. Couldn’t really tell the difference. Four years ago, upgraded to Black Ravioli Pads. I was won over. Even better moving from Black Ravioli Pads to their Big Pads.

Same thing with the change in speaker stands to Sound Anchors. Scepticism has now been packed away, as the improvement is very noticeable.

Likely I will hear an improvement with the Stack Audio Auva as well.

I have recently purchased Auva 100s for my Wolf Von Langa SONs.  The increase in transparency and soundstage is incredible.  

I watched this video by the fellows at Alpha Audio had done and picked up the Primacoustic, Monitor rx-7 isolation pads for my Sonner speakers. Huge impact and a fraction of the cost of the other options on the market. 1:55.42 mark you pick up their test for the Primacoustic products. Not as aesthetically pleasing as the Auva 100’s but for me they are the kit. $270.00 for the pair and I am in audio haven, also my floor in a concrete slab in my listening space.


That's good news. I've only got a week to wait. Certainly curious the effect they have on stand mounts. The Sound Anchors stands I bought a couple of weeks ago are well thought of, and have certainly improved things.

Nice speakers you have.

I think you will like them.  As you know they have a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t.


My amp is in for repair, so waiting for its return before assessing the effect of the Auva.

Just received Auva 100s for use under my Daedalus Argos V2 floorstanders . They are replacing the originally supplied spikes along with Daedalus Speaker Isolation Devices that I had purchased . Build quality of the Auva is first rate, and my very initial listening impression is they produce a more vivid , detailed sound.

Outstanding isolators and the best I have heard in my system, hands down!


I'm still waiting on my amp.

In the interim, have ordered a set of Stack Audio Auva EQ equipment isolators.

Have my system up and running. And Stack Audio Auva 70 installed.

Stand mount ATC SCM19v2 speakers with Sound Anchors stands.


The Auva have a subtle but audible effect in my system. An improvement in instrument separation, and tighter bass. Better control of the music. 

They are well worth the investment.