Streamers sans DAC?

Is there a good option out there for a Hi-res Streamer without a DAC built in?
Anyone with a decent stand alone DAC may feel the same way. Ideas?
Yes, I feel the same way. However, I like the BluOs app on my Node 2i.
Not interested in Roon. Something in the $1500 range with a user friendly App?
Some that are more than $1500:
  • Auralic Aries G1 or G2
  • Bricasti M5
The Auralic Aries models are notable because they have excellent DSP, so can be used to address bass peaks digitally. They also can play CDs from an attached USB optical drive or files from an attached USB thumb drive or hard drive. So really, they are more than streamers, but DAC-free.
It all depends on what you want to stream, how much work you want to do settinhg it up (or the quality of manufacturer support), how many dropped network handshakes you can handle, the quality of player software you can settle for and how much dough you wanna blow, including subscriptions.
From experience, SGC microRendu and SOtM have zero support.
Otherwise you'll just get plugs from owners.
Oh yeah I forgot, the mobile platform matters in a some cases.
Auralic is Apple Crapple only.
miniDSP SHD Studio does DSP, a headphone amp with hardware level control, three remote switchable digital inputs and both iOS and Android control apps built in.. Put a Teddy Pardo on it and outperform the Auralic for less long green.
Lumin U-1 mini fits your needs. And it was a noticeable improvement over the Node 2i. I use it with a MHDT Pagoda.


In my main rig I utilize a Roon Nucleus as a server streamer cabled directly via USB to an external DAC ... in my case a Chord Qutest, and am very happy with this arrangement. 
I have an Innuos Zen Mk III on the way to replace my Node 2i. Watch the Darko video on the Zen.
DC's Network Bridge
Aqua Hifi LinQ
Magna Mano Ultra
Playback Designs Stream-IF
Taiko Audio SGM Extreme

etc., etc.

Budget and desired connection/interface would get you more targeted suggestions.